Friday, August 23, 2019

Aug 12 to Aug 23

Is there a way of blanking out the vast majority of my brain?

Yeah, that's where I am these days.

I've been making the rugby training sessions in the last few weeks. I've been on and off with my own training but making some needed improvements with diet and sleeping.

Oh, my God the sleeping.

Ran away on a Saturday to be a rugby sult and played for two teams at prop. Ran further away and had a great time chatting with my daughters for Saturday. I'm sure they didn't see how many people I knew there - and I know they don't know how I knew that many people ...  it's just rugby and they aren't there, man.

I keep thinking about turning fifty in 2020. Such a short life. Such a short time on this planet. I'm sad about that. I think I need to be happy about turning fifty. It's a mission that I need to take on, man.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Aug 4 to Aug 11

I’d be lying if I told you everything was wonderful. I’d be lying if I told you things were tolerable in the long term. Right now ... things are merely ok.

Lots of ongoing projects that are stalled for a variety of reasons. I’m not waiting though - need to pay bills and kick ass. And so ... I keep training. I keep working and planning and making ready for the right moment. Lying low, rather than lying about. These days, I’m hitting every rugby session as well as rest days and training days.

Thursday I did the Fire Drill workout - basically, I clean out the garage - I take everything out and wash the floor and then put everything back in. I’ve been doing that for a number of years and it’s awesome. A good workout and now I am ready for the school year and other plans. I have a gym that is functional and not another dirty room into which I collect crap.

The same day I hit 303% on the Polar Loop+ activity monitor. I’m quite proud of that. But we have to move on, man. I had to run around like and idiot on Friday and then played on Saturday. Sunday was a rest day, but I did go for a morning pool walk. Today, the 12th I took my wife to Cedar Springs and got her membership reactivated. So now, at least we can get there together and have a bit of a real. At the very least, at least she has a place she can go to when away from our kids.

Very active days, but still not seeing much progress in the nutrition or the weight loss. It’s like those two things are somehow connected. In any case, I’ll get it done. Meh, I’m looking forward to the challenge this winter of all those workouts and training sessions.

As a part of my belated spring cleaning, I’m tossing a lot of stuff out, including the big wheel I’ve had in my garage for a number of years. I’m finding this sort of tossing out cathartic to say the least. I keep finding things that “do not bring me joy” and enjoy releasing them to the universe, hoping that someone else can gain by these possessions.

I did get a decently priced iMac on Facebook Marketplace, too. I’m happy that my son can play video games non-stop without using my bleeping iPhone. Eeeeeeeesh.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

July 30 to Aug 3

I really do hate the voices in my head.

The leftovers from arguments and heated discussions and emotionally charged talks with people in my life. Echoes in the grey matter. Things I didn't say or did say.

They roar back at me when I'm not in some sort of surreal situation at work or home.

Like now.

Tuesday was rugby and I went, regardless of the pain. I'm finding that the inserts in my cleats are helping, as is Advil. I'm still avoiding the daylights out of a number of people after training, so at least that is helping me cut out the empty calories after training. I miss chatting with some of the guys, though.

Wednesday was a rest day, as my legs were sore from training. It was also date night. Thursday was a hike day - it was something I've been planning for a while. I had everything I needed, and it was a bit overkill. It was a 5k hike on some not really rugged terrain, but mostly a path in the woods. Hiking boots were a bit much - but it would have been nice to have a pair of gloves. I'll be doing this hike again, with some improvements, man. I liked it but was also glad of the Advil this day, too. Thursday was also a training night and I did a fair amount of sprinting and then running away after training to avoid people.

Friday was a day and a half - two walks and two sessions in the pool. One session for me, the second for my family. Both were helpful for the knees and hips, though.

On Sunday, after a short walk, I saw this article. It was kind of depressing for me - players younger than I am calling themselves dead. I mean, I know that I gave up my only advantage a few years ago ... I have plans to work exhaustively on my fitness until that sole advantage is regained this next season.

I mean, cardio is my only friend, really.

Which leads me back to my first point - a lot of time training without headphones means I'm giving myself a lot of time to think and have my brain bring back things for my conscious mind to fret and consider. I'm already almost hard of hearing, so headphones blasting AC/DC to keep thinking things out of my brain is a no-go. The hike was interesting, as I could not stop swearing at the people in my head. It must have looked like I was swearing at the trees - which is probably a better thing to do than swearing at people. Probably better for my karma. But I hate that my brain works this way.

