Saturday, July 30, 2011

july28 29 and 30

This has been quite the week, quite the July.I'm not getting sick of working out, I'm just getting tired of posting stuff online, I guess. Check out my Thursday workout:

five rounds of this while in the heat, at the rugby club:

20 two handed KB swings (30 lb bell used throughout)
10 KB snatches (each side)
10 KB cleans each side
3 TGU's each side
10 shoulderings of the heavy bag known as "Roger"...
10 ab roll outs

That was pretty good, but then followed this up with three rounds of:

5 back arch tosses of the 30 lb kb
10 BW squats

I was pretty beat after that, went into the packed rugby club, grabbed a shower and went to the bar. Of the guys I play with, I was the only one that trained that day. The kicker of it was that some were mocking me while and after my training session. Strange. Meh, it was tasty.

Friday I woke up feeling like crap. I still did my morning stretches and went for a nice long walk with my family in the afternoon heat. No game this weekend, but I'm also just starting a month off, too. It rocks.

Saturday I was feeling crappy again, mostly because my 8month old is teething. Man, maybe that's the reason I'm crapping out on this blogging.... got the morning stretching done, then got around to a lot of homeowner crap that I've been putting off for most of July. It felt good. I'm thinking after I get the kids into bed, I'm off for a walk. Something low impact, low cardio, too. Relaxing. Diet is out the window at the moment, need to get that in check.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 21 to 27th

OK ... seriously ... Things are going to get better. In my darkest times in November, I found the time to blog ... and now this.

Its July and I just can't friggin get my butt to the laptop for this.

Meh - at least the training is going well. Most days I'm either training at rugby or on my own. Stretching, kettlebells, indian clubs ... a lot of body weight training, too.

It's going.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday July 19


Did 30 or so minutes of stretching in the am, felt a lot better afterwards. Stiffened up nearer to bedtime, though.

Ate this:

Breakfast: coffee, veggies
Snack: water, water and more water
Lunch: chicken breast wrap - chicken breast, salad and veggies with hot sauce and ketchup
dinner: pizza night - s'ok.


Breakfast BELT and coffee on the way in
snack: water, water water
lunch: chicken breast on a bun. water to drink
dinner: chilli on rice. Yeah, was a little odd, but tasted good. Beer to drink


Breakfast BELT and coffee on the way in
snack: water, water water
lunch: chicken breast on a bun. water to drink
after training: chicken on a bun, beer to drink.

The "fat f*ck" guy from Saturday was on the balcony after training. Really didn't feel like listening to him rave about ... well, anything. I left five minutes after I showered.

Even though my after training fitness was questioned on Saturday night, I did the following for four rounds after a really sweaty training session. I used a picnic table, as I brought the car to training tonight, and had nothing with which to train:

Picnic table used through this workout:

20 step ups (ten each side)
20 feet up push ups
12 military presses (from knees, some two handed, some one handed)
5 two feet jumps to high part of table

Last round I nearly put my teeth into the table. Kinda funny story.

Saturday July 16

Saturday was a rugby day ... and rookie night.

It was friggin hot, and I thought I was going to play two games, so I took it easy. I played the first game and was soaked with my own sweat... like 38 degrees (more than 85 degrees for my American friends) with a lot of humidity. Was like playing rugby in a bowl of soup. A hot bowl of soup.

Anyway, we won both games. I was a sub for the second game. I thought I was going to get into that one. not sure if I would have been that much of a help, but I was ready. After the second game, I had a bite to eat and a few beers as I waited for my ride. In the middle of my fourth beer, they went looking for me to sub in.

Yeah, no.

I went home, then went back to the clubhouse much later to bear witness to the silliness of rookie night. I took no pictures of that, you can be assured. Some pretty silly stuff, man. I went out to the balcony as the interior of the clubhouse was really hot and was met with the following question:

"Why are such a useless fat f*ck?"

Nice, eh? Yeah, for be it for me to point out the flows of others, but I really didn't like that question. The nice thing was that before I could ask the questioner to stuff it in his own pants, two other people did it for me.

M'eh, when I was 20, I might have left straight away. As it was, being 40 now, I mingled, expressed my opinion on my own play and my training of late to the questioner, had a delightful conversation with a few others, watched some of the other antics and goings on, then left.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thurs and Fri July 14 and 15th

OK, as I said in an earlier post, I'm getting the work done, if not the daily posts.

Thursday I was really tired, and didn't get a morning workout in. I had a brief morning with my youngest and went off to work.

Ate this:

Bekafast: fruit and almonds on the way in, COffee then water.

Snack: carrots, prunes.

Lunch: small can of tuna, veggies and water, water water.

Dinner: lasagna and water to drink.

After training meal: spinach salad - spinach, tomatoes and onion- in a wrap with some chimichurri sauce. That was good.

At training, we did the sprinting fitness test. This time, I did it with rugby cleats on and really wasn't feeling in all that fine of form. Meh, did the test in 7:38. That was about 30 seconds slower than before. Not a good sign, man. Perhaps a little over training, might have been the heat .... even the shoes. Perhaps I'm not working as hard as I think I am.

After training, did this four rounds:

20 KB swings (20 kilo bell used)
20 cleans or KB snatches ( each side, same bell used)
20 weighted squats (45 lb bulgarian training bag)
10 KB rows
10 ab roll outs

I've been trying to think about fleshing out a proposal for off season training at the clubhouse. I'm not sure if I can or if I want to spend my time training there with all of the triggers to bad/poor/awful nutrition there are there (at least triggers for me).

Friday, I woke up feeling rather sore. Seriously.

Ate this: breakfast: water

Lunch: water and a few crackers

Dinner: left over lasagna and small caesar salad. Water to drink.

Late night cheat meal: more lasagna. It was awesome. And I finished the pan, so no more this week.

