Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday and Sunday April 28 and 29

I was supposed to to go rugby today. I was also supposed to go and watch the Canadian Kettlebell competition today, too. Instead, I woke up to the messiest house ever. It was really driving me nuts, and so, after an early coffee and snack, I got to cleaning.

My kids, of course, helped by making the mess a little larger each time I tried to clean something up. However, bu midday, the house was looking pretty good. I can hardly wait until I can spend a bit of time each day cleaning instead of these marathon cleaning sessions.

I got a lot done, including a brief cleaning of the garage gym, too. And I got a workout in with my family, although it was mostly stretching on my part. But my legs were feeling it. At the end of the day, my wife and I watched a film together and chatted about next year and what we should be looking to do for jobs and with the kids.

Saturday I didn't feel good waking up, Sunday was a lot better. I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee with a banana

Lunch: (mostly) vegetable wraps - salad, hot sauce, green pepper with some roast beef in a wrap. Water to drink.

Dinner: Burgers and salad. Water to drink.

I went to bed Saturday waaaaaay to late. But I did get to bed and stayed asleep - something which is an issue with three kids and not really a lot of training going on at the moment.

Sunday I went into my office and thought about a lot of the stuff that is there. A lot of the material there I have tnot used in more than six months, a large percentage I haven't used in a lot longer time than that. I feel a purge coming on. I also found my Writer's Journal from when I went through The Artist's Way program. It was like a bonk to the side of the head. I'm going ot do that again, as it has been at least five years since the last time I really took a good look at where my life is going.

To that end, I took my son and got to Curry's for a set of writing tools and a journal. Should be cool. Need to schedule a time during the day when I get the pages done, but other than that, I'm stoked.

I ate this Sunday:

Breakfast: coffee, then church

Brunch: bacon, tomato and egg sandwich: truly an epic meal. Water to drink.

Dinner: Chicken Kiev with potatoes and water to drink. Rhubarb crumble with ice cream for dessert.

The last meal there was at my parent's place. Saw their photos from their trip to Portugal. Awesome stuff.

Friday April 27

This was a PD day for me - so it was pretty busy. Lots of running around with the kids and getting them to shere they needed to be before running off to work.

Lots of coffee, and I was pretty determined not to suck back the donuts and muffins that were on offer for snacks and lunch. I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie - frozen berries and milk. then coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Lunch: burger (no fries) with water to drink.

Dinner: chicken and vegetables. Water to drink. Sort of.

I did this for three rounds:

10 Hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
10 BW squats

I had to get something done, and that was it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

wednesday and thursday April 26 and 27

Still no training - I'm hoping that my "crush time" will end soon. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if anything is going to help.

In any case, I am eating better these days. Sleep isn't as good, nor is having some time in the gym. But, at least I can say I am sticking to a decent diet.


Breakfast: eggs and tomato on a bun. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: almonds, carrots and tuna. Water.

Dinner: Nice bowl of pasta.

Not a lot of water these days, I'm sorry to say. Not a lot of time in my work day to make that happen. It will change, I'm hoping sooner rather than later.


I enjoyed the eggs and tomato on a bun yesterday, so I had it today, too. Nice large coffee

Lunch: roast beef wraps after a trip to the doctor.

Dinner: pizza. Would have been nice to be better planned, alas, it was not. Water to drink.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday april 24

I was hoping to be able to report that I attended my first rugby session tonight, but I can't. Instead I attended an Exec Meeting of the club, meters away of people playing rugby.


I got home from the meeting and did this for four rounds:

40 two handed kb swings
20 feet up push ups
10 hanging knee tucks
20 bw squats

Then I called it a night

I ate this:

Breakfast - smootie and a Timmys BELT

Snack almonds and water

Lunch the usual of tuna, carrots, green pepper, almonds and water

Dinner mushroom soup and sandwich. I took a sirloin medallion and chopped it up and put it on bread. Delicious. Water to drink.

After training, I had some water. I made a deliberate effort to not eat anything after i check me weight this morning. Those extra calories on Saturday and Sunday added up. 219

Monday apr 23

This was the first night without my second shift at night. I had planned to do a short bodyweight workout after dinner. I was so exhausted, i fell asleep at 6pm, waking up 12 hours later. I did help get my kids in bed, but as soon as that was done, I went back to bed.


I ate ok, but not really;

Breakfast- smoothie of frozen berries and milk.

Snack coffee

Lunch - the usual of tuna, carrots, almonds with water to drink.

Dinner was a stir fry over rice. Brocolli, cauliflower, roast beef and mushrooms. It was delicious. Water to drink. Dessert was ice cream, which was ok, i guess. Not really, but delicious.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday April 22

Happy Earth Day ... I will try and Live Simply. Or at least I tried. I still have a lot on my plate at the moment.

