Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Nov 30

Saturday I was up stupid early. I mean stupid. Early.

So I got my 5k run done before 6am. Yeah, I was woken by thoughts of work and I just couldn't get back to sleep until after a run. I did a Tim Horton's run for my wife after the run and then had a nice nap. My son also participated in the np by jumping on my knee and hyper-extending it. Yeah, that didn't feel good.

With all the running, it has become more than necessary to roll and stretch every day. Do you think I could find my lacrosse ball today? No, my son took it and hid it somewhere. Yeah, that didn't feel good either.

I got so stressed that my wife took my kids out for something fun to do with her. That was nice, but she took all the car keys with her, either from design or misfortune. Meh, I got another nice 2k walk in the afternoon. It was warm for this time of year, and I wore shorts and a hoodie while exploring new routes for runs.

Sunday morning I was hurting. I had to get up and get my eldest to swim practice for 7am. I normally would just go for a run there, but not today. I got there and it was still dark and I needed to roll my legs. I got home, got the rolling done and kitted up for a run.

Thing is, I put too much clothing on - I should have worn shorts and a sweater, instead I had a lot more on and overheated while on the 4k run. Meh, I got it done. Later on I did another walk for 2k, and liked looking at all the Christmas lights going up.

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