Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday June 27

These are kinda stressful days for me. I was kept in the dark about what I'm to do in July until the last minute, and no one likes that. As it turns out, I finish work two weeks before I'd like to. That's a fair amount of money.

Training and diet are still going on, just with added calories after training. Tuesday I had a drS appointment and got a referral for massages, which should help. Rugby and sprints as normal

Wednesday I took as a stretching and relaxing day

Thursday was early workout on the beach and rugby and sprinting after.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon June 25

Friday I had to facesome tough decisions. I might not be able to play rugby or do the Spartan. I was at the hospital for most of Friday night, sleeping poorly.

Glad to report my child was releases sat morning and I was able to make it to play rugby. We won, but I was not up to the usual standard.

Sun I stayed home and helped with my family.

Monday was a work day and I got a 4.4 k run im

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday June 21

Well, I got a 4.5 k run in on Wednesday ... and since then my life hasn't been very much fun. For the most part, this time of the year usually rocks, but not this year. I've got something ... I just don't know how to express it ... just wrong.

My professional and personal life are rocking out. I'm playing rugby really well. I like the way my body is heading - stronger and fitter each day. But I feel as though there is just something ... missing.

It was a hot one Wednesday. I usually put my headphones on and just glide through, but it was so hot, I fely every step, and it seemed to take longer. My thoughts are not my own while running in this heat,

Thursday was a nightmare. My smallest daughter in the hospital and me with her for the entire day. Well air conditioned and safe, just more than a little boring. Meh, I needed the rest, as my legs were really hurting.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday June 19

Holy snap it is hard to train when it's this hot out. Got to the beach today and got this done four rounds:

20 two handed swings
20 KB cleans
10 snatches
20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

Rugby training was hot, too. I was sweating as the balls kept falling and the coach got pissed and had us do the sprints. That was needed, but not really.

I did more sprints at the end of training, my usual of three rounds of this:

7 x 50m sprints
20 seated knee tucks
20 push ups
20 m bear crawl.

I was rather sweaty at the end of that, I'll admit. Lots of water running off of me. But, I will be keeping my spot on the team until I've done something stupid, then they'll take it away.

Monday June 18

Tough day - sore and cranky.

Got my 4.5 k run in, checked weight and was not impressed. Have to get my nutrition back under control.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 17

Friday was interesting in that I ate like a ginormus pig. Samosa, Timbits, salty and sugary stuff all around. And coffee. And pizza for dinner.

I did get a run and a rolling workout in, though. Felt a lot better after.

Saturday was a rugby day, and it was a four hour bus trip to, and a four hour trip back. The game was played well, though. I went through three of theor props and we had to go to depowered scrums for the last twenty or so minutes of the game. Shocking, really. I did get some feed back from my coach about how to keep moving forward: keep up the fitness and work on my hands. What that means is the ball handling/ passing. And the sprinting and other workouts, too.

Sunday I got up stupid early, so I did a sunrise stretching/recovery session in the park across the street. Oh, man is my butt sore. After that, I took a few Advil, with a hot bath, more stretching, too. When I went to my parents place for dinner, I borrowed a golf ball and did some rolling on my legs and feet. Ate like an idiot, though. Meh, back at it Monday. Need to get a pro to work on my legs this week, man.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday June 14

Ah, man. Thursdays. I was commenting to myself that this is the May of the week. Looking forward to a nice break, merely one or two things to get through before it.

Make the best of limited time and keep moving forward.

I was selected to play in the firsts this weekend, taking a bus for the four hour trip is a very good idea. I will miss my family and I will hope that my parents don't drive my wife batty.

I did this on the beach, by myself, for four rounds:

20 two handed swings (used the 30 lb and the 40 lb kb, depending on the round)
20 kb cleans each side
10 kb military press
20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

Felt good, and there was a soccer team of pleasant looking young women working out on the beach next to me. Sunny, giggling and sweating ... but I forget that this is a family friendly blog. I'll stop there.

After rugby training, I did my usual sprint workout for three rounds:
50m x 7 sprints
20 seated knee tucks
20m bear crawl.

