Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Oct 31

No surprisingly, I got a lot of stuff to do today. I'm working out after a light breakfast of coffee. I did do a Timmy Ho's run for my family this morning, and checked the bank balance for groceries later; I'm good for this week.

I got home, stepped into my garage (it's a nice place for thinking and working, man) and planned out my day. First thing was to get the laundry list of crap started. Second thing was to check if ZEE had posted the workouts for November online yet. He hasn't. Last month was early, this one ... who knows.

Did a bit of poking around on the USC website, saw this:

Looks quick and dirty. I'll get this done in my workout today.

And .... saw this:

Just as an something that should get me off of my ass and getting it into a higher gear.

Did this workout:

Skipping and light Indian club work to warm up

four rounds of the following:

150 feet 72/53 lb KB farmers walk
10 slam balls (I brokeded it!)
10 36inch vertical jump
6-8 sandbag lift and squats (around 100 pounds)

three rounds of the following (wearing a 40 pound backpack)
10 step ups on the tire
10 sledge hammers (each side)

ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee

lunch: smoothie with some protein shake powder mixed in. Was pretty filling.

snack: water

Dinner steak with veggies and a serving of apple crisp.

snack: one small bag of doritos, stolen from my child's pile of goodies. I'm going to ask my wife to hide them tomorrow.

Saturday Oct 30

Sorry about this one being late - it was a long day and I crashed early.

Diet went sort of sideways; there are small victories and small losses today. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: Belt from timmy Ho's. Was just too easy. Tomorrow I will do better. Coffee to drink.

Snack: water with some carrots.

Lunch: Roast beef wrap while on the phone with my training buddy.

Dinner; small slice of pizza with a large salad. Water and beer to drink.

I didn't have a lot of time to train today, so I did what I could. I did this workout:

15 minutes of constant motion.
Set the timer on the iPhone for 15 minutes, put the tunes on and kept moving.
one song of KB swings, halos, snatches, cleans
one song of Indian clubs swings, casts and whatever else.
one song of sledgehammering the tire while wearing the 40 lb backpack.
one song of step ups onto the same tire, wearing the same backpack.

Went in the house to shower and for dinner, got the kids to bed then went back out into the garage and did another 20 or so minutes of low level club work. Enough to make it so that the next day, I'll want to keep both shoulders warm.

I had a "to do" list that got done today: lots of stuff around the baby's room. I've got six cartons of clothes to be donated to my sister in law's hospital, now. Vacuumed and almost ready for baby. Need the crib to be put together... and my dad is coming over Sunday to do that. Seriously, I was in constant motion Saturday, getting stuff done. Piano lessons, moving boxes, vacuuming, putting together the Indian clubs, church, getting the house ready for my parent's Halloween visit and for the baby's arrival. No time for training - so I did what I could.

Diet could have been worse, could have been better. I know that. Will work on it for tomorrow and next weekend.

As I was driving to work on Friday, listened to Craig Ballentyne's interview with ... um .. some guy .... about your social network. Seems that people that you know affect your health. People in your network ALSO affect your health. People that your friends know, but that you DON'T know ... will affect your health. As I was listening, I thought about my Thursday nights at the rugby club: those are the times and people that most affect my health at the moment: I need to find healthier choices than those there.

I also learned how to take youtube videos and turn them into MP3 and MP4 files to play on iTunes. Friggin' awesome. Now I got this Versus video on my Macbook and on my iPod:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Oct 29

Man, this was a loong day ..... how loong? a two "oo" day. Man.

I didn't get a workout in, which is my fault. I should have planned ahead, but life gets in the way sometimes. I will make up for it. I'll explain as I go:

Breakfast: roast beef wrap, on the go to get my kids to school. Portable deliciousness.

snack: coffee

Lunch: the usual: salad, tuna with hummus, carrots, green pepper, almonds and water.

Snack: water to drink

Dinner: sirloin burger from Swiss Chalet. Lower fat than the usual burger (still not awesome, but better than other choices) Next time, I get the oven roasted chicken. Looked better anyway. I had the side salad, but I was horribly tempted by french fries and onion rings. Didn't eat any, but man... they smelled friggin' awesome. Hard to resist when they are in your own friggin' house. Can you get fat from smelling fatty foods?

I didn't get a workout this morning as I was needed by my wife to get stuff moved around the house for her. I got the bed set up for Saturday, moved boxes and drove stuff to the Salvation Army drop off box. I know it was a pain to do - but it needed done. I was off to work, with more stuff out of my home office and left at my work office. I needed it out of my home office.

Later, after dinner, read with my kids, got them and my wife to bed (she's so beautiful as pregnant as she is) ... then went to a pub called Filty McNasty's to help a buddy with putting together his applications to various Faculties of Education. Sat for about 90 minutes with his applications, watching him scarf down more french fries and huge calories. Ugh. That was hard; but I knew better than to eat them. I broke down and drank two pints of beer, but that was it.

I did plan tomorrow for myself: I'm waking up, getting my ladies their Tim Hortons and then doing my full body workout in the garage/gym. I have the rest of the day planned for me already. Funny how the baby, although not even born yet, has taken over my life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Oct 28

This was an early day - as mentioned yesterday, I went to bed EARLY, like "before my kids were asleep" early. I got them into bed, then lay down. I got around 9 hours of sleep, and my body got my up at 5:30am. Yes, that is NOT a typo. That is absolutely correct. Frightening almost. I felt awesome.

I got up, cleaned and did some reading online. Got the kids' lunches ready - veggies and sandwiches for the day. Got my stuff ready, then woke them up. Got them to school, came home and did this workout:

four rounds of:

1A) 6 -7 Chin ups (still assisted, but getting easier)
1B) 10 inclined push ups
2) 5 sets of 3 Tire Flips (total 75 tire flips)
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 120'
3B)15 Man makers
10 tricep dips
10 TRX Lunges (both legs)
10 TRX rows
15 BW Squats
3C)an Ab exercise (depended what I felt like during that round)

Holy crap, I even SHAVED. (I just felt my face to confirm that.)

At work, I discovered (or, well, opened the fridge at work and recalled) that I needed some stuff for my lunches. Went to Organic Garage, near my work to stock up. Nine dollars later, I had the salad basics, organic apples and organic jalapino hummus for the rest of this week and next. I forgot to look at salad dressings, but as luck would have it, a leaf eating co-worker has their own salad dressing bottle in the work fridge and I took a look at what it was. It was this, which looks deceptively easy to use and learn from. Might also explain why she's single, but what ever.

