Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dec 5 to Dec 15

Well, I recovered from that sinus thing, man.

Took a while. My throat and my nose are much much better. However, my ears are still clogged with the remains of whatever it is swimming around in my head.

It's like I'm underwater with the hearing these days. Muffled things ... I keep having to ask people to repeat things. Kinda annoying.

At least I got back to training. Sunday the 9th was a big day with a great walk on the beach. That was just incredible. Mondays and Wednesdays are still training nights at Cedar Springs. Usually five or six rounds of:

2 minutes on the elliptical trainer
2 minutes of kettlebell lifts

as a finisher, I've been doing four or five rounds of farmers walks and chest flys with 40 or 45 lb dbs

Not bad sessions. Friday the 14th was a tough day. Stayed up late on Thursday and didn't get a walk done in the morning. At least I got a fitness test done and it showed I was improving my fitness a little. Friday night was a gong show after my physio appointment. Meh, I survived.

I'll have to add another training session next week, and possibly start doing the heavy lifts by the end of the month. I am still not able to run, but I can at least get on ellipticals and other cardio equipment. Got to get down and start running.

I also still need to be consistent with the nutrition. I get some days that are perfect and other days where I still too much wonderful food in my mouth.

Meh, I get it done.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Nov 26 to Dec 4

Well, I have been doing mostly walking during these days.

It's work and being a dad. I'm up early. I mean stupid early these days. Monday I was up at 5:50am. I never thought I'd honestly ever do this ... and here I am.

I'm also just getting to the end of a rough week for my health. I'm still wondering what and how it happened. Lots of goo in my nose and ears. Lots of trips to the sauna, too.

But walking ... always walking. Not a single kettlebell lifting... which is a real negative. I was suffering for most of the weekend and got through it. A real negative. But at least I got through it and I can write about how much walking I did.

Man ... I also got a bit of running, too.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Nov 20 to 25

Yeah, lots of walking.

I did get two workouts done, but my time at Cedar Springs is coming to an end.

Wednesday I got a 45-minute session done there. I did the first 30 or so minutes alternating between treadmill and kettlebells in two-minute one then the other.

After that, I got 45-pound dumbbells and did some farmers walks and chest flys.

A good session.

Friday and Saturday got walking. Sunday I got a walk in early, then a short session in the afternoon- the same basic session as Wednesday.

Mah, whatever.

I got some stuff done.

Monday morning, I looked out and saw that it was cold and raining and so got a decent 25-minute session done on my elliptical trainer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nov 17 to Nov 19

Saw this on the early Sunday walk
Sunday was two walks - I had a choice to train, but I had to drive people there and there and there and there and there and then back.

So, I got up early and walked on the beach. It was a cloudy day, but at least I got it done. The evening walk was around my house.

Monday was an early morning walk, which was a chance to clean my mind and my legs. I seem to think a bit more clearly and headaches seem to go away by the end of these walks as of late.

Monday night was five rounds of

10 deadlifts
10 TRX Body rows
15 push ups
10 kb rows
20 kb swngs
20 step ups

At the end, I got back on the elliptical and got it to 33 minutes. It wasn't anything spectacularly hard, but it was a nice use of a new set up I have in the garage gym.

I'll have to get a pic of it up.

Diet is  .... it is sucking at the moment, but at least it's not complete garbage

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Nov 16... and a pause for a wish list

So ... let's deal with the training first this time.

An early morning workout shoveling the drive and then a ten-minute walk before work. Twenty minutes ... a nice thing to clear my legs. After work, I got this done for 36 minutes

Warm up on the elliptical, then got to 35 minutes in the end.  A nice warm up and a nice warm down.

5-10 deadlift using KB
10 TRX bod rows
15 push ups
20 h2h kb swings
10 kb rows
20 step ups.

I had a crappy start to the week, but this seems to be an ok ending. Tomorrow is the NRU AGM and there are lots of things to talk about after.

I went through my old posts here yesterday and found the one from Friday, Nov 26, which had a wish list.

I'd like to do a follow up on it now.

1) Mats - got 'em. Still using them in the basement and the garage.

