Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Oct 28

This was an early day - as mentioned yesterday, I went to bed EARLY, like "before my kids were asleep" early. I got them into bed, then lay down. I got around 9 hours of sleep, and my body got my up at 5:30am. Yes, that is NOT a typo. That is absolutely correct. Frightening almost. I felt awesome.

I got up, cleaned and did some reading online. Got the kids' lunches ready - veggies and sandwiches for the day. Got my stuff ready, then woke them up. Got them to school, came home and did this workout:

four rounds of:

1A) 6 -7 Chin ups (still assisted, but getting easier)
1B) 10 inclined push ups
2) 5 sets of 3 Tire Flips (total 75 tire flips)
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 120'
3B)15 Man makers
10 tricep dips
10 TRX Lunges (both legs)
10 TRX rows
15 BW Squats
3C)an Ab exercise (depended what I felt like during that round)

Holy crap, I even SHAVED. (I just felt my face to confirm that.)

At work, I discovered (or, well, opened the fridge at work and recalled) that I needed some stuff for my lunches. Went to Organic Garage, near my work to stock up. Nine dollars later, I had the salad basics, organic apples and organic jalapino hummus for the rest of this week and next. I forgot to look at salad dressings, but as luck would have it, a leaf eating co-worker has their own salad dressing bottle in the work fridge and I took a look at what it was. It was this, which looks deceptively easy to use and learn from. Might also explain why she's single, but what ever.

To eat:

Breakfast smoothie; frozen berries, OJ, GJ, green goo with flax. Blended (Need pics for this ... before and after) Maybe later.


Lunch : salad, tuna, carrots, green pepper, jalapino hummus with water to drink.


Dinner: roast beef and veggies before training.

After training I got the heck outta dodge and got my butt home and watched CSI:LV with my wife. What a silly show. W/e.

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