Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Feb 28

I usually hate Mondays, but this one was less of a pain than usual. The weather has finally turned and the snow is melting. Finally. I'm guessing, but that whole idea that, at least around here, this year March enters like a lamb and leaves like a lion. So, snow or other crap later on in March, but for the time being, we get rid of all the white stuff here.

Which makes this particular Monday easier to take, man.

I also subscribed to the magazine My Mad Methods last night for 6 issues.

Did this for for rounds this morning:

20 squats with 40 lb backpack
10 step ups each side with the same backpack
10-15 push ups, different heights and hand positions, still with the backpack
10 TH KB swings 53 lb KB
8-10 ab roller roll outs
8-10 bicep curls
8-10 tricep extensions
5 chin ups

Over breakfast this morning, I was reading Boyle's book, Functional Training for Sports, and discovered that what I wanted out of the step ups is working ... and why. I also re-discovered some of the drills I recall from McMaster and UNB Wrestling sessions that happened to be in the book. So, next time should be some lateral lunges into the mix.

I did take some notes of the two chapters I read while waiting for breakfast. Might post them, might just take some photos of the stickies and leave it at that. This song is running through my head:


In an effort to make the iPad more useful, I've started to hunt apps down in iTunes and ran across a few I will make use of during this blog. Keep your eye peeled for examples of cool and interesting graphics. I was playing around with a few apps today and I was impressed with how easy it was to create and share ideas with it. Of course, my kids love Angry Birds. I'm almost at the point where I'm sorry I brought that app to their attention.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee to drink

snack: coffee

late lunch/dinner: 3 meat and salad wraps with extra onion and hot goo. Water and coffee to drink

After late shift: OJ and GJ

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sun Feb 27

Oh, to see the end of this week. Just so friggin finally. If I was to mark this week, I'd have to give it a C+, the only redemption being the KB Sport clinic on Saturday. The rest of the week was a collection of bad diet, skipped (or "missed") sessions and poor sleeping habits.

I feel awful and need to do something about it, rather than repeat this sorry ass excuse for a week.

I've got the tools at hand, I know what I need to do. What has to happen now is the rubber hitting the road, so to speak. I need to get it done.

Oh, one other thing I did this week was finish two books, "Long Way Gone" and "Crush it". Both were very good books for very different reasons. "LWG" is a story about a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Pretty gruesome stuff, makes me glad for what I have. "Crush it" is a business development book, and one which gave me the courage to get out there and make my life, and the lives of my family, better. I have a few irons in the fire in my head. Lemme get them planned.

So, I guess this week crept up to a C.

In any case, I was up stupid late last night, woke up late. Got my family going late, too. Got the middle child to a birthday party and ate poorly there. Got home to an empty fridge and a pissed off wife. Did the best with what I had on hand. One child missed swimming training as we had the wrong pool on the wrong day. Someone else mad at me. Made it up to that child by baking carrot and M&M muffins. No, that is not a typo. I'm not going to eat any of them. My wife was smacking her lips, though.

I ate this today:

Breakfast coffee and a BELT from Timmy Ho's

Lunch: a slice of pizza and water

Snack: coffee - still after that friggin' car, man.

Dinner: burger, no bun, with a salad. Yup, sorta like a "chicken on salad", 'cept with a burger. It came out better than I thought it would, but I am tired and that was the best thing I could do at the moment.

Lots of thoughts and worries about tomorrow - I have regular work and then my extra shift tomorrow. It's going to be unpleasant.

I have about 30 minutes left of digesting before I have to get my ass out on a run.

Sat Feb 27

This was a good day. I got to go to the Stregth Box and test myself - which was pretty cool. At least I know that the training I have been doing is somewhat effective.

How do I know that, you ask? Good question.

Well as a part of today's clinic, we all got to get judged in a 5 minute KB snatch test. Here's a video of the snatch:

I did 94 snatches of a 30 lb KB in 5 minutes. Which, considering that was the longest "set" I've ever done, is not bad, in my opinion. In working out on my own and not recording any of the KB workouts I have done, or skills that I have tried, I don't get feedback on form. When I did get judged, I went with the idea that the first three snatches were going to be "no counts", as I'd never really had anyone looking at how I snatch.

