Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31

I started today off very sluggish ... went to bed too late, went to bed too cranky. Woke up feeling like absolute crap. I spent the entire day indoors, and when it was time to go home, walked out into the humidity and heat. I felt awesome right then.

I did get to rugby training, after taking a bath with my six month old boy. He's getting so big; I changed two t-shirts today, thanks to his barfing aim. 90 minutes of rugby skills and a bit of fitness. At the end I did this:

Four rounds of:

20 KB snatches each side (20 kilo bell used)
20 feet up push ups
10 KB rows
20 BW squats

then did three rounds of:

40 feet large punching bag drags
20 feet up push ups

I ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef wraps ... coffee to drink. The roast beef was fresh out of the slow cooker.

snack: water

Lunch: tuna on salad, veggies and hummus, water to drink. Dates for dessert.

Dinner: roast beef on a bun. Was still delicious.

After rugby training: a beer and some grapefruit juice.

Man, it's nice and warm today - I'm glad I have A/C and can afford the electric bill to pay for it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday may 30

...and Monday is here. Friggin awesome. Managed to see some of Hangover2 today while at work... Which was just weird for me. I also got home for lunch and my kids came to see me right at the end of work; they were all frazzled. Mondays are not fun days these days.

I ate this:

Breakfast oatmeal, banana, handful of almonds and coffee on the way in

Snack was a small coffee

Lunch was a little piece of lasagna, a banana and water to drink

Dinner was almonds, lasagna and a salad. Water to drink.

Got the children to bed, then went and did this for five rounds:

10 tire flips (oh, how i missed doing them)
25yard farmers walks, 50lbs in each hand
20 feet up push ups, one leg in mid air
20 50lb one arm rows
20 one arm kb presses

That felt pretty good at the end ... I'll get pics up later. I did have the sledgehammer with me for the tire, but was a paxked public park, so i left in the van. I also spray painted the prowler a cool shade of black. Right after i finished the paint job, i think i broke it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday May 29

I think I let May slip by me; at least it is getting warmer...no more snow. Lots of rain, though. I did get a workout in before the rains came. I did get up awful early. I was getting ready to get my workout in, but it was called off on account of baby. 6am feed, then 6:30 barfing... then the rest of them were awake and I couldn't get the kid off of me. Literally.

You will never see me with it on, but I had it on for most of the day. When I did get it off of me, I built my own prowler today...

I ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, coffee to drink as I read the paper.

Snack: banana with water

Lunch: roast beef and hot goo sandwich

Dinner: small piece of lasagna, salad, water to drink.

Did this for four rounds as a workout:

20 feet up push ups
20 kb one handed swings
10 KB rows
10 KB snatches each side
2 x 25 m prowler runs (various weights ... there was a few heavily weighted runs, others, not so much)

then I did six rounds of this:

prowler sprint 25 feet (90 lb weights on)
prowler hand over hand rope pull back 25 feet

I do have a cleat for rope on the prowler, but it's pretty small. I'm thinking I need one from the local Marine shop. Luckily, there's one near my work; Imma thinking on the way home tomorrow. Or on lunch. In any case, I now have a prowler.

Friggin' awesome.

Saturday May 28

I kicked ass in the rugby game today. I play front row, and for those of you who don't know what that is, I spent most of the game today doing this:

I mean, a LOT of that, as the ball was wet and the day was rather crumby, at least until I got the ball... ;) I did manage to score two tries, as I was fitter than most of the players on the pitch. So'k. I did steal ball, make the tackles I had to make ... and kept the chatter of my teammates down. All in all, a good day. My club ended up winning all three games that day. W00t!

I ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, apple.

Snack before the game: apple.

recovery after: beer. (I know, not really a great recovery, but I felt entitled)

Meal after the recovery: leftover chicken with salad and hot goo as a wrap. That was pretty good. Water to drink, as I put too much hot goo on.

Red wine to drink later.

Friday May 27

Fridays are like Wednesdays: I find it difficult to get a workout in, although I got one done today, in spite of myself.

I did this for four rounds, in my garage, after everyone else was in bed:

20 feet up push ups
20 KB two handed swings
10 kb snatches each side
20 BW squats
6 chin ups

I got it done; a most basic workout, but I got it done.

I ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal, handful of almonds, banana and coffee.

Snack: water

Lunch: salad, no tuna (for a change), veggies and hummus, water to drink

Dinner: chicken on rice; veggies on the side. Red wine to drink.

On to tomorrow; Saturday is a rugby day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday May 26

Oh, today was a weird day. I woke up on time, turned the alarm clock off and went back to sleep for a few more minutes. My daughter woke me up; she was sleeping at my feet for half the night. I checked weight - 228. A step in the right direction.

At lunch, my son and daughter walked into my office as a surprise visit. We went out to lunch. That was fun. At the end of rugby training tonight, I just didn't want to drink beer there, so I went home. Like I said, an weird day.

I ate this:

Breakfast: banana, oatmeal with some almonds.

Snack: carrots and hummus with some prunes

Lunch: steak on a bun

snack: three slices of roast beef with some ketchup

After rugby : beer at home - left overs from last weekend.

I got to rugby training late, so I did my usual after training fitness. Four rounds of this:

20 Kb two handed swings (20 kilo bell used)
10 kb snatches each side
20 squats with the 50 lb sandbag
20 push ups with the sandbag
4x 40 yd sprints, still with that damn sandbag.

after that, did three rounds of push ups, squats 20 each

then at the end did a set of eight minutes of KB movement - just anything. Cleans, snatches, presses... just kept the bell moving for eight minutes. That was hard. I went home after a shower. Just disappointed with what I'm doing these days. But I'm thinking tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wed May 25

Wednesdays are always a difficult day to get a workout in these days. I did get some stretching in while watching the Lighting game tonight; it was what my body needed today. Just plain sore.

In any case, ate this today, with a nod to my teammate reader who wants me to cut down on eating meat three meals a day:

Breakfast: fresh strawberries and a handful of almonds, water and coffee to drink.

Snack half a litre of water

Lunch: salad with carrots and hummus. Prunes and water.

Snack got home, more veggies and hummus.

Dinner: followed the snack fairly quickly. Slices of roast beef with a side salad. Water to drink.

Not really missing the cable these days - the playoff hockey and basketball are being streamed online for free, the television shows are all on Youtube... and the Toronto Star has a free app, too. It's all good, man. All good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday May 24

Less than a month until the Spartan Race. I feel like crap today - did not rest well last night. Some heart pains - that is my heart felt painful. The same pains that I felt when I went to get it tested a while ago. They told me to limit the amounts of caffeine in my system then... which is what I am doing today. I'm a little sleepier than usual, but at least I know that I'll be sleeping with a clearer mind tonight.

I need to get my numbers checked and made sure that I am healthy.

I also checked out the Spartan Race blog and found out where the race will be. I can honestly say I've never been, but might have to make a training trip up there some time this week. It's close to my house, man. Might have to bike it there, just to prove how tough I am...

I ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. One small coffee.

Snack: water

Lunch: tuna sandwich and veggies.

Dinner: it was tiny, as I knew I had to get to rugby. Eggs, carrots with hummus.

After rugby was a different story. Had too much to eat: Sandwiches, veggies with hummus and beer to drink.

I did get to rugby at my usual time: about 15 minutes late. I had to help my wife get our children in bed before I left. What can I say, I did mention this to the coach and I always do fitness by myself at the end anyway. Rugby itself was 90 minutes of contact rugby, sprinting and an odd little exercise of lengths of the pitch. In 8 minutes, I did three rounds of this:

goal line to the 22m line and back
goal line to half and back
goal line to far 22m line and back
goal line to goal line.

Eight minutes, nine seconds to be exact. This was my first time doing it, so I took it easy, wanting to finish near the top of the other group of forwards. Which I did. I didn't want to, but I also wore my rugby cleats. I found that I ran more slowly than I might have without them. I'm thinking I try that again without cleats and see what I get.