I had a fellow prop come and do one and a half of the rounds with me, too. He stopped, as he was just coming back from injury and didn't want to overdo it. I was happy enough to have the company.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wed June 13

I got my run in early ... felt like I could have gone to the beach, but instead, just ran around my neighbourhood, as I did in January.

Meh, it was warmish... well, a lot warmer than in January, anyway.

I have not yet gotten my head around needing to get my lunch together ahead of time, but at least the roast beef and eggs for breakfast habit is seeing me through.

 I tried to take my daughters out for a run after dinner, but all I got was "sore legs" after three houses, and tears. I got a kilometer in and then made it to the front door. Disappointed with this approach. Got to be another way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday June 12

Felt good - went to bed late, though.

Meh, must be the time of year. Got this in for five rounds this morning:

10 one arms rows, 30 lb db used
20 feet up push ups
20 two handed kb swings
10 sledgehammer slams in the tire, each side
10 arm curls 15 lb dbs used
10 hanging knee tucks

I ate ok, but only at home, as my lunch has yet to make it out of the fridge at home.

After rugby training did this for three rounds:

50m sprints x 7
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks

Monday June 11

Whoosh, the day went by in a blur. Ate ok, but not great. Having some difficulty getting this week together.

Did a 4.something k run. Then some rolling/stretching in the sunshine.

Felt good with a walk with my kids after work.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday and Sunday June 10

Saturday was a Rugby day. Against a local rival. Which made it even sweeter, man. Hard not to get up for this game. We won, I think it was 38-29 ... I think the defense needs a bit of work. Humph, at least we learned how to move the ball against them. I helped win the ball against the head twice, stole ball in a few rucks, too.

As an example of how these people play rugby, in the middle of a ruck, I made a choice. I chose not to "ruck" a guy out of the way with my cleats. Instead I yelled at the guy just lying on the ground. As he got up, he punched me in the face. Typical for this club.

I made the entire game, outlasting three props in front of me. I was pretty sore at the end of the game, and took about 15 minutes to just stretch after the game. I hate that club so much, I left without going up to the bar for a beer.

Saturday night, I helped out my club, working the door at a pub downtown. One of the club sponsors is a security company, and they needed a few bodies. I was one of the bodies. I was really not interested in doing this, but I manned up and was shocked with the behavior of people who looked over 35. What a bunch of dorks.

In any case, I got to bed stupid late, and my family let me sleep in. They're awesome. I did some stretching with my children in the morning and went for a nice long walk with them in the afternoon.

They are awesome.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday June 8

I read this article about hill sprints today ... seems a running start is less stressful on your joints than starting from a full stop. This, I know...

I did a pretty easy Kb workout this morning, just to break up the stuff in my legs and backside from last night's rugby. Man, used a 12 kilo bell and even that felt heavy.

Did three rounds of this:

20 Kb two handed swings
10 KB bottoms up presses for each arm
10 Kb snatches
20 Kb "tornadoes" - (two handed kb swing to release to two handed overhead press)
10 circles H2H

The last one was just for my lower back ... It's a little tender at the moment, but should be good to go for tomorrow.

Thursday June 7

I went back to the beach today - working out on the beach is just the coolest thing, not sure why. It was early, so the sun wasn't all that hot, the waves were low and there wasn't anyone around except for the guy grooming the sand and the other guy I'm working out with for the time being.

I gothis done for four rounds:

20 KB two handed swings (40 lb bell used throughout)
20 Kb cleans each side
10 KB overhead presses
 20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

I ate well, too:

Breakfast : steak and egg

Lunch: water, almonds, peppers and tuna. Water, too

Dinner: Steak sandwich and soup. Water to drink.

After training, I had a handful of almonds. I almost have that diet from this part of the day cleaned up. Just a few more weeks and I should be good to go for 200 by Sept.

After my rugby training (which, since there was no first team game and no coach today was fairly lame, to be frank), I got this done for three rounds:

50 m sprint x 7
20 push ups (several variations)
20 seated knee tucks
 20 m bear crawl.

I spoke to the "ahem" ... "young man"  who poked my hurt shoulder on Saturday about the fact I didn't like it. Seems I should forgive him as he was hammered and didn't recall doing it and that I was a baby and should suck it up. for whatever reason, not sure I'm happy about that response. I've already wasted enough time writing this blog post about it. I'm moving on.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday June 6

Going to be a brief one: did a 4.5 k run, just as an "active rest day" ... lots of foam rolling, then off to work, which I have to admit is taking a bit of my mind away from this blog at the moment.

Tuesday June 5

Got a workout in at the beach this morning with one of the guys I used to coach. It was a pretty laid back workout, but it'll get better as we keep it up.

the usual:

20 two handed swings (40 lb bell used throughout)
20 KB cleans
20 kb overhead presses
20 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups (or some variation)

Felt good, also did three rounds of this after 90 minute rugby session:

50 m sprints x 7
20 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
20 m bear crawl

Felt good.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday June 4

I saw this today:

Makes me want to get out there and just do it now ... that and a few of my facebook friends also have some of their pics up from Ottawa. I'm really looking forward to it.

 I did this four rounds today - cut it short as I was running late and it was getting cold, too.

20 KB swings
20 KB cleans
20 KB push presses
20 feet up push ups
20 BW squats
 10 ab roll outs.

Ate well, too:
Breakfast: roast beef and eggs, water to drink, coffee on the way in to work

 Lunch: ... i think I skipped it, as I was so busy

 Dinner: pizza ... meh, it was free as a part of an Union thing I had at work.

 I was getting ready for an evening run, but called it off, as it was raining like a piece of crap outside.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday Saturday and Sunday June 3

I guess this is becoming somewhat of a bad habit for me. Hmmm ... I need to start to make time for my blogging on the the weekend. It's just not cool to not keep this space going the way it should.

Friday was a light day - I had to finish off a few silly projects in my gym. I did three rounds of:

20 BW squats
20 Two handed swings
20 feet up push ups
20 Hanging knee tucks

Nothing severe, just enough to finish off a morning.

Saturday was a late rugby day - my kick off was at 4:30pm. The club we played against brought three men's teams and a women's team that day. Thirds kicked off at noon, the women' kicked off at 1:30, the seconds started at 3pm and then ... my game started at 4:30. I was pretty stoked to be selected for the first xv the second weekend in a row. I did fairly well, I guess. When I got replaced at about minute 65, I wasn't tired ... I mean I was tired, but I'm pretty sure I could have  kept going at a fairly high level of intensity. I wasn't exhausted from the effort- although that got me to thinking that I hadn't played well. The coach said I was "awesome" att he end of the game, but I'm not feeling it. As long as he's happy, though, I'm happy. Finally, I think I only got one penalty. At least I think it was only one. I could be wrong about that.

I do need to eat better than I did before this game. I had pizza and fruit. And the pizza had spicy meat on it, so I was tasting it during the game. I hate that. Next time, lots of fruit and more water. This game was cool, even rainy. If it had been hotter, I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much.

After I was replaced and after the game, I took some time to stretch and get myself ready to go home. I had the club idiot some and grab/massage roughly my right shoulder as I was listening to the speeches in the clubhouse. Rather than doing something I'd regret, I asked him to stop in a loud firm voice, then walked away. What kind of a rugby club member does that?

Sunday I got up stupid early - like 5:30am early. I was rather sore, so I got my stretching done. Ankles, legs, hips, quads, shoulders ... neck. Oh, neck. 42 year old necks need a lots of stretching after a rugby game. No, I did not go out - one of my teammates is going to Australia with a wife to be, and I missed the party. Meh, I got three kids that need their dad.  It would have been nice to go out and be stupid, but I just can't afford the time, the calories or the money.

I took a day off the diet ... well, another day off of the diet and just ate whatever. It ended up being an ok day as far as a diet went, with chicken with a salad for dinner. Lots of coffee though. It was chilly after my morning stretch. Monday awaits...