Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Nov 29

Woke up nice and early; like stupid early. Was really really early. Got up, did the kitchen clean up I skipped last night. The rest of the family got up and I turned on the dishwasher and just got things clean.

I was trying to figure out what kind of workout to do while cleaning up the kitchen and getting crap done this morning. I stepped out into this:

So, a garage workout it was. I got every one to the places they needed to be, and I got my workout done:

20 feet up push ups
20 Kb cleans (30 lb bells used)
20 step ups (holding the same Kbs) height was at my knees
15 hanging knees tucks
20 seated knee tucks

My abs and butt are feeling this one, I have to tell you.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: eggs and ham. Water to drink

Snack: coffee on the way in, tea later.

Lunch: small bowl of pasta, small piece of bread. Coffee to drink

Dinner: ham and another small helping of pasta. Water to drink.

Monday Nov 28

Mondays usually suck. This one was merely ok.

I got up, made lunch for the kids and my wife, and got them off to their respective places for the day. I got back to my house and discovered that I was alone. Totally alone ... for the first time in about 15 months. Whoa. That was really a profound thing.

I got to crank my tunes in the garage, I farted a lot and scratched myself. I also got a 4km run in, then did some work on kettlebell snatch.

I did two rounds of 30 KB snatches each side. I used the 30 lb bell.

I got to work, did my thing and then went home, then went back to work.

Meh, not a terrible day; not a bad day. Just a Monday.

Right ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie: frozen fruit, milk.

Snack: coffee on the way in

Lunch: lasagna and a sandwich

Snack: tea

Dinner: chicken soup - was actually yummy.

Felt good at the end of night school, but had a freshly cooked ham wrap. Then went to bed early.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Nov 27

Again, I went to bed early - it's a nice habit to be starting, especially with the stuff that's been going down around here lately. Anyway, I'm already breaking this streak as I write this, as it is 11:00pm.

I'm going to be right after I post this.

I got up nice and early and started my run before anyone was awake today. I got back and the living room was packed. Not bad run, either. My legs are sore, but I wanted something done before I got into a "hurry up and wait" kind of a day.

The rest of the day is a blur, plretty much.

I know I ate ok:

Breakfast: tuna and salad wraps, coffee to drink

Snack: walnuts, water to drink

Lunch: coffee while out driving with my son, trying to get him to nap.

Snack popcorn

Dinner: tomato soup, a few crackers, water to drink.

That being done, I'm off to bed. G'night, interwebs!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Nov 26

Got up this morning early - like 6am. I had eight hours of sleep - eight. Awesome. I woke up to find out that Mac won the Vanier Cup... and I couldn't care less. Actually I thought about how much less money the Wrestling team is going to get as a direct result of the victory. Goodness knows that when the Wrestling team won the CIAU Championships back in 1994, Wrestling got nothing more than a pat on the back...

Oh, and the President of the University's husband poking fun at us.

The funny thing is that when the UNB hockey team won the CIAU championships a few years ago, the Wrestling team was already demoted to a club, not a team. Friggin' awesome. Meh, whatever. I'm so used to being ignored as an athlete, I've almost taken it as usual.

What will happen to those young men when they get too old to play football anymore? They'll live on today - the wonderful cheers they got last night and today - for the rest of their lives. And they'll get fat and never do a thing about it, as they lack the tools.

I've got the tools and I'm working on it - I'm getting stronger and leaner as we speak.

This morning's workout was a short run - all three kids were awake when I left and we're kind of having a hanging out day today. Later, we did a gymnastics/MovNat workout in my garage gym. Sorry no pics, the iPhone was busy rocking out. I also did some rolling on my legs. They're sore.

Breakfast : left over pizza

Snack coffee

Lunch grilled cheese sandwich, water to drink.

Dinner small bowl of pasta, water to drink.

As I look back at what I ate today ... not so good, not so good. I will have to do better. After my run I was 236.

Friday Nov 25

I was feeling pretty sluggish today - I have a long week set up for myself and it's looking like it's going to jsut get longer and longer. Which is ok; I am blessed with enough strength to make it through it in any event.

I got my kids delivered to school and got into my gym to get this done five rounds:

20 step ups with 10 lb dbs in each hand - height was at my knees.
10 hanging bent leg raises
20 feet up push ups
20 BW squats

My butt is going ot be pretty sore tomorrow. I did look at an econo prowler, they are about 160 bucks; I feel as though I wasted the money I invested int he one I built and never repaired. Ah well, lesson learned.

