Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, Sat and Sunday

OK, so ... I'm off work for a few days. My diet has just been brutal. Too much food, too much stuff that is just not good for me.

I checked weight today ... and was shocked to see 216. That's a lot of weight to be gained in a short period of time, man. As I said, brutal.

At the very least I have been physically active, being able to get some body weight workouts in between going to church and taking care of kids. I've also managed to eat like a gorilla.

However, a typical workout was this:

20 KB two handed swings
20 KB snatches
10 hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups
5 chin ups

I'm trying to get my upper body ready for rugby this summer, and I'm also trying to get myself ready for the Tough Mudder in August. Today I did some writing on paper about what I wanted to do for long term goals for my training and I think I have a solution until the end of August. I bought myself some time, in other words. I need to focus on training and diet and making sure I'm ready to go on August 18th. If I'm not, I'm going to get myself hurt very badly. And so, I since I have a goal, I will be training.

After that, the most obvious problem I have is finding a place to roll.

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