That was a highlight, for sure.

It was a 90 minute workout and an example of how to do further training and development in Kettlebell Sport. I was pretty satisfied with the cost, time and ideas that I learned. Hmmm ... extra blogpost, anyone?

I ate this today:

breakfast: coffee

Lunch: roast beef wrap with tomatoes and spicy stuff

Snack before the workout: coffee

After the workout: chicken breast, salad with a nice glass of wine

Dinner: two slices of pizza with a beer.

I did check weight today, which was slightly disappointing, but considering what my diet was like this week, hardly surprising that I was up two pounds. I know that demands on my time will become greater and that time for training will be taken by work or family. In that case, anything I want to accomplish will come down to what I put in my mouth.

I think this video is something that I need to replay again and again....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feb 25

OK, I feel as if I've been drawn through the mud this week; man, this felt like a long one. I was supposed to get to a high falutin' dinner last night on my boss' dime, but ended up not going ot look after children and my wife.

I think staying married is a much more important thing.

I'm still working that wish list, man. I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the "things" on the list, now I'm just working on getting more instruction. Tomorrow it's a kettlebell snatch clinic down at the Strength Box, which I'm looking forward to.

I've also got a line on some more metal plates (big ones) for barbells; someone to help with working on the TRX and putting a plan together for myself. I'm just glad tonight I get to take some time - I needed not to train this morning. Well, that sounds weird. My body is pretty sore this morning, so I'm making an executive decision and doing something later tonight, if I think my body needs it. Lots of stuff running though my head at the moment, so I'm thinking we just lay low, knock out some body weight stuff and leave it at that.

Speaking of bodyweight training, my copy of Naked Warrior arrived yesterday. I'm sorry to say I brought it to work to read it on breaks, but didn't get to it. Too much other stuff to get through before Monday. Man, that is just too much. I'm writing this at work - when I googled the title of the book, a lot of weird stuff popped up on the screen. Let's hope IT doesn't freak out, man.

Anyway, I ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee

After nap, before work meal: roast beef wraps, tomato, salad. Water to drink.

Lunch; tuna with veggies

Dinner roast beef wraps with tomato and salad. Wine to drink.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Feb 24

Right, today was a day that I just had to get started; I'm glad that I got a workout in, but it was a hard thing to get done. I tried to distract myself with the iPad, but I finally got out of my funk and got a workout.

I did this five rounds:

10 - 15 KB swings 40 and 53 lb KB used.
10 KB snatches same two KBs used.
20 BW squats
10 TRX rows
15 push ups

Not a huge workout, nothing to write down and ... oops. He he he he he he he.

This is what i ate:

Breakfast: egg and meat wrap coffee on the way in

Lunch. Tuna sandwich, water to drink. Veggies and hummus, too

Dinner was chicken breast with spicy goo and water to drink, prunes too

Snack was a couple of awful breaded chicken pieces from my childs plate with some almonds,nice glass of red wine

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wed Feb 23

Ugh, the first night of a new shift I have started at work. I get to start at 6pm, finishing after my kids are in bed. At least I get to pick them up from school and take them home. Then, it's shoving something in my mouth and then out the door to get back to work.

I was still pretty sore from yesterday, so I did a good warm up, then did four rounds of this workout:

10 KB swings
20 BW squats
50 feet farmers walk
50 feet one are overhead walk

Nothing to get excited about - enough to call it a workout and be done with it. I also saw this on the interwebs today:

This is the place I'm going to on Saturday to get some help with the KB Snatch (Insert joke here ... WildGoriilaMan has a t-shirt for sale that just sums it up rather nicely...

I ate this today:

Breakfast: salmon and poached eggs with leftover asparagus, small coffee to drink.

Lunch: Bagel with egg and tomoato, coffee to drink (not the best, but w/e, I was hungry.

Snack: Water and almonds

Dinner: Chicken breast with tomato and spicy goo. Awesome. Coffee for dessert.

Late night "Wind down meal" might be just about anything, but I'm thinking something cheap at home, as this would be the reason for me doing night school in the first place.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tues Feb 22

Going back to work after a long weekend almost hurts, man. Alas, I got it done.