I ate this today;

Breakfast: ham and poached eggs, water to drink.

snack; coffee on the way in

lunch: was pot luck at my work today. Meat balls, pizza ... heck I got a chance to try things I never normally do. Awesome

Dinner: small slice of left over pizza.

I went to bed early - about 10pm. I'm feeling this week.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wed and Thursday

Man, Wednesday. What a 24 hour period of absolute nuttiness, made crazier than usual by needing to stay networked with people, extra working and all kinds of other crapola.

Man, whoosh!

Didn't get to workout - had to get to work early. Made it there, then got get into my pile of a to do list that was waiting for me. Sheesh! After that, it was home to pick up two kids then off to my night shift. Eek. I finally got to bed about midnight - but should have gone to bed a lot earlier. I'm bushed today.

Wednesday, I ate well:

Breakfast: roast beef and eggs, water to drink

Snack: coffee on the way in

Lunch tuna on salad

Dinner: roast beef, veggie and salad wraps. Water to drink

Thursday, I woke up, got the kids to school and then got my workout in. I didn't have a lot of time (wow, really - what a surprise!) so I got a set of mats out and just started to move:

20 BW squats
15 bench flies (25 lb DBs used)
10 hanging knee tucks
20 push ups

Did five rounds and then had to get on with getting to work.

Ate this:

Breakfast: Belt at tim Hortons, coffee to drink

Snack tea

Lunch tuna sandwich, water, water and more water

Dinner ham from the slow cooker, veggies and water to drink.

I got a 4km run in, tonight. Felt pretty good after, but I'm ready for bed now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Nov 22

I just didn't feel like lifting today - I'm trying to get more running in and I'm feeling as though things in the gym are getting a little stagnant. That, and I looked at the weather for the next few days: it's not going to be pretty.

Ate this:

Breakfast: egg and roast beef. water to drink

Snack coffee on the way to work

Lunch tuna on salad, water to drink

Snack: cuppa tea

Dinner salad, rice and roast beef wrap, water to drink.

So, I ran today, a nice short one, which my wife was grateful for. I got home to a bit of a mess - got the youngest in the car and off they went to a doctor's appointment. I got to work and then just stayed busy the rest of the day. I got home, saw my wife out the door to pick up two of my children from school, then went out for an interview. After that, I got home, had a bite to eat and got the baby in bed, the girls in bed and then am just sitting here, pondering what the heck I did today.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Nov 21

OK, so ... yeah. I got my workout done this morning. It was kind of different being able to be loud for a change, as my youngest is now in daycare. I'm almost out of the woods, at least in terms of companies phoning me non-stop. I do, however, need nigh school next semester and something else to help bring in coin. Things are tight all over, but I need to think about paying the bills.

I watched a bit of the film "Warrior" today. Man, there's a scene in it, where the Science teacher character meets with his Principal and has bruises on his face. I mean, I've already done that in my teaching career, and I can't say that I would have been as nice to me as my boss was at the time. The dude in the film got suspended for fighting. Me ... I was playing rugby, but the point is made. There is another scene - the one that I had to stop watching so I could make it to work on time - in which the Science teacher character is asking to be trained for fighting by an old buddy. Synchronicity.

I got this done, though, for four rounds:

20 Zercher squats, 45 lb sand bag used
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks
20 kb swings (53 lb kb used)
10 ab roll outs
5 chin ups

After that, I got back into the house and I was alone. No little kid looking to be helped, diaper to be changed... it was nice. I miss him a lot, but it was nice to get work done instead of changing a diaper. I even got my lunch packed for the next few days, too.

I ate well, too:

Breakfast: roast beef and poached eggs, piece of bread, water

snack: coffee on the way in to work

Lunch Tuna on salad. Water to drink.

Dinner salad and roast beef wraps. With Srachi Sauce. That was tasty.

After nigh school ; nada

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday and sunday

So, I went for a run early Saturday morning. I have a few activities coming up that revolve around running and so, I was thinking I needed to run.

