Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Monday and Tuesday Feb 28

Man, I made it through my first two days back to work without too many hitches ... at work.

My home life, well, not so much.

I did get back to walking in the water at my local gym, though. Monday was a bit of a shocker in that I found a guy naked in the change room hot tub, chatting on his phone. Taken separately, I wouldn't care. Talk all you want on your phone. Be naked in the change room. Don't do both together.

Talk about scary, especially with all the idiots out there, taking pictures of naked people in changerooms.

In any case, I went and spoke to the staff on duty, went home and took notes for myself. I'll check up with the manager sometime this week.

Tuesday was the same. People messing with me at my house, but work was awesomely boring. I love boring. Boring works for me. Uneventful. Fluid. Graceful, but not overly meteoric. Just plain well done and good. I did do some stretching in the pool - some floating cross knee to elbow, nice and slow, just to see if anything didn't like doing that. Nothing did.

Water walking and soaking in the hot tub was also just nice and boring. Yes, I showered for about 15 seconds, and then ran away to the parking lot and home. Just did not need that level of stress around me.

At least everything in my stomach is healing nicely as well. I think I'm ready for training to recommence in about a week. I do have a follow-up appointment set up for next week. I'm hoping that meeting is equally as boring.

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