Monday, July 10, 2017

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jul 9

Friday was the usual, a morning walk with a morning stretching session. It was also a date night - after a long drive to and from work got the youngest down in time and went for a pool walk with my wife.

Ugh, the mobility work was very much needed.

Saturday was a rugby day, of course. I'm playing for my club's third XV at the moment and it's very frustrating. I hate showing up to a nearby away game to find out most of the guys who were committed to coming just didn't come. I'm not used to that level of non-commitment, and it's just sad.

Ah well, I did the line outs, helped someone else get better at line outs, too. I also scrummed hard and tried to help the team as much as possible. I didn't stay for the meal after, as I just thought it more important to stay married than argue the finer points of rugby.

I got home and did some recovery work.

Sunday was a recovery day, too. I ended up taking my wife and youngest for a long session in the pool. Ah, it was nice and sunny but a little chilly, if you can believe that. We stayed in the hot tub and went for a slide or two in the inside pool. My legs and hips got stretched out, too.

Nutrition improved with a home cooked meal, for a change, too. Time heals all wounds, including those made of stress.

Wed July 5 and Thursday July 6

Wednesday was kind of cool.

I'm working in Barrie this summer, so I decided to try out a Kettlebell gym there. Had a great mobility session and asked what sort of arrangement could be made for me to work out there for the rest of my summer. It didn't work out, I'm somewhat sad to report.

Meh, I'd rather get back to civilisation anyway.

So a great mobs session after a morning walk and stretching session.

Thursday was a morning walk, with an evening rugby training session. After that, I got home to a child who was still up and annoying their parents.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Saturday July 1 to Tuesday July 4

Lots of things going on, some real switches to the good and real switches to the bad.

Some real self-analysis needs to be done in the short term - focus on nutrition needs to be done for July, as June was horrible for that.

Training switched on, now that daily day care concerns are taken care of for July.

I got to a Wrestling session on Monday morning, which I thought was a nice start. I got to Rugby, too.

I did start the new contract on Tuesday, too. Had to use a Dell product for a few hours, but I recovered.

Monday to Friday June 30

This week was another one in which I held on with fingernails and not much else.

I got through it with some morning stretching and some evening walks in the pool. I do have a contract for the next five weeks, so at least money won't be an issue. I even got to rugby training on Tuesday and Thursday for the first time this season.

What a shame, really.

Some extra fitness for myself those two days, but my knees and hips are hurting.

Meh, June is done.

Sunday June 25

Today was the annual Fire Drill workout.

I post this as an example of what it looked like:

Yeah, it was pretty cool. At least it was until the rain started to fall. Meh, all good.

Wednesday June 21 to Saturday June 24

These were all days of stretching in the morning and praying that my son would last the day at school. The prayers were rarely answered. I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but even though nothing huge is happening for a six-year-old, he's just really amped up.

Thursday was supposed to have been a rugby night, but was not, as I was needed at home to help my son.

At least all of these mornings, I was able to stretch and roll and get myself ready for the day.