Friday, April 27, 2012

wednesday and thursday April 26 and 27

Still no training - I'm hoping that my "crush time" will end soon. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if anything is going to help.

In any case, I am eating better these days. Sleep isn't as good, nor is having some time in the gym. But, at least I can say I am sticking to a decent diet.


Breakfast: eggs and tomato on a bun. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: almonds, carrots and tuna. Water.

Dinner: Nice bowl of pasta.

Not a lot of water these days, I'm sorry to say. Not a lot of time in my work day to make that happen. It will change, I'm hoping sooner rather than later.


I enjoyed the eggs and tomato on a bun yesterday, so I had it today, too. Nice large coffee

Lunch: roast beef wraps after a trip to the doctor.

Dinner: pizza. Would have been nice to be better planned, alas, it was not. Water to drink.

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