I checked my Nike+ account Sunday night after a second run ... and I was right disappointed with myself. less than 200kms run this year. At least with my iPhone. My account usually goes dormant during the rugby season; but it was dormant for almost the entire year. One of those resolution thingys, to be sure for 2012.

I mean, I worked out - a lot more this year than in other years - I just didn't run. I'm thinking that isn't a good thing.

In any case, I ran early Saturday morning, ate well until the annual Centaur's banquet. Then I ate awesome. Roast beef almost an inch thick. Roast pig with veggies... oh, it was awesome food.

Sunday I was not feeling well, surprise, surprise. I had coffee and water to try and get myself moving, but it wasn't until after church and a nap that I felt even decently able to move. I stretched a little, but mostly waited. Finally at about 9:30pm, got my run in for the day.

On with Monday.

Friday Nov 18

So, I spent the day off line, sort of, at a thing hosted by my employer. I was on Twitter - the dude at the front of the room had his twitter account on the big screen at the front of the room and I kept twittering so as to appear on the big screen.

More details on my Professional Development blog - email me for the URL.

After the show, I get back to my school and I see this:

for time:

30 chin ups,
60 push ups
90 BW squats

I'm down with that...

Too bad no one in my family would help out by going to bed on time. Meh, it's a dad's life, man.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Nov 17

Got out of bed still feeling sore from Tuesday. I knew I needed to do work today. Got this done for four rounds before my skills as a dad were needed:

20 zercher squats - 45-50 lb BTB used
20 TRX Body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks
20 KB swings (53 lb bell used)
10 ab roll outs

ate this today:

Breakfast: hamm and scrambled eggs, coffee to drink

Snack: coffee and water

Lunch: tuna on salad, water to drink

Snack: various snackables of low to non existant nutritional value. Water and or coffee

Dinner: chicken with rice. water to drink.

S'all good about that snack - wasn't very much, man.

Wed Nov 16

Man, I registered for the Spartan Race last night ... got the extra early price too. Still trying to get some of the characters from my rugby club to come along, but w/e.

I got into my garage this morning and just streched and did some mobility and static holds today. I am rather sore this morning from yesterday's workout. I did check weight and I was 237 today. Which is progress, I guess.

I ate this:

Breakfast: Tim Horton's belt ... 500 calories of yum. Coffee to drink.

Snack coffee

Lunch tuna sandwich .... slice of pizza and water

Dinner ham sandwich, mustard on rye bread.

After night school diet: nada

I got to work, set up my sched for the day and was promptly smacked in the head with this video:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tues November 15

Oh, man. I did a workout this morning that was pretty tough and long:

five rounds of;
20 zelcher squats, using BTB ~45-50 lbs
20 KB swings, 20 kilo bell used
10 trx body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks
15 bench flies - 30 lb db used
10 ab roll outs

took me about 35-40 minutes to get it done. I'm bushed. I tried to get a couple of shots of the last round, but my iPhone slipped. I got some nice pics of the ceiling of the gym instead... I'd like to get some sort of a tripod rigged up. Meh, I got a whole bunch of other things to worry about in the short term. Maybe this'll go on my wish list...

In any case, I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie - frozen mixed berries, milk and protein powder.


Lunch: tuna sandwich, water

Snack: more water

Dinner: pancakes with a little maple syrop with the family.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Nov 14

Normally, I hate Mondays. I think it's just the start of another long week of morbid lock step decent.

I am, of course, kidding. Mondays are usually the one day where people tend to leave me alone to get crap done that I avoided doing since Friday. Today, however, I got a chance to make some decisions in my life and a bit of clarity is always welcome. I step forward into a new paradyme.

I any case, while I was letting someone else do my work for me (seriously, don't take that the wrong way, they did my work voluntarily. I really think it would have been easier for me to do the work, but I digress) ... and I got this website emailed to me. Seems Demonbells are going to be the next big thing. Too bad that there is no shipping to addresses outside of the US for the time being...

Anyway, I had a guest training with me today:

I'm so blessed by this little guy, and his sisters, too. And their mother. Who else would put up with the likes of me?

Anyway, only had like 25 minutes to train today, and I got this done AMRAP:

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
20 KB swings (53 lb bell used)
20 mountain climbers/man makers
20 seated knee tucks

I think I did four rounds, if not then I got five rounds done. Either way I was pretty sweaty and felt good at the end of it. I had to go and be a dad after this.

