Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Dec 17

Monday ... I got stretching done in the morning and then had a long day being a dad. I took a child to down town Toronto to get an MRI done. Man, that was freaky. When I got home, I was just lying down when I realized I hadn't gotten a run in yet. So I got a walk in really quickly.

Nothing fancy, like a 2k walk. Something I could do during rugby season with my wife. Just to help stay connected.

Tuesday was another stressful day. I knew that I'd need to get a run in. Had some time to think through ideas with myself and came up with the outlines of a plan for myself and my family. It ended up being a 5k run, and one kilometer was the fastest I'd run this year. Funny what happens when I'm stressed and get my mind out of the way of my legs.

Wednesday was a snowy night. I got my youngest to sleep and then looked outside. Last year, I would have done nothing positive. Today, I got my stuff on and did another 5k run. Not a fast one, though. It was pretty slippery out there and rather dark, too. Just did not need to add to my problems. And so, I got another run in. Hashtag Awesome.

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