Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday and Friday Dec 19

Thursday was a normal day for me. Up early to stretch and felt really good after.

I did try to get a run in the afternoon, but I was at a GoodLife and on a treadmill ... and I kept having to interrupt myself and go find something as a part of my duties. It wasn't a good run. I did get it done however. Then got this done for three rounds:

This was dug into sore muscles...
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 kb rows

I then had to go and be an adult.

Friday was a drag. Nothing can get me past that idea. I did get some nice "Merry Christmas's" from people which reminded me of sandpaper on skin. Nothing majorly irritating, just not good feelings. In the end, I didn't get a stretch in the morning, although I did get a physiotherapy appointment in. That made me feel a lot better, to be sure.

After the physio, I had to get a walk in. In was late for me, but I did get a walk in. I had company on my walk, too, which made it that much more sweet.

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