After the training session, I did this by myself, rocking with tunes from my van:

three rounds of:
20 two handed KB swings, 20 kilo bell used
10 Kb snatches, each side
20 body weight squats

then three rounds of:
15 bw squat and jumps
20 KB swings
10 kb snatches
10 kb rows
20 feet up push ups
10 ab roller in and backs

I dunno why I switched it up, but I felt a lot better after. Seriously. I got home, had to do a grocery run for the next day and a lot of other, well, stuff. I got to bed really late. I also wanted to watch the 'Nuks game, but couldn't get it online anywhere. Meh, they won.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday May 23

I woke up stoopid early. After numerous fake outs, I got up and went for a short 25 minute run this morning, finishing at 6am. That isn't a typo. I got out my trust 30 lb KB, and did four rounds of this right after:

10 two handed swings to overhead releases and catches.
10 snatches
10 presses

At the end of that, I went in my house, got a shower, then got on with cleaning my house, inside and out ... I mowed, I weeded, I purged my basement... there was a lot of stuff done. Laundry ... oh, my God, laundry... like eight loads of clothes... I'm wondering if I just kept washing clean clothes or something. Delivered forgotten stuff to my parents - they forgot it up north and I delivered it to them, along with a visit

Ate this:

Breakfast: end of the steak with tomato with hummus on a piece of foccacia bread

snack: squares of questionable nutrition value with water

Lunch: tomato and mustard sandwich, water to drink

Dinner: small bowl of pasta.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday May 22

Yeah, pretty sore today. No omph. Lots of work to be done. Still managed two or three trips up and down the hill, and got the cottage closed and ready for the next trip up in a few weeks.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Coffee to drink

Lunch: ham and tomato sandwich, OJ to drink

Snack: OJ to drink (had to get rid of it)

Dinner: burger from Webbers, lots of veggies on it, side of fries. coffee to drink.

Actually had to take the van to the local coin operated car wash tonight, too. There was a bug who had impaled itself on the radio antenna of the van... it wrapped itself around it, that's how big it was... kinda gross. Lots of bug goo to get off the van, lots of crap to be thrown out. I think that is the purpose of tomorrow... lots of purging, lots of pics to be posted, too.

Saturday May 21

OK, today was all about MovNat.

I got up at dawn and had to change a diaper, lift children in and around the house, run for a while, and drive a Wave Runner, take pictures, paddle, lift trees up hill, swim, jog, crawl ... eventually, my mother asked me to stop going up and down the steep hill. I did .. but I lifted rather heavy logs out of the lake, out of her sight then went for a swim. Then I went back for a few more MovNat circuits. I'm pretty sure even my mother was impressed with the fitness level I demonstrated that day. She was, however, still concerned.

I felt awesome. I felt sore the next day, but when I was going up the hill for the last time to start cooking, I felt friggin' awesome.

I ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and berries. No, seriously.

Lunch: tomato soup with a tomato and chimichirri sandwich. Water to drink.

Dinner: steak and corn. Caesar salad. Red wine to drink.

Snack: my body was craving empty calories, so I ate doritos. With red wine. Friggin great.

Friday May 20

OK, this is awesome.

Had a nice day at work, got some prep done for after the Victoria Day weekend and went north. Had a pretty long drive, but got there in about three hours, which is about the usual length of time.

Ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with coffee on the way in

Snack: tuna on salad, water to drink.

Lunch: red pepper and hot goo sandwich, water to drink.

Dinner: brie and apple salad (yeah, didn't make that one...) chicken with veggies. Red wine to drink. Beer with my dad.

Lots of driving, moving and lifting. Pics later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday May 19

today wasn't so bad. I had a few more minutes to myself than Ihave been used ot as of late. For example, I got a chance, after training, to chat with a young man who is going to the carribean to work, at least for a while. I wish him the best of luck, and hope that he returns wealthy and happy.

In the end, I still feel sore and rather cranky.

Ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal. coffee on the way in

lunch tuna on salad, veggies with hummus. Water to drink.

dinner: some pasta, some veggie with hummus, beer to drink.

I chatted with a couple of people. I love where it is that I live. This place is freaking awesome.

I did this today:

an hour of rugby, a lot of sprinting, as we were playing 7's rugby in hte mud
after that, did a series of Body weight workouts with the team: sprints, push ups and more push ups. at the end, did five rounds of this on my own:

crawl up hill, head up and head up down
when I finished that I did this for five rounds:

30 body weight squats
20 push ups, feet up
then did five set of 5 x 50m sprints.

all in all, a good workout. I'll feel that tomorrow.