I did this workout this morning ... Five rounds was killer

8-10 deadlifts 160 lbs
8-10 TRX BW rows
10 weighted squats 30 lb packpack, then added 15 more pounds
10 weighted push ups. 30 lb backpack
20 step ups with the same 30 lb backpack, then made the step higher by 4 inches.
8-10 ab roller roll outs
10 KB TH swings with the 53 lb KB- did 10 snatches each side one round, which was killer
5 chin ups

that was a hard workout; my legs and abs are just sore at the moment, and I'm sure life will not get any easier later on.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: prunes and coffee

After workout meal : chicken breast and poached eggs with some spicy "stuff". Coffee.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, bowl of chili and a coffee while at work.

Snack was almonds and water to drink

Dinner was an awesome meal: Salmon from the BBQ, asparagus with rice and a salad. Glass of white wine to drink. Simply awesome.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Feb 21

This was a statutory holiday called "Family Day" in Ontario today - which I speant with my family. I did manage to get a workout in, albeit a shorter one than I wanted, but I got things done.

My mouth is on fire at the moment, man. Victim of a late night snack with some hot sauce.

I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee, chicken breast wrap with salad and hot sauce

Lunch: coffee (it's Roll up the Rim) I want to win something with my addiction. When I got to my wife's parent's place, we had a birthday lunch of two mini burgers and some pasta.

Dinner: after a run, had a chicken breast with a salad with some hot sauce.

The run was 27 minutes long, covering 5.5 kms. I had to get a run in tonight, as my garage was full of car and was not ready for me to workout in tonight. Meh, the run was cold and quick.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sun Feb 20

what's not to love about a long weekend? Unless it snows, of course. Tomorrow is Monday, but we have it off here in Ontario. Did I mention I love being Canadian? Paid days off. Awesome stuff, man.

After church this morning, did a recovery workout, during which I figured out a way to use the bench's arms as a squat rack and did squats. I also got the "full" mat out and did some wrestling as well as some work on my KB snatch.

I did a few rounds of this over a 40 minute period:

160 lb squat x 8-10 reps
10 KB snatches 53 lb KB.
ground wrestling/lifts with the punching bag (2 minute goes)

a lot of stretching and recovery work before and after. It felt good being in daylight, stretching and making sure everything was ready for the week. Even swept out the floor, too.

Ate this:

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: roast beef wraps with a salad and veggies. Beer to drink at the rugby club.

Dinner: bowl of pasta with my kids

After groceries: hot sauce with chicken and salad on a wrap. Hot, hot crazy hot. Beer to drink.

The hot sauce was a recommend from people at work. They told me it was hot, I used it sparingly and it was simply the warmest thing I've put in my mouth in a while. Made eating worth while, man. We'll see what else it brings to me tomorrow; I'll keep you posted.

It's snowing outside, and I am soooooo sick of it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fri Feb 18, Sat Feb 19

The last two days have been frightfully busy. Friday was a rest day, my body needed that and I had a family function to go to right after work.

I ate ok until the party:

Breakfast: coffee and tuna sandwich at work.

Lunch: tuna on a salad, hummus and veggies. Water to drink.

Dinner: assorted veggies before dinner, French onion soup, salad, beer to drink. Coffee after. Dessert was a piece of cake.

I got home and fell asleep, which helped me recover. My wife was not impressed until I got up early to do the 5am feed.

Saturday was just a less time demanding day, so I got a workout in.

I did six rounds of this:

8-10 deadlifts 160 lbs
8-10 TRX BW rows
10 weighted push ups. 30 lb backpack
20 step ups with the same 30 lb backpack
8-10 ab roller roll outs
10 KB TH swings with the 53 lb KB
10 bicep curl 30 lbs
10 tricep exts 30 lbs

that was a decent workout; the weighted push ups were the killer, man. I should think that in the summer I could do this workout and add a farmers walk somewhere to increase the intensity and duration. As it is, my legs are pretty sore at the moment.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee with an egg and roast beef wrap

Lunch: coffee and pizza at a birthday party. Yeah, I know, I know.

Dinner was two tuna wraps with a salad. Pretty yummy and quick.