To eat:

Breakfast smoothie; frozen berries, OJ, GJ, green goo with flax. Blended (Need pics for this ... before and after) Maybe later.


Lunch : salad, tuna, carrots, green pepper, jalapino hummus with water to drink.


Dinner: roast beef and veggies before training.

After training I got the heck outta dodge and got my butt home and watched CSI:LV with my wife. What a silly show. W/e.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Oct 27

I'm sorry to say that I will not be playing rugby v the Canadian Army team, if only because this is my wife's night class. I was hoping she'd not be in the right mood to go; alas, she wants to go. So, no rugby for me tonight. This also puts me in a bit of a bind, as I didn't work out in the morning. My house was a pig sty and had to get it ready for the baby. Drop the kids off and clean - it's like I'm a house wife with a set.

Anyway, this is what I ate:

Breakfast : an egg wrap - pretty light on the calories, as we only had two eggs.

Lunch: The usual tuna on salad, carrots, green peppers, hummus, almonds and water to drink.

Dinner was two chicken breasts wraps, water to drink with hummus and veggies.

I'm fighting something off, so I am going to bed, waaay early.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Oct 26

I got a fair amount of sleep last night - went to be about 11, up at 6am. Sevn hours isn’t awesome, but it’s better than I’ve gotten recently. Gotta keep on top of that.

I was spending some time cleaning up my emails, and came across this article about cleaning up your weekend diet, that is not being an idiot when Friday comes around. I got a chance to glance through it - some really good ideas about how to keep yourself on track with your diet come Friday. It basically comes down to "thinking ahead". Which, I'm sorry to say, is beyond me at the moment.

In reality, I’m just glad that rugby season is almost over. Being in that clubhouse just seems to be such a trigger mechanism for me. I’m thinking this Thursday, after training, I get home instead of hanging out there. There’s really nothing there for me that would help me get on with this goal.

What a cool video .... umma gunna try that some time this week - slamming the crap out of one of the kettlebells sounds flipping awesome.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie, the regular. Grapefruit juice, green smoothie stuff, flax, lots of frozen fruit.

Lunch: salad with tuna. I’m liking this, seriously. It’s good. Carrots and pepper with hummus, some almonds with water to drink.

Water throughout the day.

Dinner: small bowl of pasta with a chicken breast, with a side salad. Smoothie that I shared with my kids (see above) for dessert.

After my kids and wife are in bed, I’m heading off to Rona to get a rugby buddy of mine to hold my hand as we walk around his store (he works there) and pick up all the stuff for the DIY Indian clubs. Why waste time doing this? Why not? I’ve never had Indian clubs, this will be dirt cheap and might help me get towards my goal.

Speaking of goals, I forgot about my workout for the day:

Four rounds of each after a warm up of skipping and KB "round the worlds":

10 KB OH snatches 30 lb KB
10 sandbag cleans and squats
5-7 chin ups
8 TRX rows
8 TRX reverse lunges (each side)

I’m back after the trip to Grimsby's Rona was in need of something to do, so I did a calibration run for my iPod nano. Hopefully it’ll record the next run properly. I’m hoping it’ll be Friday, as tomorrow, I might get a rugby game in, playing a bunch of officers from the Canadian Armed Forces. That, my friends, would be a cool game to get into.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Oct 25

I started working on this post this morning, and so it might come out a little disjointed. I read this article about a dad in Toronto sharing nine things he learned while getting through the Orlando RKC last week. Seems interesting.

I worked out after dropping the two girls off at school - it was the only way to get at least one workout in today. I may get a run in after everyone else is in bed, but I’m not going to risk it. Not on a day like today is shaping up to be. I still am not getting enough sleep.

Before the training, I put together a rather cool sandbag for myself. It is a former backpack/ beer cooler I bought about a year ago for a buck. I put a 40 kilo bag of sand in it, and used it as a part of the training I did today. I'll get pics done sometime this week. After the training, I went and secured the extension cord to the wall, so that it’s a bit safer- dangling cords cause accidents.

I moved stuff around a little, too. I put my kids’ stretching mats in the garage, as I know they won’t miss them and I can use them for after training stretches in the winter. Damn, that concrete gets chilly. Even though my Vibrams, I could feel the chill on my feet.

Did four rounds of this today:

1A) Chin ups (glad to report these are getting easier)
1B) 15 feet up push ups.
2) sets of 15 Tire Flips
2B) sand bag grab and lifts
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 150'
3B) 15 man makers
3C) 10 TRX atomic crunches

I got this done in under an hour - likely 45 minutes. I was friggin' beat. Felt good, though. Started with the sunlight not good enough to light up the room, finished in daylight. Pretty damn cool, you ask me.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie (frozen berries, green goo, Grape fruit juice, flax seed)

After training: water

Lunch: salad with tuna, almonds, carrots with hummus. Prunes. Water to drink. I needed a coffee, I was falling asleep. I didn't get a chance to finish it, as stuff just blew up in my face at work. Meh, this is what happens when I do a shift change.

Dinner was chicken and rice in a wrap with a nice salad. Water to drink.

After dinner, I went to vote for the local municipal elections. Two of my guys won. And we got rid of a real jerk, too. Pretty happy about that.

I was watching the results come in on the webpage, and was burning a hole in my floor, digging my toes in, so I decided to go for a run. I mapped it out - it was 5.5kms, but the iPod said the distance was 4.7 kms. Gunna have to fix that, for sure. I'll believe GPS systems over the iPod anyday. Gunna get that working ASAP.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day - nothing beats picking up your five year old and the first thing she whispers to you is "I missed you today, daddy." Friggin' awesome. I know memories like that are few and far between, man, and I'm just living in that moment for a while. Peace.

Sunday Oct 24

Ok, today was a bit of a write off - totally busy, no time for me at all today, but I made some time for me and took it.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: coffee after church, end of the roast beef as a wrap.

Lunch was some grapefruit juice. I'm thinking I'm missing something there.

Dinner was a gorge fest at Tucker's Market. It's decent food, but I ate too much. I had a beef taco, some roast beef with veggies, apple crisp for dessert with a large beer to drink. Too many calories. and it was too expensive, too.

Anyway, the day was packed with places to go and people to see. After church, we got home and I looked at the paper whistfully. Alas, it was not to be, as I had to get my daughters off to a field to meet with my old Wrestling buddies and pick a set of pumpkins. My wife stayed on the couch and let the baby in her belly grow. We left quite quickly to get to swimming, then home to get my wife out of the house. We went for a drive, then a shirt walk on the beach in Burlington.

