Friday, June 27, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday June 26

Wednesday was a recovery day. I recovered from running around and getting my ITB band poked and messed with. I need to gt back to rolling my legs out after every session.

Saturday came early this week - there is no rugby game on Saturday, and so we had a "friendly" Thursday night at my club. We got our asses handed to us - lots of work to be done. At least I made my tackles and won set piece. Not too many rucks, but the ones I hit, we won the ball back.

In any case, I'm feeling pretty sore the next day ...

Monday and Tuesday June 24

Monday was a walking day - did a decent walk around my neighbourhood.

Tuesday was a training night - except it rained and thundered ... and so we waited until the clouds cleared and ran some touch. My body was tight and the AT we have actually chuckled at my ITB bands.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday and Sunday June 22

Saturday was an interesting day. I started at loosehead prop, a position I've not played since last August. It was a steep learning curve, man. At least I didn't get any penalties against me. The guy I played against was well over 400 pounds, too. He wasn't much in the free play, but in the scrums, he was immovable. All I cold do was get low and push hard.

I lifted at three in the lineouts and we won pretty close to 100% while I was on the field. I knew the calls and the plays. I was also responsible for getting the jumper down and safe, so I couldn't scramble after ball. I did forced up out of a three mauls, though. That wasn't helpful and kinda hurt. At the break, I talked to my replacement. We were up 4 tries to 1 and I was trying to get him on the pitch. I feel as though I should have stayed on, but that is sounding more like whining than I care to think about.

We won the day, but only because they ran out of time. They actually scored four tries but lost the game as their kicker was horrible. We won on kicks, basically. The final score was 20-24. There were a few glaring things from my perspective including people subbing in not knowing the lineout calls, not pushing in the scrums properly and people playing out of position for a first XV game. There were also the usual problems about missed tackles and basic handling mistakes, too.

Whatever, we won. Let's move on to Sunday

Sunday I got a nice walk in as a recovery session for my legs in the afternoon. On the beach with my kids. That was pretty cool.

Wed Thurs and Friday June 20th

Wednesday was a walking day. Nice and easy.

Thursday was a training day and I got a morning walk in then, too.

After training, which was hot as hot can be. Humid, too. I got this done, just because I knew that I needed to get this done:

Indian club casts - used the pole from the sled. 5 times each side
double handed around the head reels
20 kb cleans
20 kb clean and presses
20 kb snatches

I got that done for two rounds before going inside for a shower. Not feeling good after the heat. I was picked to start for the firsts, though. Seems the prop I'm replacing is getting married. What kind of a rugby man gets married in the middle of a rugby season? Ugh.

Friday was a recovery day, but I also read the post on the right hand side here. Seems if I wanted to do cardio with a kettlebell, I need to snatch and snatch hard. I got some stretching in and I looked at my benefits in order to see what my coverage for massage and physiotherapy is like. I like.

Or box, or run. Simple choice.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday June 17

Sunday was a driving day. Spent five glorious hours in the car, driving home, listening to the novel I'm reading ... ugh. Nice to read, but man, I'd rather just train.

Monday was upheaval. Took my middle child to the hospital instead of training. Kind of have to do these things. In the evening, made sure all was orderly.

Tuesday was a training night. After rugby, got this done for two rounds before having to attend a coaches meeting:

20 kb cleans
20 Kb cleans and presses
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I could have and should have gone longer, as I was the only junior club coach in attendance. Kind of a drag to have to pull the senior men's coach away from training to lead a session only to have no one show, but that is what we did.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday and Saturday June 14

yeah, not shiny but good

Friday was a travel day - I took a trip to Ottawa to watch my middle child swim. She was awesome. But I spent the night trapped inside a small compact car and went to bed.

Saturday was weird. Scotland was playing Canada in Toronto. I was in Ottawa. I was sad. My own rugby club was to play the Buffalo RFC before the game and then travel together to BMO Field. I missed that, too.

