Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Feb 24

Sunday was finally warm enough and clear enough to get a run done. I did a nice 4k run in 27 minutes. It was a nice run, finally. Kept myself out of trouble with this one, but my knee and hamstring started to bug me a bit.

Lots of stretching after, man. Lots.

In any case Monday ... Monday I was stretching a lot too.

I also got some help with that, man. It was awesome. I did get a short run in in order to keep the streak alive for Smashrun. It's a bare pass but at least I'm passing. I'm disappointed in just how cold it's been at the moment.

Tuesday ... it was a brutally cold night ... my entire entry on Smashrun about the walk is "Snowy icy crap walk". Yeah, that sums it up quite nicely.

Fri and Sat Feb 21

Friday was  .... Friday. I'm supposed to be keeping myself up and active and I got a walk in ... it was so freakingly cold outside. I dreaded going outside and left it until after 11pm. I did get it done though.

The whole time I was walking, all I could think about was how much nicer walking and being active will be in the summer. Man, it's going to be so nice in the summer.

Saturday was another long day, and I did get a walk in to keep the streak going. I had icicles on my moustache by the end... it was ugly. At least the sidewalks were clearing up.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Feb 19

In any case, it's cold.

I did some stretching this early am, but not what I'm used to, quite frankly. I did do about 50 minutes of yoga, but I fell asleep again during the relaxation part of the session. I still think that's a good idea, to be frank. I mean ... it's relaxing, right?

After that session, I did make it to physiotherapy on time. I feel so much more limber after, man. Me, limber ... and resilient. In any case, after that, I got the youngest to bed and then I got a 20 minute walk in when it was ... um ... cold outside.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Feb 18

I just didn't feel good today. I slept on the couch with my legs up and that usually helped, but did not this time.

I'd love to go and have my last float, but I'm going to wait until the roads clear more than a little.

In any case, I got a quick run in, about a 15 minute run, covering about 1.5km. Why so short? So that I had time to get this done for four rounds:
This is not my shirt

20 kb two handed swings
10 kb snatches each side
15 kb clean and presses

After that, I got to chase a 16 year old around a gym for about 20 minutes. We did one set of over head presses with three sets of dumb bell bench flys.

Monday and Tuesday Feb 17

So, yeah. Monday. Monday was a holiday in this part of the world. Me? I enjoyed every minute at my FIL's house. He chased children as he was able. He bought lunch and dinner. I rather enjoyed myself, to be frank.

I got home and had to get something done. I got a 3k walk in. Did I mention it was really cold and the sidewalks are not very well cleaned?

Tuesday was a day back at work. I got to do yoga for an hour while at work, which helped me see where things are hurting. I'm glad that I have the time and the place to get this done. After work I got to another physio session and shared my experiences of the day. It was a nice stretch that helped me.

In the end of the day, I got a 4k run in. The sidewalks are hit and miss with the ice and snow. I had some nice moments of ice free running and also nearly slipped in a few places.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saturday and Sunday Feb 15

So ... Feb 14 ... yeah, that day. That made up holiday where everyone gets their knickers in a twist. Whatever, man. Go for it, if it makes you happy.

Me? I'm going to train with the full blessing of my spouse.

In any case, it was another really freakingly cold day ... I guess I should just shrug my shoulders and say "'s Canada, it's February ,,,,, what else would you expect?". Whatever, man. I got a 5k run/walk in while the sun was at it's warmest, which would be about -8 degrees C for the day.

Sunday was back to the grindstone, so to speak. I did get out there, but it was down to -21 degrees. At that point, I cut my cardio a bit short and go inside for the rest of it. I got just over 3kms in on a walk/run. I got home and did this for four rounds, AQAP:

20 two handed swings
15 kb snatches each side
20 BW squats

It was pretty cold inside my garage gym. Yup,'s Canada, it's February ,,,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thursday and Friday Feb 13

Thursday and Friday I had to wait until everyone else was in bed to get a short walk in as a workout for the day.

At least Thursday I got some yoga in. My work has a programme running and we spent two sessions a week stretching. I was away on Tuesday and so I missed it. I got the stretching in today, but I wore work clothes, which isn't the best but .... it's what I wore, so whatever.

In any case, I feel a heck of a lot better after the stretching. I did fall asleep during the relaxation part of the session, I will freely admit. But, I will add that I think that was the point.

Friday ... Friday was the seventeenth anniversary of a really crappy day. To this day, i can't believe just how stupid I was the night before weigh ins.

In any case, I had to wait until literally every person in my house was in bed before going out for my walk. I know what you are thinking: "Dude, you have to start some sort of physical training for your muscles." This, I know.

In any case, I'm going to go and get myself into today.

Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 11

Tuesday continued my life as a weird surreal collapse into darkness. I barfed, I eliminated stuff and then felt a lot better. After that, I got a 3k walk in.

Man, it's just not on, but it's on.

Wednesday was the last day I could get valentines day cards for my kids to deliver on time ... I spent money and time getting them, too. At least I got my walk in such that they could hand pieces of paper to their ungrateful bullying classmates.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday and Monday Feb 9

Sunday was a cool day, finally. Don't get me wrong, I had three kids to myself as my wife was out of the house for the day. Chasing the youngest around while trying ot get him to know to poop in the bathroom was a drag.

Yah, that happened. All day.

The cool part was when I did a walk in the afternoon when my wife got home nd then again at night. I think both walks were 6k when added together.

What was really cool was this:

Yeah, that was the cool part.

Monday was a let down. I'm coming down with something. In any case, I got a quick run in as they finally cleared the sidewalks enough to be run on. I did a 4k run rather quickly and got home. 

Friday and Saturday Feb 8

I'm just crawling through these days. Crawling.

Friday was a snow storm and another visit to Emerg with my middle child. She's ok. I had to get a walk in, but I had to get it done quickly ... so it turned into a run. A 1k run.

That's literally all the time I had to myself today. Crazy.

Saturday I had to wait until everyone was in bed after a family birthday party to get a 3.5k walk in. So much snow on the ground, man. So much snow.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monday, Tuesday .... until Feb 5

Keep a daily blog they said ... it will be easy they said ...

I want to kick myself as an apology to my faithful readers for not keeping this blog up to date. It's just rude and I'm sorry. Work and family life is just not letting me get to this. In the end, yes, I'm catching up on my writing, but I jsut need to make sure I keep moving forward.

I keep walking, sometimes running, in my neighbourhood. Sunday and Monday ...well ... recent days have brought a lot of snow to my part of the world. I did get walks in on every day to keep my streak alive. I do need to start thinking about lifting and not just moving.

I did do a stretching / physiotherapy session the other day that was just unreal. I did the session and my hip stopped hurting while I walked/ran that night. It also let me sleep without any messing about, too. I'm up for the same type of session next Tuesday, but I know that keeping myself rolling and active is the key to the whole thing.

To that end, I did this kettlebell workout today:

20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
10 kb curls

After a 20 minute run.

Yeah, I'm cool. my mom says so.