I got the kids in bed, chatted with my wife for a while, then left to do the weekly grocery list. Before I got to the store, went for a forty minute walk. I had to do it - there was no other time. In any case, while I walked, I worked on my Nanowrimo novel. I'm pretty sure I know where it is going.

I got an email today from this wrestling mat company; it's rather cheap to buy a home training mat, man. Resilite sells home mats, too. That would be so cool. My own wrestling mat in the garage. Talk about friggin awesome. It's on my watch list on eBay... might be a Christmas present .... 85 bucks for a 6 by 4 feet 2 inch thick mat. Hmmm might have to measure out my garage, see what would fit.

On to Monday - my shift changes for the next six weeks, so I will be training at home in the morning until the first week of December. This should help getting two training sessions a day in once or twice a week - wrestling should start and rugby should end. Which should help keep me focus on training and getting ready.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fri and Sat Oct 22 and 23

It's not me, it's Blogger that has prevented me from posting this until now. Something odd is going on, and I will be trying out WordPress for my next few blogs. I do have one set up already, but I won't link it here, at least not quite yet.

I woke up Friday with a bad ... something. I know the cynical part of me wants to call it a hangover, but I really don't think it was that. I didn't sleep well, at all. Yes, I drank beer on Thursday night, but not that much. Seriously, I didn't. Something else is up.

I ate this on Friday:

Breakfast: smoothie of frozen berries, OJ and green goo. coffee at work with two bagels and cream cheese while a meeting went on.

Lunch water

Dinner: chicken, rice and veggies. a beer to drink. I was still sore from training on thursday and cranky from a lousy day at work. I just plain forgot to eat and so was just an ass all day. Went to bed late, too.

Saturday, woke up early, got busy on my house. Cleaned my basement, my bedroom, got rid of some clothes, the hallway into my garage (which was pissing me off) five loads of laundry and I showed my eldest child how to make a playlist on iTunes. Then, took my youngest to her piano lessons, had a nap and then went and played a game of rugby.

Breakfast was a timmy ho's BELT and a coffee.

Luch was two roast beef wraps and some grapefruit juice.

Lots of water to drink

Dinner was three slices of pizza and a whole bunch of beer.

I will be going to my local watering hole to watch UFC 6005 (or whatever number it is now) and will be having a pint or two and something cool to eat. Hopefully I'll get a seat. M'eh, w/e.

Anyway, the reason I was pulled off early was a rather wicked burner/ stinger down my right arm. Same one I've gotten before - the one that I had traction for at Mac, a few therapy sessions at UofT and UNB ... this is no surprise to me. They friggin hurt for a few minutes, and then are done. But today's was unreal. The right trap, the right bicep and tricep and the thumb and next two fingers all contracted at the same time. It was as though I had a claw for a few minutes. Very painful.

Could I have continued? Sure, I think I could have. Did i? Nope - got pulled by the coach. We were ahead by a mile, and it was a game that we wanted to put away. Fresh legs and all that. Neck is stiff, as are my arms and legs. Pizza and beer might not be the best recovery, but I'm pretty laid back.

As I was off, one of the kids I coached at u16 level told me that he was going to wrestle for his high school he asked me to contact the school to arrange a clinic. I said I would - always looking out for the little dudes.

I'm pretty sure this week has been one of the worst ones so far for my diet and training, but that is life. I will make a come back tomorrow and on to the future. If everything was easy, I'd still be weighing 185 with a set of abs to rival Markie Mark in the 80's.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Oct 21

I set today up to be a cheat day - well, actually, a cheat night.

I ate this:

Breakfast was a smoothie: frozen berries, GF and green goo juice and flax seed. Coffee on my way in.

Lunch was early: the usual tuna on salad with peppers and hummus. Almonds and water to drink.

Snack was more almonds

Dinner was two slices of pizza before rugby training

snack after training was two slices of pizza with beers. Too many calories.

Most of training tonight was sprinting, with some contact near the end. The coach complained about the fitness of the players - but I didn't think it applied to me, as I have been working out daily. In any case, after the training session, I got to talk to and interview a few of my club mates to help me in for my Nanowrimo novel. Should be pretty damn funny.

What I need is a place that has a decent scale, so I can learn what I have been able to do for my weight. I know I need to clamp down on the extra carbs. I know I need to be a better eater - it will happen. I know I need to be more strict ... but I thought I had more time before I went on "bunny food" ... uuughh. Six months? uggh ..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wed oct 20

I'm doing this quickly, as I am feeling a cold coming on and I want to get back to bed. I tried doing this with the iPhone, but just lot patience with the wireless in my house. I need to get the wireless working better upstairs for just such occasions.

This was a decent day - routine was good, but still need more sleep.

I ate this:

Breakfast was a roast beef wrap. Simply awesome.

Snack was almonds and water

Lunch was a photocopy of yesterday: Salad, lemon and pepper tuna, salad dressing, almonds, carrots, hummus and green peppers. Water to drink.

Dinner was more roast beef, a beer to drink and a piece of left over BD cake.

I had to run errands after that, but I also got to look at Home Depot. I'm thinking I get back to Rona this week and pick up stuff for Indian clubs there. Seems counter to prevailing logic, but Rona makes it easier to find stuff.

Workout after work was this:

Warm up light KB and skipping rope

Four rounds of:
1A) Military Press:30/40 then 40/50lb KB (first singles, last three doubles)
1B) 6 chin ups
2A) feet up push ups - on old tire with sandbags, too 10, 10, 10, 15
2B) KB see saw rows 4 x 10

3) 10 Minutes x Max Rounds
med ball slam x 10
B) KB farmer walks 6 rounds of the garage, 40 and 50 lb KB
C) TRX Ring Push Ups x 10
D) TRX recline rows x 10

(finished four rounds in ten minutes. I was gassed. Then I went to pick up my girls. I felt good, man. Still, now at the end of the day, I didn't want to get out of bed to come and do this post, but I did it. I need a good night's sleep. And more water.

Did fair amount of prep for next week today. Need to get on the nitty and gritty tomorrow, do a crapload of stuff to finish this week in style.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tues Oct 19

Today went much better than yesterday even if my alarm was set for 4am.

I got up on time, ate well, worked out and did a good stretch, played with my kids, renewed my wife's plates ... all in all, was generally a good citizen and all around good guy.

Breakfast was a double egg wrap. With coffee on the way in.

Lunch was the usual; carrots and hummus, salad with tuna, almonds and water.

Dinner was chicken and rice, also with a salad. OJ to drink.