I was wondering about what happened to all the running I was doing up to this point. Then I got outside today and witnessed the aftermath of last night's huge winds and this mornings snowfall. What a drag, man. Then I got my answer: I hate running in this type of weather. Yeah, I know about mental toughness that running outside at this time of year breeds, but I'm just not willing to freeze my ass off to proove to myself that I am that mentally tough. To be blunt, there are a lot of other ways I can demonstrate to myself I have an incredible reserve of metal toughness without resorting to frigid moments to do that.

In any case, the weather in finally changing in this part of the world and I am glad of it. Gotta go look after my boy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Feb 17

Man, I can't believe how quickly this week is going...

O had to get some work done, and so I got to work:

Did five rounds of this in 28 minutes. This was hard, to be frank. A lot harder than it looked when I started.

1) dead lifts x 160 lbs x 5-8 reps
2) Bodyweight TRX Rows x 10
3) Inclined Push ups x 15
4) 53 lb KB Swing x 10
5) OH 20 lb weights walking lunges x 20
6) bicep curls x 10
7) tricep extensions x 10
8) ab roll outs (only three rounds) x 8

I got to work today with some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, so I used them. It's amazing what you find when you clean out your office. I got a few good books for myself and my family to read and enjoy over the next few months. Some will help with my training, other to entertain and educate my family.

much later, I got an email about getting some extra time on the job. I took the job - what choice did I have? Starts next Wednesday. I'll have to plan around that, man. I ate this today:

Daybreak: coffee

Breakfast: Salad with tuna, after I got to work. Veggies and hummus, water to drink.

Lunch: black coffee

Dinner: hamburger with side salad, beer to drink.

After grocery snack: beer. With conversation at the rugby club. Hi John!

I also got an email about a buddy of mine who died in a car accident fifteen years ago to the day. He was 25 years old, and didn't get a chance to do any of the things that I have. Kids, books, vans, a house, fitness, career, wife ... all the things that make life worth living he didn't get a chance to do. Doesn't seem fair, really. I'm happy I am alive, man. I'm living a life that matters, at least to my children, to the fullest. Some days, I know, just by looking at the sun that I am a result of an unreal number of selections in the world. Still, it seems unfair that I get to be conscience of those choices and he does not.

I will take a moment to wiggle my toes in my living room rug, surely one of the greatest affirmations of life in the universe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wed Feb 16

I laid low today - Wednesdays are tough around here. I did read something that was cool about the line "I don't have time" ... the article went on to put out the opinion hat if you were offered 100,000 per month to get to the gym 5 times a week, you'd find the time. What people need to see is that they should be saying "that isn't a priority to me."

I didn't workout today because my legs were really hurting. I did stretch and take care of my children. They were my priority today.

I ate ok, too:

Breakfast: roast beef wrap as I was running out the door, Coffee when I got to work.

Lunch: tuna on salad with veggies and hummus. Water to drink.

Snack: almonds, prunes and coffee.

Dinner: roast beef sandwich, raw carrots on the side, glass of red wine to drink.

Kind of a chill day, hoping tomorrows work out helps get rid of my sore glutes. What a pain in the rear .... har, har, har.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tues Feb 15

I thought today went better than yesterday. At least work was stress free, although the hopes for over time will more than likely not be met. Which means that money will get tighter in the next few months.

At least my fitness will stay up - my gym is complete, and the days will "run away like wild horses over the hills" as Bukowski said. Damn, that guy could write.

I ran across a dude's website today, who is a teacher and running a part time fitness business on the side. He's running it out of his house, which I wouldn't do for insurance's sake. Alas, he's not me and I'm not in the same situation as he. I'm hoping to get a few sessions in with him, perhaps with my wife, too.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie (frozen fruit, OJ, GJ) Multivitamin

After workout meal - egg and veggie wrap with coffee to drink

Lunch tuna sandwich with water to drink, coffee after lunch.

Snack: almonds, prunes and water to drink.

Dinner: roast beef, veggies with water to drink.

Snack: almonds and a glass of red wine.