Speaking of which:

Breakfast: eggs and toast, water to drink.

Snack: coffee - I was out and about with my son. S'ok, he had milk.

Lunch: (right after training) chicken breast with a bit of pasta.

Dinner: left over chilli, then had a bit of the roast beef I was cooking on a bun.

I got two workouts done today - the first time in a while.

Workout one was with my kids in my gym. Pretty simple stuff:

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
5 chin ups
10 hanging knee tucks
10 KB snatches each side
10 KB cleans

I was teaching my daughter to use her newly purchased pink kettlebell. She named it Kelly. Pics to follow. It was pretty cool to have her in there working on her technique and helping her get healthier. My other daughter then asked for her own kettlebell. Next time, I said. Next time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fri and Sat April 21

Yeah, I didn't do anything on Friday.
I ate ok:
 Breakfast: smoothie
 lunch: I delayed it until later in the day, having a work get together. Samosa, other nutritionally questionable items, juice.
Dinner: one slice of pizza, thanks to that lunch.

 After that, I jsut didn't want to move. Saturday, felt a lot better - got a lot of sleep, finally.

I was up early and looking after kids.
 Breakfast: the rest of my pizza from last night
 Lunch: coffee
Dinner: burger, salad. Water to drink.

Did this for four rounds:
20 KB snatches each side (30 lb bell used)
20 KB cleans 10 hanging knee tucks
20 push ups (depending on the round, my son sat on my shoulders, too)
10 log squats (something new, instead of BW squats, I just grabbed the end of the telephone pole that I lay on the floor in my gym. I have pics, somewhere...)

 Oh, and after my workout, I went to Empire Fitness to deliver a thank you gift to Chris for Skping with my class last week. Got to see his new place. Pretty cool, man.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday April 19

I'm taking this blog to another level ... out into the open, so to speak.

I finished a contract for a second shift yesterday, so my work load got a third lighter. After this month, I go back to a third of last week's work load. At that point, I will be back at my daily training and have a focus on my nutrition as I did earlier in the year.

I'm so looking forward to that time, it is really sad.

So .. how is this blog being taken to the open, you may ask. I am allowing and encouraging people to link to the posts and the feeds from this blog on their online presences. I'm trying to use this blog to promote the use of technology in the health of people around me. I'm hoping this works for some, at least.

I have to try, youknowwhatImean?

In any case, I will finish off this blog post tonight with what I ate and what I did at rugby and after rugby.

After running around for about 40 minutes, I did this for three rounds: 10 KB cleans (each side, 40 lb bell used) 10 KB snatches 40 m sprint x 2 10 burpees 40 m sprint x 2 20 feet up push ups A bit of fitness at the end of the day; pleasant enough way to ease back into working out most days. Diet was pretty good for most of the day, too: Breakfast: smoothie - frozen berries and milk, blended. Coffee after Lunch: tuna, carrots and green pepper. Almonds and water. Dinner: Stir fry night! Rice with vegetables over the top. After training snack: chicken with rice. Water to drink.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, Sat and Sunday

OK, so ... I'm off work for a few days. My diet has just been brutal. Too much food, too much stuff that is just not good for me.

I checked weight today ... and was shocked to see 216. That's a lot of weight to be gained in a short period of time, man. As I said, brutal.

At the very least I have been physically active, being able to get some body weight workouts in between going to church and taking care of kids. I've also managed to eat like a gorilla.

However, a typical workout was this:

20 KB two handed swings
20 KB snatches
10 hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
5 chin ups

I'm trying to get my upper body ready for rugby this summer, and I'm also trying to get myself ready for the Tough Mudder in August. Today I did some writing on paper about what I wanted to do for long term goals for my training and I think I have a solution until the end of August. I bought myself some time, in other words. I need to focus on training and diet and making sure I'm ready to go on August 18th. If I'm not, I'm going to get myself hurt very badly. And so, I since I have a goal, I will be training.

After that, the most obvious problem I have is finding a place to roll.

Friday, April 6, 2012

March 31 to April 5

Still not doing much training at the moment. Still have the crazy hours at work. I mean, I get my kids to daycare for 7:30, then work, then sprint back to pick them up by 4:30pm. Between those hours I am contantly on the move.

Twice a week, too, I'm at a night shift, too. And on top of that, I'm the club secretary for my rugby club and they've been very patient with me for the time being. But holy crap man, I'm a busy little guy. At least April has a few days off for me, including this long Easter weekend.

I will get some training done this weekend. Man, at least I hope so.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sat and Sun Marh 31 and April 1

Saturday, got a chance to get this done five rounds:

20 KB swings
20 kb snatches
20 push ups
20 hanging knee tucks

Lots of healthy stuff to eat. Checked weight, too. I'm at 213.

Sunday, ate like crap, and no training, either. Lots of stuff with the kids and work.