Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15

OK, this Blogger thing has been solved, I guess. Glad of it.

Today was a recovery day - not just from the rugby game yesterday, but from the last eight weeks. I didn't want to think about work this weekend. I'm pretty sure I got that goal accomplished. was really sore today - legs, shoulders and groin. My ears were ok, I guess.

In any case, took the day off of any semblance of diet:

Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee

snack: slice of left over pizza, water to drink

Lunch: flank steak cut up on a bun with half a tomato, onion and hot pepper. Oh, was that good.

Dinner: chili- ground beef, corn nibblets, peas, mushrooms, tomato soup and a little pasta sauce. Nice bowl of it, with a side salad.

Workout for the day was a recovery one. Not too motivated to get into the gym today. I wanted to be outside, but when I got a chance to get some work done, it was rather chilly and raining outside. So, I had to stay in my garage. It seems it is going to be that way all week.

Anyway got three rounds of this done:

30 BW squats
30 th KB swings
10 KB cleans each side
10 kb presses each side - each was with a 30 lb kb.

nothing hardcore, as I was hurting, man. Seriously. After this session, went and had a epsom salt bath. My body liked it a lot, man.

On with tomorrow.

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