Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wednesday Thursday and Friday Dec 26

I was really upset about a lot of stuff that I am seeing in my life on Dec 24th and I went for a walk at 1am. No that was not a typo. I was just plain angry about a lot of things and I thought I'd try to walk it out. At least the weather was nice - it was about 8 degrees outside.

I followed that up with a walk later on the same day, but it ended quickly as I saw lightning. Yup, no snow today, just rain and the threat of being electrocuted.

On Thursday I got a walk in before I had to leave and go be a son. Meh, whatever. At least I kept my streak alive.

Friday was an epic journey for me .. I wanted to measure out my entire community. I did an almost 7 kilometer walk, doing it in 1 hour, 8 minutes. I was five minutes shy of my longest workout. I think by the end of this break I can beat that.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Dec 23

So Sunday morning, I figured I had some time for a walk, and I took the time ... did a nice long 40 minute walk. Did about 4k. It was pretty nice weather and I got a fair amount of thinking done.

I think I have a plan for my own future.

I did have to rush hte end of the walk as I had to go and be a dad

Monday ... I was a 12 year old. I had my iPhone with me and was walking over tot he local library. I noticed that they had the gates on the local fields open and no was on them. So ... I used the extra five minutes and wrote a swear word, tracked by the Nike+ app on my phone. Came out fairly clearly, too.

Tuesday I got a five k run in. I'm all that an a purple shirt.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Dec 20

I'm not sure what was done to my legs on Friday afternoon ... but as I walked down the stairs early this morning, nothing hurt in the gastroc muscle area.... Graston technique ... I saw this, too:

In any case, I got my family up and after my lovely wife was up, I got my run in for the day.

After the run, I got this posted to my Fb page:

Yeah, I'm cool... but the nice part was that Smashrun told me that this was my fastest 5k run in a year. It was 5:59 per kilometer ... which I havent been able to get to in a long while.

Thursday and Friday Dec 19

Thursday was a normal day for me. Up early to stretch and felt really good after.

I did try to get a run in the afternoon, but I was at a GoodLife and on a treadmill ... and I kept having to interrupt myself and go find something as a part of my duties. It wasn't a good run. I did get it done however. Then got this done for three rounds:

This was dug into sore muscles...
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 kb rows

I then had to go and be an adult.

Friday was a drag. Nothing can get me past that idea. I did get some nice "Merry Christmas's" from people which reminded me of sandpaper on skin. Nothing majorly irritating, just not good feelings. In the end, I didn't get a stretch in the morning, although I did get a physiotherapy appointment in. That made me feel a lot better, to be sure.

After the physio, I had to get a walk in. In was late for me, but I did get a walk in. I had company on my walk, too, which made it that much more sweet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Dec 17

Monday ... I got stretching done in the morning and then had a long day being a dad. I took a child to down town Toronto to get an MRI done. Man, that was freaky. When I got home, I was just lying down when I realized I hadn't gotten a run in yet. So I got a walk in really quickly.

Nothing fancy, like a 2k walk. Something I could do during rugby season with my wife. Just to help stay connected.

Tuesday was another stressful day. I knew that I'd need to get a run in. Had some time to think through ideas with myself and came up with the outlines of a plan for myself and my family. It ended up being a 5k run, and one kilometer was the fastest I'd run this year. Funny what happens when I'm stressed and get my mind out of the way of my legs.

Wednesday was a snowy night. I got my youngest to sleep and then looked outside. Last year, I would have done nothing positive. Today, I got my stuff on and did another 5k run. Not a fast one, though. It was pretty slippery out there and rather dark, too. Just did not need to add to my problems. And so, I got another run in. Hashtag Awesome.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Dec 14

I missed the Santa 5K Run. I missed the Santa Speedo Run in downtown Toronto. I really wanted to do both. Such a shame, really. One of those things although not directly training for, it would have been fun to do.

Meh, there is always next year.

I made sure I got a 5k run in today. I had to wait until really late, but I got it done.

I did get a chance to do something thinking today, while caring for the youngest. I'd like to keep running, but add some training in the morning. Something basic and quick that I can do with very little equipment.

Yeah, I know. I already have it in my library.

This week, at least, I'll be doing some training with a buddy. Keep yourself updated, yo!

Friday and Saturday Dec 13

Friday ... what can I say about Friday. I didn't feel at all that well. I did get a massage in, but not a relaxing one. Lots of muscle fibre stripping and sharp poking. I did get out of there, but I think I left a few pieces of me behind. I had to be a dad and get my kids to swimming. In the middle of all that, I had a window of about 35 minutes and so I took my iPod and went for a calming walk.