Breakfast: nothing but coffee

Snack: water

Lunch: Tim Horton's lasagna. Coffee and bread.

Dinner: pasta and a small piece of garlic bread. Milk to drink.

After night school eating: nada

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friday Saturday and Sunday Nov 11-13

Well Friday was a back to work day. I felt marginally better after being puked on most of Thursday. However, it's all good.

Ate well, chose to not workout as I was still recovering from illness and got to bed early. It's been interesting, man

Saturday was a lot better - I got a bodyweight workout done as the sun set, which is about 4pm here, nowadays. Got this done for four rounds:

20 BW squats
20 seated knee tucks
20 push ups

Then I had to go be a dad.

On Sunday, ate ok - still not where I want to be with the diet, but whatever. Got to watching this, though and got inspired to workout:

Did this workout five rounds:

20 bw squats
20 feet up push ups
20 mountain climbers
single combative drills:

double leg attacks
bjj legs up
hip hikes
high hip hikes
Roger reversals
Roger pick ups

then I got the inch ropes around Roger and worked on my arm throws.

I was pretty sweaty at the end of this. I felt awesome.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday Nov 10

I hated this day.


I got nothing done, didn't eat well, and got barfed on.

Hated today.

Wed Nov 9

OK, I am still pretty sore - not sure from what ... might be a long rugby season, might be from the KB lifting yesterday or over the weekend ... might be the wear from doing extra work.... might be a piss poor diet.... I dunno. Just feeling sore.

Did get a workout in, though. Had to.

Did this for four rounds:

Indian club work - castings, rotations, "Other" ... both single and double handed exercises. Pretty cool.
20 BW Squats
20 seated knee tucks

lots of stretching before and after this workout. Like I say, not sure what is going on.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak wraps with veggies. Not just for lunch or dinner anymore... water to drink.

Snack: coffee on the way in.

Lunch I skipped this mean

Dinner: roast beef wraps. Water to drink.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tues Nov 8

Right ... I got this done today:

20 bw squats
20 push ups
20 kb swings
5 chin ups
10 ab roll outs

I did that workout four rounds, then did 2 minute goes on kettlebell snatches. I got 45 each side

I ate this:

B : bacon BELT and coffee

Snack water

Lunch tuna on salad, walnuts, too water to drink

Snack coffee to drink

Dinner bbq burger in a wrap, salad, water

All in all, nota bad day. I'd like to get my what I stick in my mouth under better control- today was a step in the right diection. More steps are needed.

On to Wednesday, the kookiest day of the week around here!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Nov 7

....and Monday rears it's ugly head. I got a letter from my old insurance agency on Friday, so I had to go into their Hamilton offices this morning ... which meant no Monday morning workout. Night school is on tonight, which also usually means no after work workout, either.

At least the way I was awoken this morning can bring a smile. My middle child tickled me awake at 6am .... I'd be upset, but it was pretty funny, man.

Ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and salad wrap, coffee to drink.

Snack coffee

Lunch:tuna sandwich

dinner: roast beef and salad in a wrap. Water to drink

After night school eatings:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Nov 6

Ugh, what a day.

This was a day I was looking for, but I really didn't know what to expect. To be frank, I was more than a smidgen disappointed. I went to the East York KB Club's Snatch event at Strengthbox. Always a great place to go, I really think quite highly of the place. Heck, I have almost all the same equipment they do, just a lot less knowledge.

And ... today showed me, I have a lot less ability with the kettlebell.

I didn't eat very well, I was woken up early and .. lot of stuff went wrong with the day. But, I gotta tell you ... 121 snatches in six minutes isn't what I was looking for. I was looking for a lot more than that, to be frank.

In any case, I will get better at doing this; I mean, where else can I go but up? Still it was a well run event, which ran on time - something which people don't think is important, but I feel is.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sat 5th november

Yeah, it's the day. Imma watch Natalie Portman help blow crap up tonight and set up a meeting to move my money out of a regular bank. Perhaps set up an investment portfolio or something like that.

I did a pretty long stretching workout today with all three of my children in the gym today. Lots of back and legs stretching, planks and ab work. My kids were busy putting stuff on the mats and just playing in general space with things. It was cool to have the little one do a few somersaults and laugh when he finished them. This was for about an hour, although the little guy lasted about half that before he got hungry.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef and veggies. Oh, this was good. Coffee and water to drink.

