Monday, June 2, 2014

Friday and Saturday May 31

Friday was supposed to be a rest day ... for the most part it was.

Saturday was Home Opener day at my rugby club. And I thought I did OK on the set piece, stealing a lot of ball as hooker. Scrums, after the first few, were all mine in the first half. I just had a lot more power in the scrum than my opponent. And a lot more time in a scrum, too.

Second half, with a much larger hooker, went a little different the first scrum, but then I was subbed off.
My Coaching Toolbox is trying to tell me something

My line outs were pretty well thrown, too. I'm pretty sire we won pretty close to all of the ones I threw in. They were not very good at set piece.

However, what they lacked in set piece work, they made up for in open play. Lots of support and offloads into tackles meant we were always moving back. It was 3 tries to 1 at half, and then they hit their stride. Final score was run up a little, but that is the nature of our league. You have to score as many tries as possible in order to gain promotion.

In any case, I thought I preformed well. I need to work with my team around tackles and rucks. I will. Set piece seems to be ok and it's only going to get better. I set up a new fitness plan with NZ Coaching Toolbox and for a hooker, with some fitness and more than five years experience ... all it said, every day was "Cardio - Run"

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