Monday, February 4, 2019

Jan 22 to Feb 3

Lot of morning elliptical training these days. It's too snowy out to go outside and waaaaay to cold.

Seriously, it was -30 with the windchill here last week - it was awful. So, I protected myself and trained in my garage or at Cedar Springs.

Elliptical sessions tend to run in the 25-30 minute range and I'm barely making that. It's boring but warm. I'm pretty sure I'll be running outside as soon as the weather calms down and I won't kill myself on a patch of ice.

I had a nightmare about that the other day. Not a pleasant thing to think about.

Anyway, lots of training and the rugby guys are getting together Tuesdays .... tomorrow... starting now. Which sucks, as I am unable to do Tuesdays. As I already usually do Mondays and Wednesdays out. And Thursdays. And Fridays.....

You get the picture.

Finally, I want to point out that at the start of this blog, I indicated that all of this is a privilege to do - that I was happy that I had a job that allowed me to do these things on the regular. If I needed more money, why I get another job. That day came recently, so now I have three jobs. and looking for a fourth.

Sucks, but I gotta get that wolf away from my door.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jan 14 to 21

Lots of work on the elliptical in the mornings these days. Usually about 25 minutes, but I know that if I give myself a bit more time, I'll fill it with more cardio.

A killer 
Wednesday the 16th was my usual killer workout. 55 minutes of kettlebells - I used 45 and 35 lb dumb bells - and farmers walks - used 50 lb dbs ... and then a finisher on the Jacbob's ladder.

I hate that machine, man. But, it gets my heart rate up over 160 bpm and that is what I want these days.

Anyway, the next few days after that were all cardio in the morning, if I could. Work and family life were killer until Sunday when I got a couple of pretty good workouts done. I'm getting angry with my Polar Loop as it does an excellent job of interrupting my iPhone's ability to connect with the heart rate monitor thingy on my chest. A few times this week it interrupted and the monitor stopped.

Drag, but I found a workaround so I'm happy.

Monday I was back at Cedar Springs and got a light workout in - I had to be a dad and I had to get some work done, too.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Jan 9 to 13

Wendesday I had a killer session. 55 minutes of treadmill and kettlebell intervals, then farmers walks and bench flies.

I was dead afterwards and I ran out of time to do much else. I usually take Wednesdays to do work after work, but I just took too long for this workout. I mean I was mostly caught up with work thanks to the Christmas break, but it's always good to stay ahead of the game.

I was pretty happy with how my body worked during and after the workout. No pain during and nopain the next day. Soreness I expect, but nothing much. I didn't even take ibuprofin for pain.

Thursday was a drag and had to run around before work and after work I had an ASL class. Yup, I'm taking a class to learn American Sign Language. The instructor was very good and I'm learning with one of my kids. I'm stoked.

Friday was another show before work and so did not get the walk/run in I wanted to. I did get a training session done in the evening.

Saturday I was back at the Burlington Beach. It's something I now kind of look forward to as a part of the week. Sunrise was merely ok, but I got a chance to get there and just see it for myself. I did have an issue with the HR monitor linking to my Loop and not my iPhone, but that was ok.

Sunday was a nice and easy training session at Cedar Springs. Same sort of session as on Wednesday, but lighter and shorter. I had stuff to get done.

What I do need to try and remember when training at Cedar Springs is to use the Jacob's Ladder as a finisher to my workouts. I'd like to extend the sessions to at least 55 minutes. I need the sessions that long for weight loss and fitness.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dec 30 to Jan 8

Happy New Year, everyone!

Not a bad few days - the Polar Flow app is letting me know what I was planning. I saw the calendar and saw what I have left to do before the start of the rugby season.

And so, I got back to deadlifting and doing a lot more kettlebell activities.

I was on break until Monday, and that was awesome. Sunrise walks on the beach nearly every day was pretty cool. My family is struggling with the return to school, but I've been up and at them early every day since their break began.

Lots of lifts - got the Apple TV working in the garage gym, too. I've been watching some great Netflix movies while spending time on the elliptical and lifting kettlebells.

I did get back to doing this for 30 minutes, too:

5-8 deadlifts
10-15 TRX BW rows
15 push ups
20 KB swings - using the new green kettlebells
20 step ups
5-8 seated bent db reverse flies

The last one was added to help with getting thicker delts and rhomboids. I just need them to stop being so annoyed with my efforts, though.

I am running into some difficulty with the Polar H7 HR monitor, though. Seems the Polar Loop wants to take over for my iPhone 6 all the time. Even after the workout is done, the Loop will hook up to the monitor and record my HR on the drive home from the beach. One night session on the elliptical I had to take the Loop off and have the iPhone beside me as I did the workout. Quirky but ok, I suppose.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dec 25 to 29

I did do a pretty long cardio session on Christmas. I needed to take care of my family and then proceed to take care of myself before trying to engage with my extended family.