Water throughout the day. Forgot the multivitamin.

I did this workout, as I was feeling a little underwhelmed. I woke up with a sore throat, which is never a good sign. Felt achey all day - just wanted something simple:

Warm up - skipping, stretching

did four rounds of the following:

double KB clean and presses x10
TRX pull ups
TRX Glute Ham raises (also tried them on the tire, except my knee didn't like that)
(at least I think I did them properly ... I'll check for a youtube video...

nope, I did "Hip Presses" ... starts at 2:44 of this video:

what else did I do?
10 TRX push ups
10 TRX prone knee tucks

then ... i rested for a minute, then I tried doing "Long Cycle Clean and Jerk" for two minutes, twice.

The thrid round, I set myself up for three minutes and ...shut it down after three or four reps. I was friggin wiped. If I'm going to do the Toronto KB club event at the end of November, I'd better get my act together, man.

But, for the two, two minute attempts, I got 13 and 12 on each attempt. Do the math - that's not bad for a bench mark. We'll give it a go again on Sunday, after rugby.

As far as researching, got a pretty cool website from the dude in Hamilton for DIY Indian Clubs, and I'm thinking that they're cheap enough to try to make. Meh, why not? I'm also going to look into a big army bag for GR restarts. And... I got a roast beef in for breakfast and lunch in the slow cooker right now. Should be unreal tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Oct 18

I had a hard time getting back the time I lost this morning. There was some sort of power outage at my house last night and knocked out my alarm clock; I got out of bed at 7am. Yes, 7am. I should have been out of bed an hour earlier. Needless to say that affected the rest of my day.

I love my family - they were awesome this morning, getting the day started with a shotgun blast and letting me get to work, almost on time. Technically late by 8:05am, I did call my boss who was mildly amused. I got to work at 8:10, with no breakfast, no coffee, nothing.

Although, I have to say that I listened to Mike McNeil's interview with Vic Magary during this frantic time. That was interesting. I had the iPod on shuffle, so the next file after that one was some sort of mental focus track from Erkert Tolle. Evidently I'm supposed to "Not offer any resistance to life." Yeah, that was rather puzzling, man. I drove home to pick up lunch, put dinner in the crock pot and then returned to work.

Anyway, for the record, here is what I ate:

Breakfast: (about 10am, really late, I know) tuna sandwich, carrots and celery

Lunch Tuna on Salad, almonds, carrots with spicy hummus.

Dinner: chicken breast, rice with a salad.

Snack: a smoothie: half a banana, frozen berries, flax seed, Green Goo, OJ. Blended.

Workout was four rounds of this:

1A) Assisted Chins sets of 6; easier with the help, I gotta tell you.
1B) inclined push ups - sets of 15
2) Tire Flip 5 x 3-4 reps
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 150'
3B) 4 tire hops and 5 slam balls
3C) 10 TRX atomic crunches

In this middle, I thought my grip was going to give out; not mu strongest thing about me, and so I am working on that. I was supposed to do some sprints at 3B), but it was crappy out and wanted to stay dry and healthy. Well, that's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

I got a few emails from a dude I know in Hamilton, one link was to Forest City Surplus. A cheap source of army duffel bags for sand bags/wrestling dummies. Cheap - like less than 20 bucks! I'm also going to go get the left over section of the telephone pole I've seen near my house for another guy - need to work on my karma, man.

I enjoy being a dad, I really do. I did get a little annoyed with some stuff I read about being forgotten by the history books. So many motivational speakers talk shit, as if being merely a father will somehow "leave me out of the history books". Well, big friggin deal. People aren't impressed with assholes, they just stand out for being assholes. Whatever. We do our own things, I get to live my life with my family, making with it what we will. I can't do that sitting on a couch getting fatter and more bitter. Too much of that stuff around already.

On a much lighter note, I also learned how to make my own ringtone, I also went to Rona and did some looking into making a dip station out of PVC pipe... I also played Scrabble with my wife ...and WON! (seriously, that doesn't happen very often, man). I finally recovered from the day .... just in time to go to bed.... ;)

just before I do, I'm thinking of something extra ... another race, perhaps. Or a race wearing a Santa Suit.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Oct 17

today was a pretty cool day. I got to sleep in, work out, meet with friends, eat birthday cake and generally have one of those days you want lots of pictures of, so that when you are old, you can think back to them.

That cool.

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast Breakfast BELT from Tim Hortons. 514 calories of joy. And coffee.

Lunch was pizza and juice at the BD party. Lots of water to drink.

Dinner was another two slices of left over pizza.

After writing this and getting groceries, I had some hummus and carrots.

I think that's it. Seriously. That's not a lot of calories, and I don't feel hungry. That's odd. Surely I've missed something. Hmmm

I did this workout before the BD party:

Warm up with KB and skipping

four rounds of this:
1) sets of 5 assisted chin ups
40 lb KB snatches

2) 10 vertical jumps
skipping rope for 60 seconds
10 KB OH presses

3) "pummeling" with a therapy ball. 2 minute goes x 2

I kept getting interrupted as it was my oldest child's birthday party today and we had to get going by the end of the workout. We were still ridiculously early for the party, man. Lots of fun - I'm now really tired. This week is going to be fairly laid back at work, and so I am looking forward to a productive week there and in my own training. Should be an "A" week.

I'm thinking I drop by KATA tomorrow to meet up with the coaches; talk to them about this year and ask what they are doing. I'm also going to make sure I send a dude who trains at Joslins a message, asking about training there, too.

I did read a few training articles today, the best of them was 10 BW exercises and subscribing to the Fit Rebel's Youtube page.

Then I read a blog about the current head of the Board for the local Catholic School Board. Nope, not going to link it here. Suffice it to say the blogger doesn't like the other dude. Move along, nothing to see here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Oct 16

I was woken up this morning at about 7am by a cuddling child and her fuzzy animal on my neck, trying to kiss me. How do you explain just how awesome that is to someone who has no kids?

Anyway, after that awesome start, there is no way I was going to have a crappy day.

Got up, did a Timmy Ho's run for the family, but I just got coffee. Next, I cleaned out the van, drove to my father in law's house and got a recliner for my wife. She's having difficulty lying down, so she thought this would help. I got the oil change done ... why? Isn't Saturday a rugby day? Well, yes it is, until the other club forfeits. So, I got my new tire, sledge and a few other toys and went to the club for a session.