Did this workout:

1A) Zercher Squat w/Barbell 5 x 3 - 6 reps
1B) 30" box jump x 3 reps ea set
2A) KB step ups (held at side) 3 x 8 ea leg 30 lb KBs used
2B) Double KB Cleans 3 x 6 30 lb KBs used
3A) two handed 40 lb KB swings, three rounds
3B) 20 lunges

I tried to stay away from working my abs and shoulders today, as they were kind of sore. Everything south of the border was ok and so I worked there. When I got home, the rest of the day was, um, complicated and I'm just going to leave it there. Man, dealing with money, especially when you don't have an excess of it, sucks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Feb 14

Yeah, I'm writing this one up on the laptop - just easier, and my wife is on the iPad, looking for things to do while my son sleeps on her lap.

Ate not so well today:

Breakfast was a chicken breast with veggies wrap. Coffee to drink.

Snack was black coffee. Bad black coffee, drank only half of it.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich with veggies and hummus. Water to drink.

Snack was a small piece of a retirement cake.

Dinner was a the last of the chicken breast, boring frozen veggies (some fresh asparagus) with a large glass of OJ and a cupcake for dessert.

Why all the sweets? Presentation and a desire just to "get along" ... besides, when your youngest daughter presents you with something to eat, you eat it, even if it's mud pie, man.

Did this today:

warm up with some KB stretches - very slow, just to get ready.

then four rounds of the following:
10-15 incline push ups
10 OH snatches - worked on technique I was shown over the weekend. Need pics/vids done.
8- 10 bicep curls
8-10 tricep extensions
15 BW squats
8-10 TRX rows

abs x 3 - used the Ab roller today again - feeling this much later in the day.

After the family went to bed, went on a 5k run, just to celebrate the melting snow. Last week it was so freaking cold, I just couldn't run. Today, there was no excuse and so, I ran. Stepped into some mighty cold puddles, slipped and fell on another patch of ice .. even had some idiot yell at me, but got the run in, man.

Other than that, all was good - and now for something completely different:

Sun feb 13

I woke up late, actually nojt getting out of bed until after 8am today. How sad is the fact that I start this post with that line?

Got up, gt the coffee corny family and a then the day was one long cleaning up after another. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming ... You name it. Otw of shoveling, too. Like three sessions, trying to get rid jof the snow in front of my house.

Went out looking for a new pair of jeans for myself, found ones that look decent. Felt good about getting a size down frm the pair that finally gwave up the ghost.

Did this for four rounds, later in the day

10 push ups
20 be squads
8 to 10 in and backs with the new ab roller I ugly today. Pics of it later.

Ate decently, today, too.

Breakfast was coffee

Snack ws almonds and water to drink

Lunch was a burger wrap ... Delilah

Dinner was chicken breast with veggies and a glass of wine to drink. Pleasant way to end off ha week.

Tomorrow, I'm back at it, man.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sat feb12

This was an odd day. I was up last night until 4am. Then up at 9 for a Tim Hortons run for the family. Dude, that was the most calm moment of the day.

Ate this today:

Breakfast coffee

Snack was a Hortons belt and another coffee on the way to a kb clinic.

Snack was three crackers with cheese and a beer.

Dinner was a sandwich and a garden salad with beer to drink.

Yup, I just had a cheat meal after a long training session.

Lots and lots of kb swings, high pulls and snatches. Worked a lot on my technique; I got a chance to think about my swing and the finish of the snatch. I did a few things that I've done before, just nuot all at the same time, during the same workout.

After the session, I got to my parents place and helped my dad send an email. I love the guy, seriously, but watching him type an emailers pretty funny. I finished a beer, went to the bathroom then slid over to a fridge downstairs for another beer and came back to see him on the second line of an email. He kept asking where letters were on the keyboard. But, I compared his typing and email skill to my skill with a slide rule. Its skill and daily need.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fri Feb 11

OK, it's Friday. Tomorrow is a KB learnin' day, man.

um.. did not very much today.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Coffee to drink.

Snack: almonds and coffee, black

Dinner: Chicken breast, potato, salad, prunes, beer and wine to drink.

Yeah, um ... there was a reason, other than the fact that's Friday. I got a delivery from Airmiles... it was a new bathroom scale. I set it up, and stepped on it with a lot of fear and hatred.