Or at least that was my intention. Something about this time of year just adds stress to everyone around me. Never a good sign.

Saturday was just another long day of being a dad. I had all three kids for the day and then was able to get a run in later on in the evening. Just not feeling good at all. In any case, I got it done.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Dec 11

Tuesday was a cool day ... I got my rolling and stretching in the morning, then I got my short run in before my rugby club's AGM. No surprise, I got elected to the same position as this year. The run was nice and warm on a treadmill though. Food for thought.

Wednesday I did not get my stretching done in the morning, which was stupid. Later on I did a 4k run outside. The wind was coming from a different direction than normal, so I'm expecting a huge snow storm tomorrow .... ....

Which came on Thursday. Yeah, about 10 cm of snow ... which a few of the hardy souls that live around me cleared off their part of the sidewalk, but not all did. I chose to do a short walk and do some rolling in the evening than go for a run.

I know it's also rugby night, but I just don't have the coin to make that happen at the moment. In any case, I got the runs and workouts in, I guess. Not as intense as I need them to be, but they got done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sunday and Monday Dec 8

I'm playing a little with the Blogger settings to see if I can schedule a blog post for later.

If you are reading this, then it has worked and I'm that much more of a geek.

In any case, Sunday I was still sore, but I got some rolling and stretching in and some walking in, too.

Monday was the "getting back into it" routine and I made sure I got things recorded and done. It was a 4k run in the evening and a rolling and stretching session in the early am.

The rolling was just awesome, and it continues to be.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friday and Saturday Dec 6

Friday was not very much fun, to be frank. I made sure I minded my P's and Q's, though. I got through my day and made sure htat I could look at myself in the mirror.

At least after dinner on Friday I got a chance to get my walk in with some company, namely my middle child. We had about a half hour to walk and chat while looking at the lights that have gone up around our neighbourhood. Kinda nice, to be frank.

Saturday was another day of annoying muscles and just abusive levels of stress that I am imposing on myself. Seriously, why do I do this to myself?

In any case, I needed to get a walk or a run in, and I knew that the rest of the day would just be abnormal... so I grabbed an overdue library book and walked to return it at about 9:30 in the morning. I kept trying to think about how I could keep this blog going, how I could keep my family going and make sure everyone got what they needed out of life.

I got to travel to another rugby club as a part of a meeting I had to take as a part of the Rugby Ontario Discipline Committee. I wasn't too impressed with the place, to be frank. Lots of rich old people with nothing better to do than to go to a clubhouse like building, sit on couches and pontificate about how awesome they are.

Well, that is at least the impression I got. I'm kinda with Holden Caulfield on this one. Phoneys. All A bunch of phoneys.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Dec 4

this is where the owie is, sort of
Wednesday I had planned on a short run, but I squeezed in a quick 5k run.

Thursday started as a horrible day. When I opened my eyes early this morning, everything was just rotten. Legs were sore, hamstrings were tight and gasrocs were just on fire.

Rolling and stretching helped a lot. I got through my day. I need to get better at rolling and stretching them there muscles. They were just messing with my day.

In any case, I got two runs and a workout in today. First run was for 20 minutes, and I ended up getting a 3k run done itn that time.

After that, I did some kettlebell swinging. I got this done for three rounds before I had to go be an adult:

20 kb cleans (16 kilo bell used throughout)
20 kb rows
20 kb snatches

I got my kids and went home and just could not keep my eyes open after dinner. Much later, I got the idea in my head to go for another run ... and so I did another 4k run. I thought it would be helpful for fitness and mental toughness ... but as I sit and type this, my legs are pretty darn sore.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Dec 2

Monday started off well and then went to the dogs. I did get my rolling and stretching in the morning, and it was cool. As the day progressed, life got tougher and less flexible.

I had the kids until 7, then got to a rugby meeting late, which went until 10pm. On the way home I realized I hadn't done a walk that day and needed to keep my streak alive. I got home, grabbed my iphone and went for a walk. Half way through the walk, my iPhone died. I had my Nike+ watch on and so finished the walk that way. It shows up as three workouts on Nike+ site, which is kinda weird but I'm ok with it.

Tuesday was as normal as it could be. Stretching and rolling in the am, with a 5k run later on in the day. I seem to get a fair number of questions about my own life asked while I run, and I like that.