That was pretty cool. Got four rounds of this workout done:

warm up

1)10 KB double clean and press (30 lb KBs)
10 slam ball slams
2) 4 tire flips, jump through to 10 push ups one way
4 tire flips 2 ab exercises
3) sledge hammer 10 reps, each side
10 KB snatches
4) 5m tire pull, flip 5m tire pull (four rounds)

Took about 45 minutes. I learned that flipping the tire on grass is a bit better for my fingers than flipping it on asphalt. Fingers are quite sore. My kids had a blast, too - running around and taking pics of their dad working out.

some stretching, nice beer as I watched the 8 guys who showed up, play touch. Now, say what you will, I got more out of my workout than I would have out of a game of touch rugby. Seriously.

Anyway, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: cold pizza - still gluten free, still better for me than a BELT from Tim Hortons. Coffee

Lunch: about half a bowl of Kraft Dinner. Water to drink

Dinner: Small pizza with 2 pints of beer, at Boston Pizza. It was a "good" way to recover from the workout.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Oct 15

Saw this:

I will have to try that second trick.

I also tried one of these today:

And it was rather freaking gross.

Other than that, I ate fairly well today, despite not feeling all that well:

Breakfast was a smoothie; frozen strawberries, juices and flax seed. Coffee on the way in.

Lunch was a chicken wrap at home with my wife, as she is on Mat leave now. Water to drink. I came home at lunch to grab my dad's old bike to take it to Chris Reed.

Dinner was two slices of gluten-free pizza. Not bad, really. I think I ate too much, as I was almost feeling it during the run I did tonight.

Snack was a small slice of pizza after the race. Meh, it was ok.

I thought the race went well, finished with a time of 28 minutes, which is not bad. I'm going to have to calibrate the Nike+ system, as it is stealing distance from me at the moment. One thing that races (and competitions) do is bring out weak points; hills, or at least hilly terrain, is my weakness. My normal route is really flat, and I'm going to want to get more hill training in before I do this race again. Lots of kids at the Creepy mile, some even did the entire 5k race. Future plans for me include a 10k race - but not for a while, yet. Lemme get down to 200lbs before that happens.

I've been burned twice now in trying to pick up race kit early. I'm going to do this again - perhaps in a month or two, perhaps longer, but pick up the kit just before the race.I got some nice shots with the iPhone, too.

I went to drop off the bike after work today, and Chris got into the van and we drove to a tire yard. It was messy and gross, but I picked out a pretty good tire for myself. I didn't take any pics, but I did get it back to Burlington, washed it and then into the garage without too many difficulties. (Note to self, bring pants to dry cleaners tomorrow...) I'm rather stoked to try the tire out, man. Should be at least interesting, if not downright friggin' cool. I'm going to have to shoot some video with the iPod, man.

I was seriously thinking about going out for a beer at BP, but since it is now waaaay past my bedtime, I am too tired to go. Isn't that cool? I am too lazy even to go get beer.

Anyway, I was not selected to start tomorrow, only sub. We'll see if that changes tomorrow. After the game is a costume party, too. I usually don't go to them, but this one I might. Wait, I also have my eldest girl's BD party the following day, so I'm thinking that I'm not going to want to show up hung over to that... Whoa, I'm getting almost clear headed in my old age.

All in all, though, this was a good day. Action taken, a race run and my kids were well fed in a warm house in a pleasant neighbourhood, with two loving parents. I'm grateful for all that any many other things in my life.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Oct 14

Oh, man, today was not a day that I really want to write about.

Breakfast was a smoothie, frozen strawberries, flax seed, grapefruit and orange juice. Simply awesome. Coffee at work.

Lunch: I drive to Organic Garage and bought some salad, a pepper as well as some hummus. S'all good. Deelish

Dinner was two ham sandwiches on brown bread I sucked down before getting my girls to gymnastics.

After I got home, I was hungry, and I can't say it was natural hunger, or that of a drunken person. I had four beers at the club, two vodka and GJ at home and am now eating almonds, chicken and steak wraps after training. Simply, they were calorically awesome.

Workout was an hour rugby training session under the lights at the dome beside my rugby club. I know that it is one of my triggers. I sat and drank beer as I talked about becoming a teacher in Ontario to a fellow Burl RFC dude. I shared a lot of my "Dark Period" shit with him; some rather dark/scary parts of my life I'd like to now count on as "shit that I'd rather not re-live, especially now that I have children depending on me."

I am so happy that I can be a beacon to others; that my piece of shit life, regardless of how some might see it, might get some away from places they don't want to be ... is an honour.

I tried to get the rest of my rugby club members to give a shit about the local elections to a great deal of derision.

Other than the workout at rugby, I was rather chill today. Life moves on, as it must.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wed Oct 13

You know, today was a good one, despite the start; I woke up late, which for me, was 6:30am. I had to fight form that point in time to the middle of the day. I got pounded with emails and had to get a form done from four people for work, found out about some election stuff (We have municipal elections on Oct 25 in this region of Ontario) and my union reps made the unusual decision to back some people this time.

With good cause, I might add.

I am a proud union member, and if you don't like that, that is OK. Let's not talk about it, 'K? If you are OK with that, we'll chat.

In any case, I stuffed this into my hole today:

Breakfast: Smoothie: Green goo, grapefruit juice, frozen strawberries and flax seed. Awesome. Coffee on the way in. (sometimes, I feel as though I should just click and paste yesterday's diet from Monday - Thursday)

No snack - got caught up with dealing with stuff. I'd comment, but this is a public website.

Lunch: No salad today, as I forgot the bad of salad at home. Tuna, carrots/peppers with hummus. Walnuts. Water to drink. Ran out of prunes, too. Had dates instead.

Dinner - the BBQ is propaneless for the moment, so I fried two quick fry steaks which I thought would be dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. I had to share with my family (d'oh!) and so had meat wraps with some salad and onion. They were yummy.

After dinner, had some screwdrivers. Also awesome.

I did four rounds of this workout today:

1A) Military Press: 2 rounds single, 2 rounds double KB
1B) chin ups - still cheating on these, but getting better
2A) 15 push ups, legs up
2B) KB see saw rows 4 x 6 - 8

3) 10 Minutes x Max Rounds

a)med ball slam
B) KB farmer walks (medium weight) x 150'
C) Ring Push Ups x 10
D) recline rows x 10

I had to get this done and move on to picking up my kids to get them to swimming. I got home, made the dinner and ran out the door, still sucking back the steak wrap. (it was seriously good, man)

At the end of the day, saw this, and will put this together on my 10 lb hex dumbbells

I made arrangements to get the bike dropped off in Toronto, and it seems I'll be meeting/pick up a tire the same day. The 5k Creepy run is the same night, so tomorrow is all about costume. Frankenstein, here I come....

