Saturday, October 7, 2017

Oct 3 - Fri oct 6

I've been working steadily this week - did a night of rugby on Thursday and two training sessions in the morning before work. I even got a physio appointment in for mobility and my knee.

A good week, I'm trying to keep it up.

Again this week, I had breakfast and lunch nutrition on lock. It's when I get home from work and get into the evening that my schedule and pattern/habits go out the window and I eat like I'm 8 years of age.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 2

Yeah, it's been a long time since I made a daily entry here.

But at least this is news that beings a smidgen of sunshine. I got up 0 stupid early thirty and did this before work.

After, I did get some stretching and rolling done, too. I was pretty stoked throughout the day being able to know that no matter what happened, I'd already done something to help my situation.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sept 30 and Oct 1

Saturday was a rugby day, but I was only a spectator yesterday.

I really hated having to be a spectator, but my knee injury was only the tip of the iceberg of excuses for me. Such a disappointing season for me personally; the club is in a much better situation than I am.

Seriously, we didn't default a single senior men's game this season ... and we ran three teams. That's a lot of rugby for one club to do. Simply astounding numbers of members.

We won four trophies / tournaments so far this year, too. A win on Oct 14th will mean a fifth Cup for the club for 2017. It's a level of success that we've only dreamt of in the last decade with four or five different coaches. It's a real shame that I've been only a small part of it.

Sitting there watching rugby yesterday was a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it I did. It was a nice bright day in Toronto - a perfect day to play. My knee and everything else was just not cooperating.

Meh, I got home on time and I helped out about the house. Got coffee this morning, even helped one of the guys get back to the clubhouse to get his car. I was feeling physically good, but just not good enough to play rugby.

So, instead of whining like an idiot, I took advantage of the day and got this nice little workout done. Like a preview of what I can start to do in the mornings. A 20-minute session that I can tailor to the day if only to get something done for my fitness.

Set the timer and just kept going on the elliptical trainer. Two minutes on the trainer, two minutes of kettlebell exercises. Mostly just swings, but later switched it up to clean and presses, if only because of boredom.

At least I got something done today - and thought about how to carve out time in the average mornings how to get this done on the daily.

Repeat as often as needed

Friday, September 29, 2017

Sept 22-29

Yeah, this week was a week of ups and downs.

On the one hand was getting a pic with my favourite trophy that I helped to win, the NRU Cup. I was pretty stoked ... but we won on a forfeit, so I didn't get to play. A real up.

I did get to training on Tuesday and Thursday. I found my old Wrestling knee pad and had that on both nights at training. Worked like a charm, keeping myself pain-free for the most part. Thursday the selection for the first promotion game went out and I wasn't on it.

I wasn't selected.

I'm injured at the moment - my knee just won't heal. I also am twice the age of most of the players on the pitch. I'm not doing the extras that kept me on the selection list in previous years. Frankly, I'm not in the best condition, either. I'm still trying to deal with issues in my family life, too.

So, a real down, too.

Honestly, I have to go to the game in Vaughn this weekend and be present while my clubmates pick me up. Not sure exactly what I can do except bear witness and cheer. But I'll do that as that is what the knee and family life have beaten me into at the moment.

At least I'm still getting my morning stretching and rolling routine done. My hips and hamstrings feel pretty good, as does my neck. Each day of the last seven, have hit the usual 15 minutes of stretching and rolling. I'm thinking that in this next week, I'll be resolved to extend that time a little and start getting a morning training session done instead.

Nutrition continues to be ok - breakfast and lunch are really helping. I'm focused during those parts of the day. When I get home my nuturition goes out the window.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sept 12 to 21

I'm getting to training these days, but I'm doing only most of the things.

I'm also getting to the pool to walk at least once a week. Helping the knee that is. Making mobility sessions at least once a week too.

Also ... playing lots of rugby. Played in Saturday's game, and have hit morning sessions every day.

Stress is killing me and the hits just keep on coming.

At least I'm getting tons of reading and writing done. Not a lot of training, but stretching and rolling is being done.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept 1 to 11

I remember exactly where I was 16 years ago. It affected my life to a great degree. I will not forget.

The last ten days have been a vast improvement, although stressful. It is the start up of school and this one was smooth. Nothing major in terms of set backs. A great deal of stress was averted when we found child care for my youngest, basically almost at the 8th hour. Not quite the 11th hour, but pretty close. She has worked out wonderfully for my family. At least I know he's being taken care of and will get to school without issue.

I too have been getting to school without issue, and getting back on a good routine for nutrition is extremely helpful. I've also been doing daily stretching and rolling in the mornings, which are helpful for the legs. No breakfast runs to Tim Hortons also help.

Saturday saw me play a half of first team rugby, the first time this season. I will admit, I was a lot slower than I should have been - but at least I saw it with my own eyes and I lived it.

Both teams were under strength, but the good guys won.

Breakfasts have been coffee, stretching and a fruit with protein powder smoothie.

Lunches have been carrots, celery, tuna, and almonds. I'm still getting used to how much water I can drink without exploding at work.... ;)

Dinner and training have been my downfall so far. I do have a plan, but I need to keep discipline for myself. Moving forward, I'm going to be planning out the reliance on carb filled food for myself. I'm finally able to do the Sunday night grocery run and have it mean something.

On to better times!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aug 22 to Aug 30

Not much to report. Well, a little.

Had a few good workouts, a few walks in the pool and a lot of physiotherapy on my knee.

It's sucky, but stress levels are up there. I'm glad that things are going to get back to normal, at least at some point. Maybe soon, I'm not sure.