Boxing Day was more of the same - people rushing around the malls, so I stayed away and kept the focus on the six inches in front of my face. I got a fair number of things off of my Christmas Break Projects done and a bunch more work on others. Seems I have to get rid of a bunch of stuff to make room in various parts of the house in order to more forward.

Thursday and Friday were light sessions on the Elliptical with Friday having a second session of kettlebells in the mix as well.

I also made an offer on two 24 kilo bells for a hundred bucks and I got them Saturday morning.

I picked up the bells and now have what I consider a complete set of bells - even though I know it’s like drum sets for musicians and there really isn’t ever a complete set. It’s weird, too as I bought the blue and yellow ones on New Year's Eve a few years ago, and picked up these monsters on Dec 29th. Anyway, for 250 bucks total, I now have six competition bells. I’m pretty satisfied.

Saturday I dropped by my fitness club and got a pretty good 45 minute CrossFit type workout done.

Two minutes on the elliptical
Two minutes dumbbell work - snatches and presses and windmills

I did that for six rounds then did this for four rounds:

30 feet farmers walks x 4 with the last 30 feet being with 40 lb bells overhead.
10 dumbbell flies

Man, it was a pretty good session.

I do know I have to add deadlifts back in the mix. I will do that, I’ll do it. I’ll do it.....


Monday, December 24, 2018

Dec 16 to 24

Man, I’m on an iPad with this post, so if it doesn't go well, that’s why.

I’m trying to be mindful in my choices in what I have in my EDC. I’m trying to lighten and streamline what it is that I have in my backpack for work and for the other parts of my life.

For example ... I have two punching bags in my garage gym right now. Why did I hold on to them? I’m not using either one and I haven’t thrown a punch either in training or in anger in quite some time. To be frank, I miss using the stand-alone bag and probably wouldn’t get rid of it, but what about the other one? Why did I buy it, why keep it if it only stands in the corner?

I’m asking myself that a lot these days, and not just in my garage gym. Why carry a MacBook Air if I could use an iPad and lighten the load? Why use a fat pouch to hold my kit when I could use a portfolio? Why do this instead of that? Why hold on to things that clutter my mind and my life?


I’m in a public library as I write this and I certainly am glad that I recently started to carry noise-blocking earplugs in my backpack. I’m sitting in relative silence and have finished the work I came here to do. I’m wondering if I brave the world and go see a shop or two, or just duck down and get home.

The last 10 days or so have been fraught with stress and a lot of crap I just didn’t need. Less sleep, more idiots and just too many demands on me and my time. Ugh.

I’m on break now. I’m still dealing with what I like to call the “Stress hangover”. It’s a killer. I have to nap a lot and I have to care for my children, too. But I’ll be better when I get past Christmas. As it is, with today’s work done, I have a clearing sky, so to speak. Sunshine in the forecast for my mind.

Lots of walking, not much else these days. I keep getting up at 6 am to get walks in during the week and then do my good workouts at Cedar Springs when they fit into the schedules of my family. I’m also walking in the stupid early on the beach. I went to a local Provincial Park to walk/hike this morning but it was closed. I found out later it didn’t open until after I had gone home and had coffee with my wife. I do need to go and collect a yoga schedule for that Cedar Springs as I think that is what is next for me. I need some stretching and relaxation in my life that does not involve me sitting on my butt.

Anyway, I’ll post a pic of the Polar Flow app at some point today. This IPad doesn’t like doing that. Which is a strike against, I guess. Not enough functionality for me ... or at least I’m not used to this thing. I will keep working on that.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dec 5 to Dec 15

Well, I recovered from that sinus thing, man.

Took a while. My throat and my nose are much much better. However, my ears are still clogged with the remains of whatever it is swimming around in my head.

It's like I'm underwater with the hearing these days. Muffled things ... I keep having to ask people to repeat things. Kinda annoying.

At least I got back to training. Sunday the 9th was a big day with a great walk on the beach. That was just incredible. Mondays and Wednesdays are still training nights at Cedar Springs. Usually five or six rounds of:

2 minutes on the elliptical trainer
2 minutes of kettlebell lifts

as a finisher, I've been doing four or five rounds of farmers walks and chest flys with 40 or 45 lb dbs

Not bad sessions. Friday the 14th was a tough day. Stayed up late on Thursday and didn't get a walk done in the morning. At least I got a fitness test done and it showed I was improving my fitness a little. Friday night was a gong show after my physio appointment. Meh, I survived.

I'll have to add another training session next week, and possibly start doing the heavy lifts by the end of the month. I am still not able to run, but I can at least get on ellipticals and other cardio equipment. Got to get down and start running.

I also still need to be consistent with the nutrition. I get some days that are perfect and other days where I still too much wonderful food in my mouth.

Meh, I get it done.