Wed May 18

Sorry this post is late. I went to bed early, sue me.

Seriously, I went to be at least two hours earlier than my usual 11:45pm. I woke up today feeling like an entirely new person. Seriously. Literally. I'm amazed at the power of a good night's sleep.

I had planned a lunch time presentation on the iPad/iPod from work, as I use them quite a bit in my teaching, but no one came. I went to the lunch room, and people expressed interest in what I should have presented, but they were "all forgetful". Hmmph.

In any case, I ate this on Wednesday, to my shame:

Breakfast: oatmeal. coffee on the way in. Water between meals.

Lunch 2 hot dogs on bread. water to drink.

Dinner: pizza. water to drink.

no workout, as I went to bed. I was exhausted and sore. I thought I saw the sun for a few minutes yesterday, but I was stuck under my son, so I couldn't get to the window. I'm hoping that we can get on the fields for rugby training tomorrow, but it isn't looking good.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday May 17

Oh, my ... it's like a stress hangover or something ... you're stressed for a time ... and then the stress is removed or finished... and then it's like .. "whoa" ..I have so much more free time ... but I'm busy, ... oh wait, I'm not ....

that's the discussion I was having in my head this day. I did manage to find Gnomeo and Juliet online and email the link to my wife (and children at home) for them to watch. I also played with the SmartBoard and the serious set up of the room over which I took control today. Sweet. It's amazing the resources more senior people can pull in my job that I have yet to be able to touch..

it's still raining outside .. the City closed the rugby pitch until at least Thursday ..seriously, it's just coming down in buckets outside. I left my house with the ful intention of training, and I got some done tonight. After I finished my workout, I went upstairs to the bar part of my club ... and there were ten guys, just "meeting" about, well, stuff. I think I was the only one of them that workout that day. Well, ok, there were a few cops in the crowd..but I'm pretty sure that I was the only one that worked out in the last few hours.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: oatmeal and fresh fruit. Coffee to drink

snack: water

Lunch: tuna sandwich and water to drink

Dinner: chili on a bun, spicy goo. water to drink

After training: two pints of beer.

Started with three rounds of:
30 th KB swings (20 kilo bell used throughout)
30 BW squats
30 feet inclined push ups

then got into the more hectic stuff with three rounds of this:

30 kb cleans each side
20 kb snatches each side

30 feet up push ups
2 rounds of stairs feet only then tiger crawls up the same stairs

that was pretty fun: at least it was a different workout than in my garage.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mon May 16

I got a lot of stuff done at work today - things wrapped up and things for the next session started. I'm ready for for stuff that comes my way tomorrow.

But, my body is still so sore. Everything hurts, man. I was just a ball of pain today at work - I wore a heavy hooded sweatshirt at work all day, just to see if I could get my shoulders and neck from aching as much as they were. No dice. I was sitting for most of the day, but shouldn't have been. I should have found a way to be standing, if only to get my leg muscles from cramping up as much as they are. Ugh, this isn't fun. I got home and was immediately set upon by my family. They need me healthy, and I was mostly there for them today. In the end, I did a short 25-30 minute run, followed up by stretching and a nice warm shower.

My diet isn't helping at the moment, but I will get my head out of my butt tomorrow.

I ate this:

Breakfast: chili and poached eggs. That was good. Coffee to drink.

Snack: stupid meetings. Bagel and coffee.

Lunch: left over bagel, water to drink.

DInner: chicken thigh with rice and a salad. Water to drink.

After this, I was a little stressed to read with my children, do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, take care of the youngest and let my wife sit on the couch and relax .... all at the same time. A little demanding. It was after this, I got the baby in the bath, then dressed for bed, got my other two children through their bedtime routine and actually sleeping, then get some new movies on the Apple tv for my wife before I could go on a run.

"Happy wife, happy life" is the only thing I kept repeating to myself.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15

OK, this Blogger thing has been solved, I guess. Glad of it.