Yup, I was fairly happy with that number - it's something that I can point to, know that I am on track and give myself a break. I picked up my copy of the DVD of Generation Kill today, and I'm watching it with a beer in my hand. Pretty satisfied, with full knowledge that tomorrow and next week, I will be kicking ass and living a lot better.

I still have 20 lbs to lose, I know that, but at least it's 20 and not 40. I'll take small victories, man.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thurs feb10

I still can't get my head around the fact that it is Thursday already. I'm n the iPad again tonight, so forgive any auto correct issuses, please.

I knew I had to workout this morning, I just was rather too sore to get a traditional workout done. That and I was kind of limited for time. So I grabbed my family of kettle bells and just moved with them for longer than a half hour. Lots of swings, snatches and cleans. Some rows. Ome two handed swings to releases to over head presses. Push ups, kb rows, and some chin ups, too.

I had a pretty good sweat going by the end... Overhead presses with the j70 lb kettle bell were interesting, man. And kinda tough

I ate this today

Breakfast was steak
K and eggs with coffee to drink.

Snack was almonds and water

Latter snack was black coffee

Dinner (biggest disappointment of the day, by far) pizza with my kids, not even at the dinner table, as it was covered with projects and cards from my kids for Monday's St Valentines Day. What a disappointment, to be frank. Not even real food. Sad, really. I'm not getting the message to them that they need to help me maintain this weight loss after I get down to where I want to be I need them to help. I need also to help them keep out of my traps, man.

Glad tomorrow is another day, that I am on the right side of the snow and can get after success tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wed feb 9

Today's post is being done from the iPad, while listening to my youngest snore on the couch. It is all good.

I ate this today

Breakfast was a smoothy

After work out meal was a breakfast belt from Tim Hortons with a coffee

Lunch was a tuna sandwich, hummus and veggies with water to drink.

Dinner was broccoli soup and another tuna sandwich at a ProDev meeting I had at head office, enitiled "Praying in Colour" . I wish I made that up.

Befre work, I did this workout:

Warm up
10 kb snatches 53 lb kb
60ft farmer walk with50lb weights
10 lunges each side 20lbs overhead
10 online db flies
5chin ups
10 bs Trx rows
10 knees to chest while on the chin up bar

I felt really good after, man. I can hardly wait for tomorrow and the doms ......

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tue Feb 8

I have been rushing like mad today, and it doesn't look like it's going ot get any easier as the day goes by. At least I got a few tricks for my kids on the iPad tonight; hopefully them will keep them entertained and out of my hair.

I read about it in today's Toronto Star. It's what I'm reading these days, along with a rather awful biography about a child soldier from Africa. Terrible; makes me glad I'm in Canada and somewhat isolated from such things. And my kids don't have to worry about those things, either.

I also got a couple of free Canadian flags for free today - well, posters of them, anyways. Watch for pictures of another one hanging in my garage shortly.

When I got up this morning, I was so sore. DOMS and a sore back, man, from yesterday's workout. Just ouch. Instead of working out this morning, cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. Will get some work done when I get home today. Have to; later tonight is packed with other stuff.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: egg and roast beef wraps, water to drink

Snack: coffee on the way in

After work snack, followed closely by dinner: chips and salsa. Dinner was homemade pizza. Red wine to drink.

I'm not sure I got the message to my wife that she needs to help me with this overhaul of our lifestyle. I keep trying to lead by example; perhaps I needed to create a fuzz about it, but not yet. I'm seeing some good results in the last few days, in spite of my diet.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Feb 7

I got to bed late as I'm trying to help my wife get past a cold this week, on top of a lot of other stuff. My work shift has finally changed to the afternoons until the end of March, and so I got my kids to school and was able to do quite a lifting workout this morning. As I lifted, I could see the snow fall through the windows in my garage. It was chilly, I could see my breath and I could see the steam coming off of my skin near the end of the workout.

