Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mon and Tues Nov 11

Lest we forget.
Not quite Richard III

Monday was a decent enough day. I wanted to try and get a particular shape on my Nike+ track, I think I failed again, but at least I got close .... It was run 501 for me... it's like I've been doing this for a while or something. In any case, it was like 6 kms.

Tuesday I was up to go to Goodlife in the afternoon, and got a 23 minute run in. I got 2.8k done in that time, which although isn't great was pretty cool.

After that I got this done for two rounds before I had to go be an adult:

20 KB swings - 16 kilo bell used throughout
20 bw squats
10 kb snatches each side
20 seated knee tucks

The people that were with me had no clue what they were doing. Kinda sad, really.

After I got home and fed my kids and got them to bed, I got another 4k run in.

I'm a machine.

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