Today was a recovery day - not just from the rugby game yesterday, but from the last eight weeks. I didn't want to think about work this weekend. I'm pretty sure I got that goal accomplished. was really sore today - legs, shoulders and groin. My ears were ok, I guess.

In any case, took the day off of any semblance of diet:

Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee

snack: slice of left over pizza, water to drink

Lunch: flank steak cut up on a bun with half a tomato, onion and hot pepper. Oh, was that good.

Dinner: chili- ground beef, corn nibblets, peas, mushrooms, tomato soup and a little pasta sauce. Nice bowl of it, with a side salad.

Workout for the day was a recovery one. Not too motivated to get into the gym today. I wanted to be outside, but when I got a chance to get some work done, it was rather chilly and raining outside. So, I had to stay in my garage. It seems it is going to be that way all week.

Anyway got three rounds of this done:

30 BW squats
30 th KB swings
10 KB cleans each side
10 kb presses each side - each was with a 30 lb kb.

nothing hardcore, as I was hurting, man. Seriously. After this session, went and had a epsom salt bath. My body liked it a lot, man.

On with tomorrow.

That wasn't my fault

There has been some sort of huge to do at Blogger ... I kept trying to get the posts done, finally it is working.

So Thursday the 12th:

Breakfast was a timmy ho's belt with coffee on the way in

Lunch was tuna sandwick with veggies, water to drink.

Snack was more veggies and hummus, water to drink

Dinner was a little pasta before rugby. Water to drink

After rugby was a large salad with tuna on it, some more salad with a glass of wine to drink.

I did an eighty minute training session for rugby; lots of running and general prep work for Saturday. After that session, I did this routine four rounds:

40 m sprints x 2
30 BW squats
30 feet up push ups
After these sessions, did some foam rolling. Felt better after, but not much.

Nice and simple, that is all

Friday the 13th was really sore and felt like awfulsauce. Just awful. I got work done at work, limping to the end of my stressful time of the year. I just wanted it over, and so I pushed until I was done. I celebrated by barbequing in the backyard and doing some much needed gardening.

Ate this:

breakfast: timmy ho's belt with coffee on the way in.

Lunch was grilled pork loin with a side salad. Yeah, I went home for lunch.

Dinner was grilled flank steak on a a salad with extra veggies. Simply delish. Fruit for dessert, red wine to drink.

I mentioned I did some gardening ... I'm trying to get the weeds out before all the rain comes this week. More than likely, I'll be doing them Sunday when it is raining. But I was out in the sunshine for about an hour, picking weeds.

Saturday the 14th, of course, is a rugby day. I was up early, got some laundry done. Right after the games, I went home, then to church. Not very much time for me or my family. I fell asleep early, then after the boy woke up about 4am, just hung out with my wife.

Ate this:

Breakfast 3 packages of apple instant Oatmeal

Snack 2 apples - one before one after the game

Dinner: pizza and veggies with my family. Red wine to drink. Lots of laughter, man.

Workout for the day was the rugby game. I played tight head prop, which was made a heck of a lot easier by playing against a not very good side. I was getting around the pitch for most of the game, getting more than a few touches on the ball. I was running in support of the scrum half with three to beat and he kicked it away from me. I also got within six inches of the try zone ... but it was not to be. I think we won 20 (or so) to nothing. I like playing in those games when you are winning .... ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wed May 11

Today is the start of the end of a long eight weeks for me. I'm just crushed by the sheer weight of it all, crashing down on my head. Hard roads make for hard people. I'm going to be recovering for a while, I'm pretty sure that alcohol should not be a part of this recovery process, even though I'm just thinking of drowning myself in it at the moment. Seriously.

At least I found out yesterday that the rugby games I thought were all away games are all at home this weekend. That, at least, is a sign of something better on the horizon.

Things are looking up. That, and I weighed in this morning at 229. Which is a lot lighter than I expected after the diet I've kept over the last few days. I need to get past 225 by the end of June. I just have to get past that one number, and stay there.

I ate this:

Brekafast: Tim Horton's Belt and a coffee on the way in. I'm going shopping later on tonight. Last time this week that happens.

Snack Coffee while at work

Lunch: tuna sandwich and veggies with water to drink.