I did five rounds of this:

6-8 deadlifts 160 lbs.
15 feet up push ups
10 squats with a 40 lb sand bag
10 bicep curls 30 lbs
10 tricep curls 30 lbs (I know I need to increase these three weights, it's just HOW)
10 bench flies 30 lbs
10 KB snatches each hand (these were tough on the hands)
10 BW lunges (each leg)

I signed up for the Slainte's run on March 12th - it's the second year I will do this run, as the dudes from Hamilton RFC run in it to show support for their pub. I think this past off season is what I need to do next year - lots of little races to keep training interesting and to keep me going out for the next run and the next run and the run after that. Keeps you training, man. These chip timed races are also good for tracking just how well things are going in my training, too. I did suggest to some of my fellow rugby players that they should join me in running these races, but, as per normal, I was made fun of. Meh, at least I'm progressing towards being healthier.

I did have to lose the wrestling tournaments in Canastota, NY, though. I think that one of the reasons was that I have done so very little wrestling, or any kind of combative training, in the last five months. I think that this would be something that I have to solve if I am going to go for some sort of black belt. But then again, finding time will be getting a lot tougher in the coming three months. April and May are going to suck.

I ate this:

Breakfast: Smoothie and coffee

After training: Tim Hoton's Belt and a coffee.

Snack: handfuls of almonds on the drive home.

Dinner: Salmon piece and a bit of Talapia with rice and asparagus, red wine to drink. This was good, but needed a salad to finish it off. Almonds for dessert.

What did I read today - I read this article and listened to a discussion of the "Lessons we can learn from watching Predator". Sounds silly, but they take the subject seriously, and it works out for the. It's also on iTunes. Go for it.

I'm up for while - I'm still doing the later night feeding, then going to bed. I'm kinda hoping we get it done sooner rather than later.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sat Feb5 and Sun Feb 6

This was a whirlwind.

Saturday, woke up early with a boy on my shoulder, crying for food, fed him, then went off to the theatre with my parents for my daughter's birthday. Got home for church and then went out for dinner with my family.

Sunday was not much better, going to the 5k run, then home to drive kids to swimming, then off to my parent's place for my dad's birthday party.

Here is what I ate:


Breakfast: roast beef wrap, salad, veggies. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: chicken with veggies and a nice salad, water to drink. Nice cake for dessert.

Dinner: pasta and veggies, salad. Beer to drink.


Breakfast black coffee

Lunch - after the race: one small slice of pizza and water to drink

Snack when I got home: roast beef and veggie wraps

Dinner: chicken, veggies. Beer to drink. Birthday cake for dessert.

Snack during the superbowl; beer.

Not the greatest of diets, but I was celebrating. That and it was the Superbowl. The one game of the year I watch. Tomorrow is another day.

I was seen by a dude who has not seen me since October. He was shocked with how much I've done in the months since. I think it is almost time for a progree shot to be taken. Meh, maybe next week. I also will sign up for the St Patrick's Day run on Mar 12 with the guys from the Hamilton RFC. Should be a good time, as it was last year.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Feb 4

This is going to brief and to the point:

I ate well today:

Breakfast: smoothie

Snack after getting to work early and knocking off for an early lunch Steak and eggs

Snack: coffee and a handful of almonds

Dinner: wild salmon, rice and a salad, nice glass of white wine to drink.

I'm making this brief as I needed to re-upload all the photos I just deleted from my Macbook. Back up your hard drive right now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thurs Feb 3

Ok, today was a day that should have worked out a lot better, but didn't, thanks in part to that damn snowstorm. It should have been a day of preparation, but wasn't. So, I go into Friday's work day still catching up.

I am, however, grateful that I have a job in which I am challenged like this. When thought of from that perspective, I'm pretty grateful.

Diet was ok today:

Breakfast: Smoothie and coffee at work. Putting flax in the smoothie is helping everything stay on time.

Lunch was early, tuna sandwich with hummus and veggies. A lot of prunes and almonds with water to drink.

Snack/dinner - I was hungry when I got home from work about 5pm, so I had this to eat:
chicken breast on a slice of bread, veggies and hummus, water to drink.

I was going to go to my rugby club to meet my new coach, but while on my run tonight, kinda came to the conclusion that the only thing I'd do there would be to drink. And I just didn't need that today. I saw my "Before " pics today. They ain't pretty.