Seriously, today was an awesome day, I feel great, got to joke around with my kids, help my wife out, talked to my mom on the phone (invited them to come for Hallowe'en), got some professional development set up - stuff is seriously in my corner. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tues Oct 12

Saw this:

Last week I was looking for a version of the Glute Ham Raise I could do at home. Leave it to Jason C Brown to figure it out for me and post a YouTube video for me...

I did four rounds of this workout today

1A) 5 Chin ups - which I'm finding hard, but since I'm just big, I'm dealing with it until I can do an honest, hardcore set. I just got my bar up a week or two ago...
1B) inclined push ups, 15 reps
2) tire flips 5 x 5 for speed
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 150' last two rounds with the 50 and 70lb KB
3Ab) 20 BW squats
3B) TRX prone rows 10
TRX push ups
3C) slam ball 10 overhead, 10 side to side, 10 TRX atomic pike position.

After four rounds, did some stand up with the green ball on the wall. I will be looking for some other way to get the restarts drilled this winter - I'm thinking a large punching bag, or army duffel bag stuffed with sand. Something a bit heavier than the current sand bag for the re-start lifts. I think the treadmill factory and/or UFC sells a bag that gets you the idea.

One thing I am noticing is that after dinner, I need a friggin nap. Well, not sure if I need one, but I'm taking one. Seriously, if I start another job (or my own company) at that time of day, I know I will miss the time with my family; these are times that I will lose, man. But if bills need to get paid, you do what you have to do.

This is my diet for the day:

Wait, before I get to that, last night, before I went to bed, I was so hungry, and I felt the need to go out and get beer. I stayed home and ate walnuts, carrots and OJ instead. Everything was "gurgling" today, but at least I stayed in the house and made a better choice.

Anyway, this is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Poached egg wrap with some ketchup and pepper. Coffee on the way to work.

Lunch: Salad/tuna carrots/ green pepper with hummus ... walnuts and water to drink. Seriously, I rather enjoy this lunch - it's something that requires little prep, is healthy and satisfies a lot of what I need. Pics if you want some.

Dinner: chicken, three onion rings (I had to, they were merely ok), salad and water to drink. Left over birthday cake. I'm throwing the rest out tonight. I'd be the only one that eats it - the pregnant lady I'm married to described it as "too sweet for her". No one else will miss it.

Right now, I am getting ready to do the weekly grocery run; it's a bit off, as the stores were closed Monday and Sunday I was getting back from a family Thanksgiving. Seriously, if I we're any happier at the moment, I think I'd be sh*ting rainbows or something.

I'd like to check my weight, but since I gave up my membership at the YMCA, I've lost the only scale for the moment. With any luck, I'll get rolling with a wrestling club and they'll have an accurate scale.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct 11

Got a couple of nagging things done today - but it was essentially a day off work where I had nothing to do, so I found stuff for me to do.

Getting the posters up in the garage's wall
Looking around my community to see if there were other, bigger tires for sale or free - saw a couple, got a couple of phone numbers to try, too.
Getting the hand cart ready to lift home the pole section (more on that later)
doing some work on my Nano novel
continuing to lock down a place to roll this winter
working out in my gym
found and took screen shots of the last three years of results in the GR event, too

I'm sure there are others that got done that I'm just not thinking about here, but there are some things I will do next, too.

Anyway, saw this, too

and I also saw this, too

In the end, this is the workout I did today:

4 rounds of :
10 one arm KB cleans,
30 BW squats,
10 KB snatches (30, 40, 50, cleans with 70)

2 rounds of tire sledging (got rather loud, so switched it) x 10
2 rounds of inverted push ups x 15

4 rounds of 150 feet farmers walk - last two rounds with 70 and 50lb KBs
4 rounds of slam ball overhead, side throw x 10 each side

4 rounds of TRX pull ups,
4 rounds of TRX elevated push ups

than, after that was done, did some wrestling with the green ball, 30 second goes x 2

this is what I ate today:

breakfast: coffee, poached eggs with a croissant.

snack: poached egg with ketchup

Lunch: sliced turkey with salad inside two wraps. It was pretty good.

Dinner: Pasta and meatballs. My wife cooked, what can I say.

So ... it was a productive Monday, without any sort of parents to blame or seeking for comfort...... ;)

I did try to get my ass up on the chin up bar, but my forearms and abs didn't like that at all. I'mma thinking they don't know who's in charge yet, so tomorrow I'mma gunna make sure I get at least five chin ups complete.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Oct 10

Another rather odd day - certainly not a day that followed any kind of schedule. I got my work done, got my family commitments done and had a bit of fun along the way.


Breakfast at Cora's after church:
Eggs, Toast, bacon, fruit and potatoes. Coffee to drink.

Snack: coffee

Lunch: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnip, water to drink. Birthday cake and coffee to drink.

I got home from this day and needed to chill, after all of the family stuff - had a two beers to chill out and kinda get some perspective on the whole thing. Got a chance to take some photos of the party, my kids, people I'm related to by marriage and the outdoors. I'm thinking I set up a Flickr account, as I am taking so many pics with my new iPhone. It's not a bad camera at all - at least for some shots.

This is the workout I did before going to the family thing:

warm up - swings, presses and cleans. Had a decent sweat going.
Four rounds of this:

KB high swings; (30 and 40 one arm swings, too)
KB presses (same weights)
walking lunges, with log overhead, forwards and backwards 10 m
slamball into the wall x10 times per set
TRX prone rows
TRX push ups

then, after that was done, did some GR re-starts and body throws with the log and the sandbag. To finish off, did some pummeling with a exercise ball squished into the wall. That was a decent effort at the end.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sat Oct 9

Today was a combo my eldest daughter's birthday and Canadian thanksgiving weekend all in one. I did the best I could with what I had.

I did get the garage more together and I did get a lot of time in with my family. I got some help to put together a medicine ball - actually three medicine balls, for my gym. My youngest put one together, which looks a little odd. Me, I think the basketball is going to be a good tool. I also went apple picking with them, had a nice long drive to see how the trees looked out in the wild. My birthday girl was pretty cool about stuff; it was a chill day, as her "real" party is going to be next week. Seriously, my family needs me like a penguin needs water. You have to think about that one, just as my family thinks about me.

