Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nov 25

Well ... I'm starting to look back over this year. There were some major disappointments in it, and some good things that have happened so far.

I'll have to do a year end wrap up in about a month, just to get a grip on the year, even if I tend to run September to June in my thinking.

In any case, I'm still rolling and running.

Sunday I got up early and didn't feel at all well. Must have been something I ate. In any case, I got my eldest to swimming and came home and napped as opposed to running in the early am. I did get some rolling and stretching done in the afternoon and then later on I got a 5k run in.

Monday was a "normal" Monday, in that I got up early and got stretching and rolling in the early morning. I did a short walk later on in the day, just to clear my head and take a break. It was such a high wind that night, I didn't really want to run, to be honest. It was kind of scary just walking as far as I did, I had to cuddle with my middle child as she was not liking the wind outside. In helping her fall asleep, I myself fell asleep at about 9pm.

Of course, with that early bed time, on Tuesday I woke up stupid early and got a 4k run completed before 6am. That is happening a lot more than I care to admit, to be honest. At least I got it done and I got my day going. That was nice. After the run I got some rolling done but had to get my kids moving to school and me to work.

After work, I felt so tense I had to get another rolling session done and then ... I got another 5k run in. Yeah, I am grateful for the angry people around me, as they are the ones driving me to run at the moment.

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