I did a 6k run, final run before Sunday, I think. Meh, might go for one more before. Kinda need a lifting workout tomorrow. Need to get back into the garage. I watched a show Ive not seen before, Spartacus: Blood and Sand on my Apple TV the last two nights. Kinda stupid, but lots of blood and Lucy Lawless with not a lot of clothing.

I also read this article about "Everything I know about fitness is a lie" ... except I know a lot of what the writer is saying is true. Which kinda makes the watching of Spartacus come to life - a lot of well toned people in that show, not a single treadmill in sight. Too bad the main actor is so sick they had to stop filming.

I'm also going to use my Airmiles for something more useful: a cool bathroom scale so I can keep a tab on how I'm doing. I mean I know my clothing is fitting better, I can see more muscles in the mirror and my pants need a belt and all, but every once in a while, I'd like to see a number for my body.

Tomorrow, I think I'll be getting the car out of the way, doing some KB training and timed lifts, too. Might even get some filmed. At least that's the plan. Who knows what might happen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tues Feb 2

I was up early, as per usual, to find out that I had a snow day today. I used to worship them, but today, not so much. I shoveled the drive way three times today the first time was the heavy stuff from overnight, the second was the easy dust off. The third was the heaviest one - at about 8pm, they cleared my street leaving this wall of snow at the bottom of my drive way. That was a tough slog, man.

All three of them got my body moving, sweaty and heart rate up. The last one was a workout, man.

This, of course, is after a workout. I did five rounds of this:

20 BW squats
5 chin ups
10 inclined bench 30 lbs
10 KB exercises - snatch, cleans, depended on what I felt like for that round
10 dead lifts 160 lbs
10 bicep curls 30 lbs
10 tricep extension. 30 lbs

It was pretty freaking cold in my garage, though. A bit of a snow drift formed while I was in there, after having removed the snow from the other side of the garage door.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: tim horton's Belt and a coffee. Smoothie, too.

snack: roast beef wraps with veggies, water to drink

late snack: vodka cooler after the workout. Meh, I felt entitled.

Dinner: pasta with meat balls. Mainly meat balls. Water and OJ to drink.

Got another cooler after clearing the drive way, too. I think that will be the end of that, thanks. I signed up for the Orange County KB tour to Toronto at the end of April. Should be good - but that is my budget for the spring. I'll keep on the look out for inexpensive rope for the gym, but I'm pretty sure that is the end of my purchases until September. That includes a plane ticket to Edmonton.

I'm also wondering what it is that I'm going to learn over a weekend. I'm pretty sure that I would learn more from going to FACT for a whole bunch of Mondays, rather than this one workshop. However, I'm also thinking that I just don't have the time to make that commitment at the moment. A lot of people and ideas and money pulling me in a lot of different directions.

Now, back to work tomorrow - unless there's more snow on the way .... which would be awesome.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tues Feb 1

Today was a good day - a lot to do, with lots of time to do it in. Fair, but hilarious with people talking about this pile of snow coming. I also watched a bit of Roulon Garner on The Biggest Loser. Man, what Alexander Karlein must be thinking ... I lost a gold medal to that fat asswipe? What?

Ugh. At least he's doing something about it. At least he's moving. I'd have liked it better if he'd not have to lose all that weight, be a good fighter on the UFC or something... anyway.

I went for a short run tonight, as I'm pretty sure I won't be able to for the next few days. Probably my last run before the 5k race this weekend. Should be epic. Ordered the iPad today, and I should see it some time next week.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie (frozen fruit, OJ and GJ blended) and a coffee on the way in to work.

snack: coffee and almonds

lunch: tuna sandwich with a salad, hummus, veggies, almonds and prunes. Water to drink.

Snack: water to drink

Dinner: chicken fajitas - chicken breast, salad greens, salsa with tomato ... they were pretty good. Water to drink, smoothie for dessert.

I waited about 90 minutes before going on a short run tonight. They said a lot about the impending storm on the news, but very little about the speed of the wind. That was not a fun run. First I was cold, then too hot. I overdressed, clearly. I'm also suspecting something is up with my little iPod shoe receiver. Something's up.

Alas, I'm going to be lifting tomorrow. Going to try and see about filming myself. Might be interesting, might land a kettlebell on my laptop. Should be interesting, in any event. ;)