DInner: medium size piece of lasagna, water to drink, almonds for dessert. It's going to be ok.

I'm sore today, so did some stretching, some just maintenance stuff with my body. It's hurting, man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tues May 10

Check it out, there's a bit of hype about the Spartan Race in the news today. People were shocked that I would sign up for it....

Meh, whatever.

I sold my 32 kilo kettlebell today, too.

Yeah, I'm liking being fitter than I was last year, but I'm still not at my goals. I'm stressing at work and I'm just not eating well. My left shoulder is just not helping at the moment ... and I hate that I started this blog post like I was twelve years old, making excuses to my father, the coach.

The fact of the matter is that I have been keeping a lid on myself for the last few weeks, however poorly. My workmates have noticed that I have swearing a lot more. I've noticed my patience for people's excuses is a heck of a lot shorter. I tend to laugh cynically at the drop of a banana peel, too, these days. Just always in a bad mood.

It's almost over - I have to make it to Friday, then a lot of stuff gets removed from my plate, thanks to my collective agreement. I honestly don't know if I can handle too many more of these annual occasions at work. I made a plan tonight on the way home from work about this exact thing. Not sure if it exactly works with my personal plans, but I'll be less angry during this part of the year.

That's enough of that prattling on. Ate this today:

Breakfast: timmy ho Belt on a bagel. Just out of sheer lack of preparation. Coffee to drink on the way in.

Snack coffee

Lunch tuna on a salad, walnuts and prunes Water to drink

Snack: water to drink,

Dinner: stir fried veggies on rice with three small hunks of chicken

After rugby snack: 2 pints of beer, veggies and hummus

I felt pretty good after 80 or so minutes of running, lifting and otherwise being a nuisance at a rugby training session. Lots of sweating. After the group session, did this on my own for four rounds

60 m sprints x 2
30 two handed KB swings, 20 kilo bell used
10 KB cleans each side
10 step ups onto a picnic table
30 push ups, feet on the same table

After I completed this, I did a rolling session to get stuff moving in my legs and shoulders. My left shoulder was feeling really sore after sleeping wrong on Friday and Saturday nights up north. No warm ups before lifting people over head was not a good idea, either. Meh, nothing a few rolling sessions won't cure.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday May 9

I'm thinking a really good solution to my current funk is to try something different. So, I got a chance to get out of the house when everyone went to bed ... and I went to work out in the local park. That was refreshing, after spending a winter stuck inside a small box.

I did four rounds of this:

30 kb two handed swings 20 kilo and 30 lb KB used
10 kb snatches - 20 kilo and 30 lb KB used
30 squats - BW and Bulgarian training bag (around 45 lbs) depending on the round
15 ab roll outs
4 x 50m sprints

I got something done - wasn't awesome, but pretty intense. I'm liking the sprints, man.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: frozen berry and GJ smoothie, coffee on the way in

Snack coffee

Lunch was a tuna sandwich, carrots and celery. Water to drink

Snack was prunes and walnuts

Dinner was roast beef, sweet potato with a small salad. Water to drink.

Yeah, no alcohol today - need to start cutting my gut off, man. Time to step it up.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday May 8

OK, the dreaded drive home day. Again, my body is getting messed up. Sleeping at the moment is interesting. I went to bed (actually couch) last night at 10pm. I saw the most amazing display of stars and was expecting to watch a bit more of the Canucks game, but ended up falling asleep before I could get either done.

I still don't know wno won the Canucks game. Meh, I was really saddened by the fact that I saw the most incredible show in the night sky for about ten minutes, then promptly fell asleep.

I go to bed early, so I wake up early. Stupid early in this case. I saw some pre-sunrise stars too, but they weren't as nice as the night ones... no beer in my hand. It was still pretty cool. One of the advantages of getting to go to a cottage in a dark part of the country.

In any case, I got up early, took the kids for a drive and got some pictures done.

When I got home, I had two of the kids, as the middle child had to swim. So, I hung out with my children, watched movies on Youtube as we've given up cable. Eventually, we're going to go without a land line, putting that money towards debt. I hate debt.

I got the kids in bed and did this for three rounds before being interrupted by domestic needs: I needed to get groceries then off to bed.

30 BW squats
30 feet up push ups
6 chin ups
20 two handed KB swings
10 Kb snatches each side

This is going to be along week, man. I'm hoping that the little break I got on the weekend will be that thing that gets me 'till Friday.

Friday and Saturday May 6 and 7

Friday was a training day - that is, I was given a day to catch up on work. ;)

I ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee to drink

Snack: water and walnuts

Lunch: tuna on salad, water to drink.

Dinner was salmon and veggies, huge salad, beer to drink

nightcap was beer while playing scrabble with my wife.

I drove to a cottage for the weekend on Friday, so my workouts were 10 minute goes of lifting stuff to the van and packing. Or unpacking. I was also up and down the hill at my brother's cottage. More on that later.

Saturday I woke up at the usual time, 5:50am. So did my kids, so I rounded them up and took them out of the cottage so that others could sleep. I have a newborn, so we drove. When we got back I did a workout best described as "MovNat" ... I do have pics, I will up load them later ... but here it is:

Did five rounds of this:

walk up 8m of hill in low crouch, leaping from rock to rock
free climb big rock
30 BW squats
30 push ups, various hand positions/ feet heights
continue up another 15m free climb of hill/vertical rock to top of hill.
Sprint down to start (about 50 metres)

Seriously, it was pretty cool and tiring. There is a path, which I must say that last year, made me cringe when I got to the top. This time, no such problems. Lots of trips up and down, lots of cut down saplings brought up... there was even one I canoed out from under a tree, hoisted it onto the dock and then up to the top of the hill within a few minutes. I'm in not bad shape, man.

My diet sucked though.

Breakfast: fruit and coffee

Snack: doritos, water to drink

Lunch: chicken caesar salad - light on the chicken, heavy on the salad

Dinner was a glorious steak, grilled red and green peppers/ zuchinni with red wine to drink. Desert was a piece of pecan pie.

Night cap- beer while watching a hockey game with my dad.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday May 5

Right. Crappy day - allergies are just kicking my butt right now ... and I'm starting rugby.

I ate this:

Breakfast roast beef and poached eggs. Awesome. coffee on the way in

snack: walnuts, carrots. water to drink

lunch; tuna, carrots, no salad, walnuts, water to drink.

dinner: one small piece of roast beef, asparagus. water to drink

after rugby snack: beef on a bun

Rugby started at 7pm, went until 8:30. After that finished, did this for four rounds:

50 m sprints x 4
20 two handed kb swings
10 kb snatches each side
30 push ups
30 BW squats

I got it done. I got it done.

And someone else commented on my ability to get around the pitch, which I thought was pretty cool.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wed May 4

I'll have to check, but I have rarely felt this crappy. Seriously. The youngest is just not letting me sleep and I'm not sure about a lot of things, but my diet is not helping me at all. I'm guessing now.

Am I not eating properly because I'm tired, or am I tired because I'm not eating properly. I was tired three weeks ago, stressed with work and with the newborn ... is that was is not letting me sleep? Is my insomnia coming back, along with all of the wonderful mental health stuff that brings with it. Ugh. Perhaps its the complete lack of any sunshine that is making me this way. I'm arriving at work in the mornings and I'm just barely able to drag my butt over the threshold to get in there. This isn't like me.

I skipped tonight's workout, too. Just had no stuff to get off of the couch and get it done. I really wasn't on the couch. I was cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, making sure my kids were ok and the like. Getting stuff ready for work tomorrow and making my plans to get the heck out of dodge for the weekend.

Yeah, not hanging around here, waiting for people just to shit on my head, thanks.

I need some time to recover, or at least some time to start to recover, as I'm not quite done yet.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: small piece of salmon and poached eggs. Water to drink, coffee on the way in.

Snack Water and more water.

Lunch: water. Tuna sandwich with hummus, carrots, walnuts and more water.

Dinner: roll, home made pizza with my daughter. Glass of red wine. Lots of Scottish rugby video podcast on the Apple tv. Those were some fun games to watch.

But, I just didn't get into my gym today. Rather off putting, to be frank. I mean, it's a circle of self defeat if I keep thinking about it.

