Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1

Man, this was a short weekend.

Saturday was a rugby day. A weird and wet one, to be sure. I got about 60 minutes of plaing time in, which was quote a workout. I noticed I'm in decent shape, just need to shake off some of the rust from the off season. Lots of runs, a lot more contact and some nice comments from my teammates about my ability to get around the pitch.

The pitch, yes. It wasn't very dry, to say the least.

Anyway, ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and poached eggs. Coffee to drink

Lunch/post game recovery: 2 bottles of beer, tuna on salad, carrots with hummus. I had four chocolate eggs (small ones, relax) from my kids' Easter stash. I did get an awful lot of chocolate from my parents and in-laws for some reason. I'm taking it all to the rugby club. I just don't need it in my house

Dinner: Salmon, veggies and nice glass of white wine.

Saturday night was the UFC 129, which my rugby club showed. I was there for about an hour, got to see up until the start of the GSP fight. Then I went home to watch the ESPN feed of the fight. Man, that last fight was a bit of a let down. Almost boring, man. Ah well, there were some exciting fights, too. I had three beers there.

Sunday I felt like crap. I was slightly hungover, but the youngest one kept waking up during the night. Three times that I can recall. Perhaps more. My wife was exhausted. And the bills keep piling up. I'm pretty sure that by week's end, I'm going to be done with Bell and with cable in my house. I just do not see the reason for it.

Sunday I ate this:

Coffee before church.

Breakfast was black coffee with a half a bagel from Timmy Horton's. I shared with my daughter.

Lunch was tuna on salad. Water to drink.

Dinner was pizza; green pepper, tomato, olives and mushrooms on my small slice. Red wine to drink.

I like my meals through the week waaaaaay better. I just can't seem to get my family to eat better with me. hmmmm...

Money's tight this week, so I will be eating well, for sure. Going to be abusing the coffee maker at work and at home, no more coffee trips for me.

Overall, though, this week was a C. I got most of my workouts in, played a game of rugby, too. But I'm getting away from my diet, and worse ... I know why and just don't seem to want to tackle that issue.

How DO you get a family to change when they don't want to change?

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