Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday May 22

Yeah, pretty sore today. No omph. Lots of work to be done. Still managed two or three trips up and down the hill, and got the cottage closed and ready for the next trip up in a few weeks.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Coffee to drink

Lunch: ham and tomato sandwich, OJ to drink

Snack: OJ to drink (had to get rid of it)

Dinner: burger from Webbers, lots of veggies on it, side of fries. coffee to drink.

Actually had to take the van to the local coin operated car wash tonight, too. There was a bug who had impaled itself on the radio antenna of the van... it wrapped itself around it, that's how big it was... kinda gross. Lots of bug goo to get off the van, lots of crap to be thrown out. I think that is the purpose of tomorrow... lots of purging, lots of pics to be posted, too.

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