Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Dec 11

Tuesday was a cool day ... I got my rolling and stretching in the morning, then I got my short run in before my rugby club's AGM. No surprise, I got elected to the same position as this year. The run was nice and warm on a treadmill though. Food for thought.

Wednesday I did not get my stretching done in the morning, which was stupid. Later on I did a 4k run outside. The wind was coming from a different direction than normal, so I'm expecting a huge snow storm tomorrow .... ....

Which came on Thursday. Yeah, about 10 cm of snow ... which a few of the hardy souls that live around me cleared off their part of the sidewalk, but not all did. I chose to do a short walk and do some rolling in the evening than go for a run.

I know it's also rugby night, but I just don't have the coin to make that happen at the moment. In any case, I got the runs and workouts in, I guess. Not as intense as I need them to be, but they got done.

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