Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thurs Oct 7

saw this today:

this was a cool workout, but a bad day for a lot of my personal stuff.

I ate this:

Breakfast was a smoothie; wheat germ, grapefruit juice and frozen berries. Coffee on the way to work.

Snack was a small pizza and a piece of carrot cake yummy, for a fundraiser for the United Way - next time I'm just handing them money and be done with it.

Lunch was a chicken breast on a bun with water to drink. Tasty, but too much food.

Dinner was an Oscar Sirloin from The Keg. It was good,; perhaps not 30 dollars good, but it was good. The steak is covered with veggies and a baked potato. I got my potato with a bit of butter, beer to drink.

I did not work out, as I had to run my children to gymnastics, then to my parents place so that my wife and I could have a date night. All else was second to that. I think I paid the price for it, though. The pizza in the afternoon was a killer for my diet. I shouldn't have done that. Meh, I won't.

After the dinner, got home, then went to the rugby club for a couple of beers. Got home about 10pm. When I got home, I first fell asleep with my laptop in my hands in the basement, went upstairs to watch a bit of Ultimate Fighter on iTunes, fell asleep there, too. Finally got in my bed around 1am, but had been asleep since about 10pm.

So ... not sure what grade to give this day. Certainly in terms of diet is a C, but in terms of making time for my family ... a B.

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