Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday June 7

I went back to the beach today - working out on the beach is just the coolest thing, not sure why. It was early, so the sun wasn't all that hot, the waves were low and there wasn't anyone around except for the guy grooming the sand and the other guy I'm working out with for the time being.

I gothis done for four rounds:

20 KB two handed swings (40 lb bell used throughout)
20 Kb cleans each side
10 KB overhead presses
 20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

I ate well, too:

Breakfast : steak and egg

Lunch: water, almonds, peppers and tuna. Water, too

Dinner: Steak sandwich and soup. Water to drink.

After training, I had a handful of almonds. I almost have that diet from this part of the day cleaned up. Just a few more weeks and I should be good to go for 200 by Sept.

After my rugby training (which, since there was no first team game and no coach today was fairly lame, to be frank), I got this done for three rounds:

50 m sprint x 7
20 push ups (several variations)
20 seated knee tucks
 20 m bear crawl.

I spoke to the "ahem" ... "young man"  who poked my hurt shoulder on Saturday about the fact I didn't like it. Seems I should forgive him as he was hammered and didn't recall doing it and that I was a baby and should suck it up. for whatever reason, not sure I'm happy about that response. I've already wasted enough time writing this blog post about it. I'm moving on.

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