I spoke to Peter B. today about wrestling, this blog and other stuff. I got a new iPhone and Telus won't let me take my 50 bucks from my last "Pay and Talk" phone into this contract I signed with them. So, I'll use my minutes, then sign up for the data plan. I also called Scott, my parents, my niece and thought about calling Reed to set up a meet up to get rid of the men's bike in my garage. I also got some prep done for my National Novel Writing Month novel's plot. I'm thinking that it is going to be an awesome thing, man. I am running a bit short on time to get the research done, but I'm pretty sure I know what I have to do. After that, I ran out of time, as I had to get back to get to my parents place.

I did not get as much sleep last night as I should have- for some strange reason, I wanted to watch the Segal movie "under siege". It was as crappy as I recall, and it kept me up until 3am. I'm serious, I thought I was an idiot, I just didn't think I was that far gone. I got up and started my day at 7:30am.

I ate this today:

Breakfast coffee and BELT from tim hortons. Seriously, it's good.

Snack was the last apple in the house.

Lunch was prepared by my lovely wife, so it was grilled cheese sandwiches. I had a salad, too. With some water to drink and a serving of apple crisp, too.

Snack was a coffee.

Dinner was crackers and cheese, turkey with some stuffing, mashed potatoes and coffee with pumpkin pie for dessert. I had two beers and a glass of wine with dinner.

Anyway, it has been an awesome time away from training today - but after church tomorrow, I need to get some time in with my garage gym. Seriously.

Finally, I just read this poem, as I ran into it while watching a youtube clip from Coach Carter:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others

'nuff said.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Oct 8

This was a professional development day at my work - we were at the Marina in Oakville; a place I know quite well. Pretty cool to be inside the posh place, as opposed to being outside it.

Breakfast was a coffee and a BELT from Timmy Horton's. Yummy
Snack was coffee and Orange juice.
Lunch was a salmon salad sandwick, a salada and lots of veggies. Juice and water to drink. Coffee, too.
Dinner was ham wraps with salad and some salad dressing. water to drink.

not the best menu on the planet, but certainly not the worst one, either.

I spent the day with a high school Chaplain and motivational speaker. He was ok; I'd like to be able to email him some of the stuff I have been working on here and other places, but I'd feel odd. In any case, we had an exercise wherein I had to sit and talk to another employee and talk about some pretty personal stuff, as a request from that guy. I did get my head a bit more clear about stuff that had been nagging me; certainly I think I am a better person for having done some field work inside my head. I know that I am more clear about what should happen next - it is a matter of getting it done.

I got home at about 3pm and did the following session in my garage:

Warm up - one handed swings, snatches, bw squats, got a sweat going

Four rounds of:
One hand snatches, 10 reps each hand (30, 40, 50, 40)
One hand presses, 6 reps(same as above)
BW squats, various stances, 30 reps
TRX push ups, 10 reps
TRX recline rows.

I had to get my girls. As I was leaving, I tried to call my parents, but pushed the wrong button on my cell phone, and called a buddy who owns his own business while he was in a meeting. I need to get a hold of him tonight and apologize, man. That was funny, but kinda stupid funny. Ya dig?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thurs Oct 7

saw this today:

this was a cool workout, but a bad day for a lot of my personal stuff.

I ate this:

Breakfast was a smoothie; wheat germ, grapefruit juice and frozen berries. Coffee on the way to work.

Snack was a small pizza and a piece of carrot cake yummy, for a fundraiser for the United Way - next time I'm just handing them money and be done with it.

Lunch was a chicken breast on a bun with water to drink. Tasty, but too much food.

Dinner was an Oscar Sirloin from The Keg. It was good,; perhaps not 30 dollars good, but it was good. The steak is covered with veggies and a baked potato. I got my potato with a bit of butter, beer to drink.

I did not work out, as I had to run my children to gymnastics, then to my parents place so that my wife and I could have a date night. All else was second to that. I think I paid the price for it, though. The pizza in the afternoon was a killer for my diet. I shouldn't have done that. Meh, I won't.

After the dinner, got home, then went to the rugby club for a couple of beers. Got home about 10pm. When I got home, I first fell asleep with my laptop in my hands in the basement, went upstairs to watch a bit of Ultimate Fighter on iTunes, fell asleep there, too. Finally got in my bed around 1am, but had been asleep since about 10pm.

So ... not sure what grade to give this day. Certainly in terms of diet is a C, but in terms of making time for my family ... a B.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wed Oct 6

Today was, well, a day. Like any other. The weather was crappy and the work was, rather boring. People getting stressed about deadlines they themselves have pushed to the limits, at which I really have to chuckle.

Why come to a place to fail?

Anyway, this is what I stuffed into my pie hole today:

Breakfast: was a smoothie. Grapefruit juice, Green goo stuff, frozen mixed berries and I added some ground flax. Seriously, the green goo looks like it would be vile if you drank it as is, but you don't even notice it in a smoothie.

Snack: walnuts and water.

Lunch: I FINALLY noticed that I was out of carrots and peppers; need to bring some tomorrow. Salad with Lemon and Pepper Tuna with some dressing. Pretty good. Walnuts, prunes and dates, too. Water to drink. Oh yeah, got dared to try a bit of chili from a fellow employee. About a half a bowl. Holy hanna, that was hot chili. I'm wondering what is going to come out tomorrow.

Snack: after the workout, I had another smoothie, as above. Deee-lish.

Dinner; Sandwich night, so I had a ham and salad wrap with some mustard. Second one was the same with some Italian dressing.

I picked up my kids, and had to have a family meeting after getting the eldest to swimming about homework and the lack of effort being put forth on some of it. Was rather annoyed with the stuff and the inability to find a planner (which I found after a minute of searching ... in her designated bin, no less... it was under a piece of paper. Who doesn't lift a piece of paper to look under it for something their mother is screaming about for THREE DAYS? Ugh.

Deep breath. Count to ten.

After getting the kids to bed, got some groceries for the kid's lunches and my wife. On the way back, had two beers at the local watering hole and ran into a fellow dad/rugby player. We shared stuff, and I told him about my next baby being due. I got his phone number on my new iPhone. I even got to take his pic and then link it to his contact info... that was pretty cool.

