Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Dec 2

Monday started off well and then went to the dogs. I did get my rolling and stretching in the morning, and it was cool. As the day progressed, life got tougher and less flexible.

I had the kids until 7, then got to a rugby meeting late, which went until 10pm. On the way home I realized I hadn't done a walk that day and needed to keep my streak alive. I got home, grabbed my iphone and went for a walk. Half way through the walk, my iPhone died. I had my Nike+ watch on and so finished the walk that way. It shows up as three workouts on Nike+ site, which is kinda weird but I'm ok with it.

Tuesday was as normal as it could be. Stretching and rolling in the am, with a 5k run later on in the day. I seem to get a fair number of questions about my own life asked while I run, and I like that.

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