Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sept 12 to 21

I'm getting to training these days, but I'm doing only most of the things.

I'm also getting to the pool to walk at least once a week. Helping the knee that is. Making mobility sessions at least once a week too.

Also ... playing lots of rugby. Played in Saturday's game, and have hit morning sessions every day.

Stress is killing me and the hits just keep on coming.

At least I'm getting tons of reading and writing done. Not a lot of training, but stretching and rolling is being done.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept 1 to 11

I remember exactly where I was 16 years ago. It affected my life to a great degree. I will not forget.

The last ten days have been a vast improvement, although stressful. It is the start up of school and this one was smooth. Nothing major in terms of set backs. A great deal of stress was averted when we found child care for my youngest, basically almost at the 8th hour. Not quite the 11th hour, but pretty close. She has worked out wonderfully for my family. At least I know he's being taken care of and will get to school without issue.

I too have been getting to school without issue, and getting back on a good routine for nutrition is extremely helpful. I've also been doing daily stretching and rolling in the mornings, which are helpful for the legs. No breakfast runs to Tim Hortons also help.

Saturday saw me play a half of first team rugby, the first time this season. I will admit, I was a lot slower than I should have been - but at least I saw it with my own eyes and I lived it.

Both teams were under strength, but the good guys won.

Breakfasts have been coffee, stretching and a fruit with protein powder smoothie.

Lunches have been carrots, celery, tuna, and almonds. I'm still getting used to how much water I can drink without exploding at work.... ;)

Dinner and training have been my downfall so far. I do have a plan, but I need to keep discipline for myself. Moving forward, I'm going to be planning out the reliance on carb filled food for myself. I'm finally able to do the Sunday night grocery run and have it mean something.

On to better times!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aug 22 to Aug 30

Not much to report. Well, a little.

Had a few good workouts, a few walks in the pool and a lot of physiotherapy on my knee.

It's sucky, but stress levels are up there. I'm glad that things are going to get back to normal, at least at some point. Maybe soon, I'm not sure.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Aug 17 to 21

I'm most interested in finishing off this season on a positive note, but ending it would be in the best interests of my knees and hip. There were two nights I got to the pool to walk and hot tub.

It's not like I have some ligament snapped or devastating injury. They just ache and wake me up at night. I'd rather just heal and then get back to regular training and get ready for next year.

In any case, lots of stretching and rolling and light lifting in the mornings these days. No contact rugby, thanks to a puffy knee. Just rugby on Saturday, Aug 19th. Played in two games, too.

I'm pretty sure I hit all my throws and won all my scrums. Stole and got close to stealing at least two in both games.

I was tired at the end of the day, man. I was bone tired and covered in ice. It was the annual luau at my club and I just kinda sat and enjoyed watching the CRC on the huge screen in my clubhouse for a while.

Sunday and Monday were both recovery days - ice on my knee and lots of Advil. Monday also saw me do this:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Monday July 10 - Aug 16

I've been negligent.

I've been out of my elements for the last four or so weeks, and a lot has been sliding around me, including this blog.

Fact are that I've been doing the bare minimum and getting the same as results. I have been wondering about what to do next, how best to help myself, my family and the community around me.

Those first two have been sorely neglected in the last two years.

I am searching and wondering why that focus changed. I have not yet decided on a conclusion or solution.

I am still writing about it, I am still discussing it with my support people. I am wondering about my knees and if they are the thing that would cause me to give up on fitness.

What a shame that might turn out to be.

I have started back to daily morning rolling and stretching and feel much better after. I can't say I'm back to being 100%, but I'll take being able to get up and down stairs without holding on to the rail for starts.

I'll get back to it; I have to.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jul 9

Friday was the usual, a morning walk with a morning stretching session. It was also a date night - after a long drive to and from work got the youngest down in time and went for a pool walk with my wife.

Ugh, the mobility work was very much needed.

Saturday was a rugby day, of course. I'm playing for my club's third XV at the moment and it's very frustrating. I hate showing up to a nearby away game to find out most of the guys who were committed to coming just didn't come. I'm not used to that level of non-commitment, and it's just sad.

Ah well, I did the line outs, helped someone else get better at line outs, too. I also scrummed hard and tried to help the team as much as possible. I didn't stay for the meal after, as I just thought it more important to stay married than argue the finer points of rugby.

I got home and did some recovery work.

Sunday was a recovery day, too. I ended up taking my wife and youngest for a long session in the pool. Ah, it was nice and sunny but a little chilly, if you can believe that. We stayed in the hot tub and went for a slide or two in the inside pool. My legs and hips got stretched out, too.

Nutrition improved with a home cooked meal, for a change, too. Time heals all wounds, including those made of stress.

Wed July 5 and Thursday July 6

Wednesday was kind of cool.

I'm working in Barrie this summer, so I decided to try out a Kettlebell gym there. Had a great mobility session and asked what sort of arrangement could be made for me to work out there for the rest of my summer. It didn't work out, I'm somewhat sad to report.

Meh, I'd rather get back to civilisation anyway.

So a great mobs session after a morning walk and stretching session.

Thursday was a morning walk, with an evening rugby training session. After that, I got home to a child who was still up and annoying their parents.