Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct 11

Got a couple of nagging things done today - but it was essentially a day off work where I had nothing to do, so I found stuff for me to do.

Getting the posters up in the garage's wall
Looking around my community to see if there were other, bigger tires for sale or free - saw a couple, got a couple of phone numbers to try, too.
Getting the hand cart ready to lift home the pole section (more on that later)
doing some work on my Nano novel
continuing to lock down a place to roll this winter
working out in my gym
found and took screen shots of the last three years of results in the GR event, too

I'm sure there are others that got done that I'm just not thinking about here, but there are some things I will do next, too.

Anyway, saw this, too

and I also saw this, too

In the end, this is the workout I did today:

4 rounds of :
10 one arm KB cleans,
30 BW squats,
10 KB snatches (30, 40, 50, cleans with 70)

2 rounds of tire sledging (got rather loud, so switched it) x 10
2 rounds of inverted push ups x 15

4 rounds of 150 feet farmers walk - last two rounds with 70 and 50lb KBs
4 rounds of slam ball overhead, side throw x 10 each side

4 rounds of TRX pull ups,
4 rounds of TRX elevated push ups

than, after that was done, did some wrestling with the green ball, 30 second goes x 2

this is what I ate today:

breakfast: coffee, poached eggs with a croissant.

snack: poached egg with ketchup

Lunch: sliced turkey with salad inside two wraps. It was pretty good.

Dinner: Pasta and meatballs. My wife cooked, what can I say.

So ... it was a productive Monday, without any sort of parents to blame or seeking for comfort...... ;)

I did try to get my ass up on the chin up bar, but my forearms and abs didn't like that at all. I'mma thinking they don't know who's in charge yet, so tomorrow I'mma gunna make sure I get at least five chin ups complete.

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