But while the game was on, I got a break and got a chance to train inside my hotel room. I got this done for five rounds before having to shower and get back to the pool to watch my daughter compete.

25 BW squats
20 step ups onto the chair in the picture
20 feet up push ups

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday June 12

Wednesday was a walking day - about a half hour walk with my wife and youngest. It was a nice and happy occasion.
I think that's me supporting the catcher

Thursday was a game night. We played a club from Mississauga and it went well. It was a night to experiment and so I was a "Power 20" sub. I came in to replace someone who had never played prop before and I was the clean up.

It was a scrum when I got into the game ... we stole it and went and we scored.

Off the kick off, I caught it, recycled it quite nicely ... and scored.

Two series of plays, two scores. Yup. Power 20 sub.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday June 10

Sunday was a stretching day. Seriously. Stretching.

Monday was a walking day. Did a 40 minute walk in the morning, then did a 30 minute walk in the evening with my middle child. We chatted about a lot of strings and barbie dolls and why kites have strings.

Tuesday I did another walk and then did a rugby training session. 120 minutes of tackling and ball running and the rest of it. After, I did this for two rounds:

20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

Felt good, went home. All is good, man.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friday and Saturday June 8

Friday was another flat on my back day- moving just wasn't happening. No walk, nothing. Recovery.

Saturday was rugby. I played ok- I got their hooker dangling a few times. I stole three or four balls in scrums, too. Line outs worked rather well - we scored one try off a nicely executed line out, with a redirected point of attack. 

Open play- well I got one nice open field tackle in, the rest of the time I was in and around the ruck or they went the other way. At minute 60 I was taken off.

After the game two or three gentlemen of the club came and said to me that after my replacement, the game shifted dramatically - which I guess is a compliment. 

In any case, lots of fitness to be done, lots of recovery work to be done today and this week. No league game next week as Scotland is coming to play Canada. However there are two friendlies set up- Thursday and Saturday.... 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday June 5

Wednesday was a recovery day. I needed every moment to try and get my hips and my hamstrings to coordinate together, and spent most of the day on my back. I did get a walk in, trying to get everyone to just cooperate.

Thursday was supposed to be a training night, but had a work event I didn't dare miss and so ... I knuckled under and went. It ended up being a bright night for people around me and I'm glad they thought it cool that I was there.

Me? I'd rather had been at training, working on my rugby skills and fitness.

Sunday Monday Tuesday June 3

Sunday was a recovery day. I stretched and rolled and adviled.
Pic is unrelated

Monday was a cardio day, for which I did a nice walk of about 30 minutes.

Tuesday was a training night but I did a walk in the morning and then training after work. The u18's seem to be coming along, too.

After Men's training, I did a short wrestling workout with four or five guys. I kept my participation short as my hamstrings and hips were not happy with me.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Friday and Saturday May 31

Friday was supposed to be a rest day ... for the most part it was.

Saturday was Home Opener day at my rugby club. And I thought I did OK on the set piece, stealing a lot of ball as hooker. Scrums, after the first few, were all mine in the first half. I just had a lot more power in the scrum than my opponent. And a lot more time in a scrum, too.

Second half, with a much larger hooker, went a little different the first scrum, but then I was subbed off.
My Coaching Toolbox is trying to tell me something

My line outs were pretty well thrown, too. I'm pretty sire we won pretty close to all of the ones I threw in. They were not very good at set piece.

However, what they lacked in set piece work, they made up for in open play. Lots of support and offloads into tackles meant we were always moving back. It was 3 tries to 1 at half, and then they hit their stride. Final score was run up a little, but that is the nature of our league. You have to score as many tries as possible in order to gain promotion.

In any case, I thought I preformed well. I need to work with my team around tackles and rucks. I will. Set piece seems to be ok and it's only going to get better. I set up a new fitness plan with NZ Coaching Toolbox and for a hooker, with some fitness and more than five years experience ... all it said, every day was "Cardio - Run"