Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wed Oct 13

You know, today was a good one, despite the start; I woke up late, which for me, was 6:30am. I had to fight form that point in time to the middle of the day. I got pounded with emails and had to get a form done from four people for work, found out about some election stuff (We have municipal elections on Oct 25 in this region of Ontario) and my union reps made the unusual decision to back some people this time.

With good cause, I might add.

I am a proud union member, and if you don't like that, that is OK. Let's not talk about it, 'K? If you are OK with that, we'll chat.

In any case, I stuffed this into my hole today:

Breakfast: Smoothie: Green goo, grapefruit juice, frozen strawberries and flax seed. Awesome. Coffee on the way in. (sometimes, I feel as though I should just click and paste yesterday's diet from Monday - Thursday)

No snack - got caught up with dealing with stuff. I'd comment, but this is a public website.

Lunch: No salad today, as I forgot the bad of salad at home. Tuna, carrots/peppers with hummus. Walnuts. Water to drink. Ran out of prunes, too. Had dates instead.

Dinner - the BBQ is propaneless for the moment, so I fried two quick fry steaks which I thought would be dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. I had to share with my family (d'oh!) and so had meat wraps with some salad and onion. They were yummy.

After dinner, had some screwdrivers. Also awesome.

I did four rounds of this workout today:

1A) Military Press: 2 rounds single, 2 rounds double KB
1B) chin ups - still cheating on these, but getting better
2A) 15 push ups, legs up
2B) KB see saw rows 4 x 6 - 8

3) 10 Minutes x Max Rounds

a)med ball slam
B) KB farmer walks (medium weight) x 150'
C) Ring Push Ups x 10
D) recline rows x 10

I had to get this done and move on to picking up my kids to get them to swimming. I got home, made the dinner and ran out the door, still sucking back the steak wrap. (it was seriously good, man)

At the end of the day, saw this, and will put this together on my 10 lb hex dumbbells

I made arrangements to get the bike dropped off in Toronto, and it seems I'll be meeting/pick up a tire the same day. The 5k Creepy run is the same night, so tomorrow is all about costume. Frankenstein, here I come....

Seriously, today was an awesome day, I feel great, got to joke around with my kids, help my wife out, talked to my mom on the phone (invited them to come for Hallowe'en), got some professional development set up - stuff is seriously in my corner. For that, I am eternally grateful.

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