So, I'm not going to. I'm off to bed. Hated today, loved my family.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tues May 3

I can barely recall what day it is by now. I keep having to check on the top right hand of the Macbooks' screen to make sure.

This terrible time is almost over. I'm working towards insomnia, and the Board doesn't care. Or know.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: canatlope with coffee on the way in.

Snack: walnuts, hummus and carrots. Water to drink.

Lunch; the usual, tuna, salad, carrots, hummus... prunes. Water.

after work snack: bread and chimichurri sauce

Dinner: chicken breast, rice and a huge salad. white wine to drink.

I feel so sore and I am not sleeping well. I did not workout today, and I've been cranky all day, angry and just brainless. How brainless? I made this at work and thought it was the funniest freaking thing:

I'm getting pretty freaking punchy. I need this weekend away, I needed the night off.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday May 2

It was a long day today, man.

I'm just counting hte days down to the end of the stressful time at work. It seems so artifical in nature ... it makes sense somewhere, way above my pay grade. I'm just a small wheel in a big machine, man. It just hurts, man.

Anyway, it was a decent day for my health.

Ate this:

Breakfast: sliced cantalope. (one buddy of mine was speaking to me on Saturday night about too much meat in my diet. I took his advice and altered my diet today.) Coffee to drink.

Snack: I was hungry at break, so I ate some walnuts, had an apple and some water to drink.

Lunch was the usual; tuna on salad. Carrots with hummus with some prunes.

Dinner was chicken cassarole. I made the chicken in the slow cooker, my wife put in some veggies. I added some hot sauce before eating it. Veggies on the side, too.

Snack after my workout was veggies, dip and a can of tuna. Red wine to drink... should have had some Green tea. Meh, whatever.

I did this for five rounds before I got the election results:

30 two handed swings, 20 kg KB used
10 KB snatches each side
30 push ups
10 TRX rows
10 bicep curls, 50 lb used
10 triceps extensions, same barbel used
30 BW squats
10 ab roll outs

I had a some difficulty getting my butt off of the couch and get it into the garage to get this workout in. Dammit, I did it, though.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1

Man, this was a short weekend.

Saturday was a rugby day. A weird and wet one, to be sure. I got about 60 minutes of plaing time in, which was quote a workout. I noticed I'm in decent shape, just need to shake off some of the rust from the off season. Lots of runs, a lot more contact and some nice comments from my teammates about my ability to get around the pitch.

The pitch, yes. It wasn't very dry, to say the least.

Anyway, ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and poached eggs. Coffee to drink

Lunch/post game recovery: 2 bottles of beer, tuna on salad, carrots with hummus. I had four chocolate eggs (small ones, relax) from my kids' Easter stash. I did get an awful lot of chocolate from my parents and in-laws for some reason. I'm taking it all to the rugby club. I just don't need it in my house

Dinner: Salmon, veggies and nice glass of white wine.

Saturday night was the UFC 129, which my rugby club showed. I was there for about an hour, got to see up until the start of the GSP fight. Then I went home to watch the ESPN feed of the fight. Man, that last fight was a bit of a let down. Almost boring, man. Ah well, there were some exciting fights, too. I had three beers there.

Sunday I felt like crap. I was slightly hungover, but the youngest one kept waking up during the night. Three times that I can recall. Perhaps more. My wife was exhausted. And the bills keep piling up. I'm pretty sure that by week's end, I'm going to be done with Bell and with cable in my house. I just do not see the reason for it.

Sunday I ate this:

Coffee before church.

Breakfast was black coffee with a half a bagel from Timmy Horton's. I shared with my daughter.

Lunch was tuna on salad. Water to drink.

Dinner was pizza; green pepper, tomato, olives and mushrooms on my small slice. Red wine to drink.

I like my meals through the week waaaaaay better. I just can't seem to get my family to eat better with me. hmmmm...

Money's tight this week, so I will be eating well, for sure. Going to be abusing the coffee maker at work and at home, no more coffee trips for me.

Overall, though, this week was a C. I got most of my workouts in, played a game of rugby, too. But I'm getting away from my diet, and worse ... I know why and just don't seem to want to tackle that issue.

How DO you get a family to change when they don't want to change?