Lunch: tuna and salad wraps. Water and milk to drink.

Dinner: roast beef wrap with salad and veggies. Water to drink. Was aiight day for a diet, man. Tomorrow is the Kettlebell competition, so I need to keep clear of bad things. Watching some informational and inspirational videos online at the moment, trying hard not to think about the Cogeco bill I am going to get this month...

Friday Nov 4

I didn't get a morning workout in, as I had to get to work early. I got to work, said hello to the boss and retreated t my workspace.

I need to work on getting batter at technology, and I noticed a buddy currently in China was online, so I called him on Skype. ...and it worked! I can now say that I Skype with people (ok person) in another country.

I'm cool, my mom says so.

Anyway, I had to get to work so I stopped at a Tim Hortons for breakfast.

Breakfast: Egg and tomato on a bagel. Coffee to drink

Lunch Tim Horton's bowl of chilli, coffee to drink. Water after

Dinner Pizza. Meh, I know I this is not a great diet. I know that I am failing myself when I eat this crap.

After dinner walk to a bar and meet up with a work/rugby buddy for a pint. I did.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday Nov 3

This morning had to be a dad - my wife respected me enough to get her Dentist to open at 8am, so that I wouldn't be late for work. I missed my morning workout, but that's ok for a Thursday. I'm off for a run after school, I think.

ate this:

Breakfast: Salmon and eggs. Coffee and water to drink

Snack: coffee on the way in.

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich, lots of water

Dinner: Chicken breast and salad. Glass of red wine with it ... I know, shouldn't have done that, but I did.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wed Nov 2

Ah, yes ... Wednesday. It's the toughest day in my house, as I have my regular job and a night shift as well. My wife has a class and my father comes over to look after my kids. They get excited to see him and freak out .... and no one is really happy about any of that. Tonight, to top it all off, my oldest will be at the local church taking a class, too.

Makes for a day I'd rather skip, to be frank.

Anyways, I got this rather easy workout done today:

40 KB snatches
wrestling technique/drills

did that four rounds. Lots of stretching, man. Still tight and sore from rugby. Plus that, a little burnt out, if you must know.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Coffee to drink

Lunch Tuna sandwich, water to drink.

Dinner Pasta and a bit of left over lasagna. Meh, not the best meal, but it was edible. That, and full of carbs.

Post night shift:nada

Need to work, start including some gymnastics in my workouts, man. Might be the ticket to getting past the niggling injuries and stiffness I'm feeling...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Nov 1

OK, man ... November is usually the worst month of the year for people with my job. In the last few years, I've tried growing a moustache for Movember, writing a fifty thousand word novel for Nanowrimo and all kinds of fundraising stuff.

This year, I'm just going to keep moving forward.

I've got a lot on my plate this year, and the people around me are depending on me. I need to tuck in, use the tools I already have and take advantage of every opportunity given to me to just move the yardsticks a smidgen forward. Every bleeping day.

Right, I felt like crap this morning, but I knew that i had to get a workout in before work. I got my ass into the gym and got this done for four rounds:

20 Kb snatches
stretching - mostly yoga poses and holds
20 BW squats
20 sitting knee tucks
20 push ups

by the end, I felt a crap load better than I did before the workout. I can't say I felt awesome, but I felt better.

I ate this:

Breakfast: sausage, egg and tomato on a bagel. Water then coffee to drink.

Snack: coffee at work.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich, veggies and water.

Dinner: lasagna and salad, water to drink.

Kids had a lot of candy from Halloween. We're giving a lot of it away.

Monday Oct 31

Yeah, Hallowe'en. Whatever.

I got this done for four rounds today:

7-10 tire squats (Still with lots of extra weight inside)
10 TRX body rows
20 feet up push ups
20 sitting knee tucks
15 dB flies (40 lbs used)
20 Kb snatches
30 second wall assisted hand stands

I got something done, if only to say that I got something done. Still sore from rugby on Saturday.

I ate this:

Breakfast: salmon and eggs, coffee and protein fruit smoothie to drink.

Lunch: tuna on salad, water to drink

Snack: water water an water

Dinner: chicken quesadilla with salad and water to drink.

After night school - a beer and then bed. I'm friggin' tired.

Random pic: