Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday May 23

I woke up stoopid early. After numerous fake outs, I got up and went for a short 25 minute run this morning, finishing at 6am. That isn't a typo. I got out my trust 30 lb KB, and did four rounds of this right after:

10 two handed swings to overhead releases and catches.
10 snatches
10 presses

At the end of that, I went in my house, got a shower, then got on with cleaning my house, inside and out ... I mowed, I weeded, I purged my basement... there was a lot of stuff done. Laundry ... oh, my God, laundry... like eight loads of clothes... I'm wondering if I just kept washing clean clothes or something. Delivered forgotten stuff to my parents - they forgot it up north and I delivered it to them, along with a visit

Ate this:

Breakfast: end of the steak with tomato with hummus on a piece of foccacia bread

snack: squares of questionable nutrition value with water

Lunch: tomato and mustard sandwich, water to drink

Dinner: small bowl of pasta.

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