Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Oct 21

I set today up to be a cheat day - well, actually, a cheat night.

I ate this:

Breakfast was a smoothie: frozen berries, GF and green goo juice and flax seed. Coffee on my way in.

Lunch was early: the usual tuna on salad with peppers and hummus. Almonds and water to drink.

Snack was more almonds

Dinner was two slices of pizza before rugby training

snack after training was two slices of pizza with beers. Too many calories.

Most of training tonight was sprinting, with some contact near the end. The coach complained about the fitness of the players - but I didn't think it applied to me, as I have been working out daily. In any case, after the training session, I got to talk to and interview a few of my club mates to help me in for my Nanowrimo novel. Should be pretty damn funny.

What I need is a place that has a decent scale, so I can learn what I have been able to do for my weight. I know I need to clamp down on the extra carbs. I know I need to be a better eater - it will happen. I know I need to be more strict ... but I thought I had more time before I went on "bunny food" ... uuughh. Six months? uggh ..

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