Monday, July 29, 2019

July 23 to 29

This week was hell.


Crappy sleep and then no time for anything but work and rugby. I mean ... the rugby wasn't that great either. Hot, humid and sticky ... and that was the rugby.

Meh, at least I got back to my house in one piece. It's a mess here and I'll have to spend the next few weeks cleaning the thing up. I'm not sure what the future holds for many, but I know I will be turfing a lot of stuff out of my house in the next four weeks.

Anyway, I made three sessions of rugby this week and had to hork down extra work like it was water in the desert. I made it through though ... and now ... the last two days have been cardio focussed ...two cardio sessions Sunday and Two on Monday.

2020 season has begun.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 15 to 22

These were some lazy days, man. Well, sort of lazy.

I did hit all rugby sessions this week, despite it being a crazy hell week at work for the summer. I mean seriously stupid crazy. If I wasn't sleeping I was marking.

I did have physio and I also made progress on the knee. I got up on Wednesday and my knee was pain-free. I have started to wear the inserts in my cleats and that seems to be helping. That and Advil at night also helped to reduce swelling and encourage deeper sleep.

But training sessions on my own were reduced to some recovery sessions in the pool and ... well, that was it. No lifting, no running. I did go for a hike around my old stomping grounds at Centennial Park, but that was it, man. Rugby was personally disappointing, too.

I decided that I need to get through to the end of this session of work and then get back to jogging. I'm also planning a lot of physio during August, too. Don't think those two things are unrelated.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 3 to 14

I missed posting last week. Hardly surprising as I've been so outlandishly busy. I got a call for summer school and I started on July 2.

I spent the rest of the time since then marking or planning where to mark. Or playing rugby. Or in a pool somewhere trying to get my legs to stop hurting. The pool workouts never show up on the Polar Loop device. Mah, what ever.

I did get a kettlebell workout or two done. I did run today. My knees responded very positively to the playing of rugby with the orthotic inserts in the cleats this past Saturday. I'll have to see how it feels after training on Tuesday.

I didn't get more than a few minutes on Saturday. I understand that I look and act hurt these days. Last Saturday in Oakville the Second XV got crushed and I only played a half in the heat. I did score the team's only try, though. In a moment of grossness I had to squeeze the water out of my jersey before someone else took my place on the field. I mean it "schleerped" off of me and it was completely soaked. Just gross.

It took me like three days to drink enough water to fully recover.

This weekend I did get on for a few minutes and we crushed their scrum. It was kind of an idiot move on our part as the game was in hand, but I was trying to steal their ball. It was a drag getting into the game that late. On the drive home, I had no time to brood, I'm glad to report. I had another guy in the car and he kept me from thinking too much. I was very grateful for that.

As I said earlier, I did a run today. Not much recovery needed this week.

I did do some workouts and I got a lot of steps done since July 3, thanks to moving around the classroom at work. I'm not sure if this is the healthiest summer on record for me, but at least I'm making bank and having fun. I'm looking forward to doing something totally silent in August.

I'm finding that waking up stupid early gives me more time to get more things done ... but it was also very nice to sleep in today and then take my daughters out for breakfast.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

June 28 to July 2

June 28 and 29, just had to get through the days. Did morning walks and then tried not to freak out about work or family issues going on.

I finished the semester and got a call on Friday about summer school.

I don't have a lot of choice in the matter and so I spent the afternoon getting stuff ready for the following week. I spent the Saturday getting ink and things printed off ... and a laptop for the middle child. And then going to the Apple Store with the laptop to get it figured out.

Saturday night I got a float in and slept for nearly two hours in the pod. No, that was not a typo.

We got that done and I was still more than ready on Tuesday.

I've done all this before. I know the stresses and I know where the pitfalls are, man. Keep stress free as much as possible, be as pleasant as you can to everyone and make sure you get a walk or cardio session done in the morning.

I got a kettlebell or two in the car over the weekend and planned out tomorrow's early training and prep for work. I know what I am going to do now. And so ... all I have to do is perform.

Sunday and Monday I also got simple walks in, trying to get this freaking hamstring to work. Of course Tuesday I got to training and my hamstring went "Poiiiing" on a sprint and I walked it off. I had ice on it for a while. The trainer did nothing to help, which wasn't surprising. Alas, these things happen. I was so pissed off at my leg.

I went to have a pint and the wrong person was behind the bar, so I went to bed. Annoying people are legion.