2)Space - have a great space at the moment. Half a garage is awesome.

3)Bars and Plates - I'm up to over 400 lbs in plates. I bought 100 lbs in metal ones last year from the Restore. Work perfectly.

4)A bigger tire - glad I didn't go this way. I have no more space for something like that. Even my rugby club got rid of the ones they had a while ago.
I've come a long way - still have most of this stuff

5)I do have a whiteboard which I liberated from the garbage at my house. I have three workouts on the garage door. Works perfectly

6)I have cool posters. And rugby shirts. And trophies. It's pretty cool.

7)I gave up on a heater. I just don't use it. Summers I train outside, winters I just wear more clothing. I wear gloves to protect my hands from holding cold kettlebells and that's been working well.

8)I gave that punching bag away, replaced it and don't use the new ones. Shame, really.

9)I got boxing gloves, which I last used in 2016. Also shameful. I recently discovered a boxing spot in a random hidden part of Cedar Springs.

10)No new gi needed - I can use one from the club I joined every time I go.

11) I can't be bothered sealing the bottom of the door in the garage. Insulation works fine. Bugs don't bug me and I don't have anything for mice to eat in there nowadays.

12)Ropes - no, I have no space. Cedar Springs has them anyways.

13) Slam balls - don't use them much these days

14)I have the right amount of kettlebells. I gave away three or four over the years.

15)foam rollers and LAX balls are awesome and in abundance in the garage.

16) I got rid of the bench. Seems Cedar Springs has more than enough of them. I don't bench there, either.

17) I got a rower and then found out my knees hated it. Hated it. Gave it up when I found that out. Now have an elliptical trainer which works quite well.

18) Instruction - always continue to find and watch smart people train and talk about training. I wanted to do a KB Cert this weekend but will be President instead.

19) Valve Box - I bought one a while ago, works perfectly. Used it tonight as a matter of fact.

20) A scale - Cedar Springs has one, and I got a Bluetooth enabled one a while ago, too. Both work quite well to provide data and results.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nov 9-14

As crazy as I thought the last few weeks have been ...


Yeah, let me fix that.

As crazy as the last few years have been, I've reached new lows in terms of time available for training and doing things that I enjoy doing like training, cardio and rugby.

I have had a few tough conversations with myself about all of the time I am spending doing things instead of pursuing my dreams. I keep stopping in the middle of drives to various events and things and have been asking myself "Is this what you want? Am I making myself happy?"

Well, most days I say that I am happy. But there are also a growing number of days that I have been saying "No." There have been a few too many days in which I look at my "To Do list" and there is nothing on it that makes me happy.

I started taking stock of things in my life and what I want to do with the time that I have left. In the next forty years, what do I want?

In the early morning walks, I've thought about a lot of things. Career, second career, family, traveling, working in another part of the world, seeing things I've only ever read about and my goals. Our Dream Board that I have above my desk in my workspace at home needs some revision, but it's not being met at all.

I'm not moving forward on any of those dreams.

Why not?

Because I'm spinning my wheels getting other things ... things that don't help me with my own life's ambitions ... getting other things completed for people who are unable and unwilling to express any gratitude.

In the last few days, I've not done a lot of training. Some sessions, but not too many.

Walks in the morning have halted temporarily. I'll get back to them tomorrow. I've been up late and getting things done for work in the last few days, but that's completed. Saturday was my last training session at Cedar Springs. It was pretty awesome, but ... I haven't been able to make my heath a priority since.

Shame, really.

A drag, really.

I think that things will get better. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Oct 30 to Nov 8

It was been a wild ride for these last few weeks. I've not had time to do very much, other than my work and my family.

I have had to start to wake up stupid early to get some fitness in before work.

Yup, It's happened.

Between Oct 30 and Nov 8, I missed one morning's walk - Saturday. I was so freaked out, I didn't get up until way late and ... well, everything is just not normal.

The second week I got two super workouts done. Kettlebells, the ladder treadmill and then a bit of a treadmill jog all in the same workout.

50+ minutes for each session. Surprisingly, I wasn't sore the next day.