Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Oct 16

I was woken up this morning at about 7am by a cuddling child and her fuzzy animal on my neck, trying to kiss me. How do you explain just how awesome that is to someone who has no kids?

Anyway, after that awesome start, there is no way I was going to have a crappy day.

Got up, did a Timmy Ho's run for the family, but I just got coffee. Next, I cleaned out the van, drove to my father in law's house and got a recliner for my wife. She's having difficulty lying down, so she thought this would help. I got the oil change done ... why? Isn't Saturday a rugby day? Well, yes it is, until the other club forfeits. So, I got my new tire, sledge and a few other toys and went to the club for a session.

That was pretty cool. Got four rounds of this workout done:

warm up

1)10 KB double clean and press (30 lb KBs)
10 slam ball slams
2) 4 tire flips, jump through to 10 push ups one way
4 tire flips 2 ab exercises
3) sledge hammer 10 reps, each side
10 KB snatches
4) 5m tire pull, flip 5m tire pull (four rounds)

Took about 45 minutes. I learned that flipping the tire on grass is a bit better for my fingers than flipping it on asphalt. Fingers are quite sore. My kids had a blast, too - running around and taking pics of their dad working out.

some stretching, nice beer as I watched the 8 guys who showed up, play touch. Now, say what you will, I got more out of my workout than I would have out of a game of touch rugby. Seriously.

Anyway, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: cold pizza - still gluten free, still better for me than a BELT from Tim Hortons. Coffee

Lunch: about half a bowl of Kraft Dinner. Water to drink

Dinner: Small pizza with 2 pints of beer, at Boston Pizza. It was a "good" way to recover from the workout.

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