Workout was this today:

Four rounds of:

1A) Military Press: 30, 40, 40 50 lb KB
1B) chin ups (there was a lot of cheating on this ... but I got my fat ass up)
2A) feet up push ups (each round was higher than the last)
2B) KB see saw rows 4 x 6 - 8 (new to me, but cool)

after four rounds of the above, did this for10 Minutes x Max Rounds:

A)sledge hammer x 10/10 (switch top hand) (don't think my neighbour like it, but I did)
B) KB farmer walks (medium weight) x 150' (40, 50 then 70 lb KB)
C) TRX Push Ups x 10
D) TRX recline rows x 10 (this was so cool, off of the chin up bar)

This was something I am feeling, even now.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. It's almost 11pm, no naps today, so this should be an easy "fall asleep night". Especially with my sinuses being cleared by that chili today... ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tues Oct 5

I'm going to start this post a little early, if anything else changes about wha I ate, I'll fix it later.

What I ate:
Breakfast was egg and chicken breast, wrapped in a wrap. Not bad for 35 seconds of time. Coffee on the way in;

Snack: carrots and water to drink

Lunch: tuna on salad, carrots, celery, and peppers on hummus. Water to drink.

Dinner: 2 beers, small pizza. It was pretty yummy

Did four rounds of this workout when I got home from work:

1A) Chin ups - I struggled with this one ... it's been a while... 4 chin ups
1B) incline or trx push ups: 4 x 6 - 12 reps
2) 5 x 5 speed w/lighter tire - this was messy.
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 150' - eight laps of the garage.
3B) Sprint 4 x 150 meters
3C) Any Ab Exercise 4 x 10 reps
Lots of recovery at end of workout - this I did not do, as I was in a bit of a rush. But, I will stretch and do some rolling later, I think.

Was pretty good - even recorded the sprints on my Nike+ profile... the diet, however, wasn't perfect, but I'm not going to obsess now. Perhaps later.

Monday Oct 4

This was a solid day;

What I ate:

Breakfast: steak wrap. Getting close to the end of the steak from the weekend. Coffee on the way in from Tim Hortons.

Snack: almonds, water. The usual.

Lunch: Salad with tuna, veggies with hummus. Almonds (which I finished) water to drink.

Dinner: Sandwich night at Chez Chesser ... I had a chicken breast on a bun, and a steak on a bun, finishing the steak. A side salad, too. Dessert was a slice of apple pie. I either had water to drink, or nothing at all. Can't recall.

The big news was that I got home after work and got the chin up bar up and stuck on the wall. I had to miss a work out to get it done, but I got it done. Meh, I'll just have to work out a little longer tomorrow. Oh, wait I did do something later on, so I didn't miss a workout, I just did something different and something later... pics up later.

which was a 5k run after 9:30pm.

After the run, I noticed a lot of zits on my legs and backside - nothing troubling, really, but kind of annoying more than anything else. I'm hoping that I am not getting bed bugs in my house. I'll have to check the kids; I'm hoping it's just me and the number of workouts/showers I'm doing.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sun Oct 3

This was a rough day. I was feeling pretty awful this morning, sore and crappy from one of my daughters making sleeping difficult.

In any case, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: coffee. Wasn't hungry.

Lunch: Beef wrap with lots of horseradish. Pretty good.

Snack: Chilli and a small coffee from Tim Horton's. Felt better after eating it.

Dinner: Pasta with veggies. Apple pie and apple crumble for dessert.

Snack; Grapefruit juice.

I went of a nice walk before getting the groceries for the week. I recorded it for Nike+, should be up soon(ish). I misplaced my iPod Touch, and so used the Silver one tonight. Needs to be set up for kilometers and my account. Meh, whatever.

I also got the holes drilled for the chin up bar, did some reading today and I'm going to finish the Forrest Griffin book tomorrow. Pretty damn funny. Honestly, I'm thinking I'm going to scan one of the pages and post it in here. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get the chin up bar up and I can start to rock it, the TRX and maybe some gymnastic rings for my kids at a later date. I got a chance to rent the drill from Home Depot instead of buying it - 20 bucks to rent the thing for eight holes ... but at least I got them done. "Taking action" I believe my fitness gurus will call it.

I saw some of the pictures of me on Facebook from the event on Saturday. I'm looking thinner than I did inn August or July, but still not good enough. Of course, I've only being doing fairly well for a month, but I'd like to see more progress. I know I can do better; it's just a matter of keeping focus and not breaking myself if I mess up. All in all, the weekend wasn't TERRIBLE, but could have gone better. I'm pretty sore, as I am missing that whirlpool and lots of stretching after workouts these days. But my wife was mentioning stuff about a different type of fat in the middle of mens' bodies. I've heard of it before ... but now I'm thinking I'm going to have to look into it. I want rid of it, man.

I'm thinking this week, I focus on getting the work done and recovery after each workout. At least three baths, as there will be no rugby this week (which, personally, I think is a stupid, but not my call.) I think I will keep to my workouts, see about KATA's schedule and think more seriously about getting my own retirement funding begun.

Fri Oct 1 and Sat Oct 2

OK, these were not the days to try and beat the band. I knew I was going to struggle with diet and exercise, and I did.

Friday's diet:

Breakfast: chicken breast in a wrap. Coffee on the way to work.

Snack: Almonds and prunes, water to drink.

Lunch : Gyro with a salad. I had my first can of soda pop in a couple of months. Not yummy.

Dinner: Chicken with rice and a salad. Water and a glass of OJ to drink.

I guess Friday wasn't that bad, really. I didn't work out- but I was pretty exhausted after a rather long week of work. Missing one day wasn't so bad. I did have to help my kids get ready for Saturday with a long walk through Walmart and Zellers. In the end, I bribed myself with beer, telling myself that I would go get beer in a few minutes, stayed in the basement until bed time, and ended not getting any beer at all.

Saturday was my parent's party to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. About 60 people collected at The Old Mill and I got to say a few words. That was pretty cool, man. The day started with mass at 9am, and never really stopped until 8pm.

Diet for the day:

Breakfast was coffee, coffee and more coffee. Two bananas and peanut butter on a piece of bread at my mother's house.

Lunch: a few cheese and crackers, some fruit, roast beef, salmon, a rye bun, salad with lots of tomatoes and other veggies, water and more coffee to drink. Although it was an open bar, I did not drink anything alcoholic while at party.

Dinner: I wasn't hungry after that meal, and it was so late in the afternoon when we ate, I didn't eat anything after that. Not even when I was sitting in the living room/ kitchen watching a movie later on.

Snack: Beer. I drank a six pack at home, and two at the rugby club which I visited after I got my family home at about 6pm.

When I actually look at what I ate, I guess that it wasn't that bad of a day. Still no workout, and I feel kinda crappy at the moment, but I'm going to work out today, perhaps talk to my neighbour and some other people about getting that damn chin up bar on the wall. That, and work out.

And get back onto my proper diet.