Took my family to my daughter's soccer tonight. Had to keep moving, as my eldest and my youngest didn't like just sitting there. Took them both for walks around the park, each one separately. Very low impact and got a nice plesant workout.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday July 12 and Wed July 13

OK, I am slacking a bit in these posts. I'm tired, perhaps a little concerned about what's going on with my Macbook and more than a little overwhelmed by my current work assignment.

Whatever, man. I'm getting the training done, if not the blog posts. Sue me.

I ate this Tuesday

Breakfast: almonds and fruit. Coffee on the way in

Snack: almonds, carrots and hummus. Prunes. Water to drink.

Lunch: chicken breast and a salad in a wrap. Deelish. Water to drink

After training meal: tuna, carrots and hummus. Beer.

Did this for four rounds after rugby training:

Indian club swings/circles around the head one arm and two arms both directions
20 squats with the 40 lb bulgarian training bag
20 kb snatches - 20 kilo bell used
20 bw explosive squats

That was tough. I'm going to be sore. At least when I got home, I got a chance to get into a small pool in my backyard and recover a little.

Wednesday was tougher, though. Pretty sore. Needed some recovery in the morning. Did 30 minutes of yoga and stretching in the park across the street from my house. I brought a section of my wrestling mats across and worked out on them. I felt a crap load better afterwards.

Ate this

breakfast: fruit and a handful of almonds, coffee and water on the way in.

Snack: almonds, prunes and carrots with hummus. Water.

Lunch: chicken breast and salad in a wrap. water to drink.

Dinner: home made pizza and a glass of red wine.

Late night: beer and water with my wife as we talked about, well, life.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday July 11

Back at the grind, today. Got a pretty good workout this morning, really struggled with time, though.

Did three rounds of this in an early morning heat:

20 two handed KB swings (30 lb bell used throughout)
20 Kb cleans
20 kB snatches each side
50 feet x 2 snatch position farmers walk with the bell overhead
20 BW squats
10 KB rows

I was pretty sweaty and I had to get going at the end of this.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: chicken breast with salad wrap. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: Carrots, hummus, prunes almonds and water. Lots of water, but should be more in this heat.

Snack: lean ham with salad wrap, water to drink

Dinner: chick breast salad. Beer to drink. Yeah, I know.

Now, though, I need to get some "real" work done. Man, I hate homework ... ;)

Sat and Sun July 9 and 10

Well, Saturday is a rugby day, which means I should have my head screwed on right. I didn't, and I missed the kick off for the first time in ... well, ever. When I got there, clearly, it was a mess. What a drag on a rather awesome weekend, at least weather-wise.

Ate this:

Breakfast: Egg and chicken breast wrap. Coffee to drink, lots of water

Lunch: water and beer

Dinner: steak salad, beer. Garlic bread.


Nice easy day, good workout int he morning, with some active stuff with my three kids all day.

Workout: indian club work. Still need to learn the names of the moves.

Stretching and some yoga moves.

ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and toast, coffee to drink

Lunch: not much, tuna, some hummus and carrots

Dinner: chicken on salad, beer to drink.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday July 8

Today was a real ok day. Got up early for some strange reason, and did some stretching at the park across the street for about a half hour. Lots of downward dog, warrior pose and just basic planks. Shoulder stretching, too.

Felt a crapload better after, man.

Ate this:

Breakfast: coffee and a belt on the ay in. I have to change this before it kills me.

Lunch: Carrots, almonds, prunes. Water, water and water.

Dinner: chicken pasta with a side salad. Wine to drink.

Glad the week is over, tomorrow is a rugby day.

Got a chance to talk about over training yesterday. That is, training a lot while "in season" for rugby. I know I am doing a lot of stuff, and I'm hoping that it helps me stay uninjured. I mean, really, I'm doing all of this to just get back to being healthy, but being uninjured during rugby season while 41 years old is also a nice perk.

PS, I really do suck at tackling.

Wed July 6, thursday July 7

Right, I've figured out what's up with the Macbook. Seems there is some sort of problem that is solved with folded paper in with the battery under the track pad. Tried that these two days, but still awful glad I have Rowmote to use as a backup.

At least the people I work with are impressed

Wednsday, got up late and made my way to work sans morning workout. I was really sore from Tuesday. I did some some stgretching later on in the day, after my kids were in bed.

Ate this:

Breakfast: fresh fruit, coffee on the ay in

Lunch: carrots, hummus, water, water and more water to drink

Snack: almonds, prunes

Dinner: fish and rice, beer to drink at my parents' place. Awesome.

Like I said I did some light stretching and making sure I listened to my body on off training days. Lots of injured people at the rugby club these days.

Thursday I woke up early and did this five rounds:

20 two handed swings (20 kilo bell used)
20 KB snatches (10 each side)
40 feet arm extended walks with bell up
30 BW squats
20 push ups

Ate this:

Breakfast: Belt and a coffee

Lunch carrots, almonds, prunes... lots of carrots. Lots.

Snack: water and prunes

Dinner: salad wraps - salad in a wrap with chimichirri sauce.

After training meal: chicken wraps, lots of salad in there, too. Beer to drink.

After training, did this for four rounds:

20 KB snatches (20 kilo bell used)
20 KB cleans
20 meter sprint
5 rugby line out throws for accuracy at the posts

After training, was complimented on my KB form, which was nice. New guy who has had some training with them. Nice to get noticed like that. I didn't get a lot of sleep after training, as I was helping with my son. Man, he can cry loudly.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 5

So glad that otday is over. Was a long day. Woke up at 6am, got coffee on and did this for four rounds:

20 BW squats
80 feet overhead press walk with 30 lb KB
20 push ups

Ate this for the day:

Breakfast: coffee and a Tim Hortons Belt on the way in. Didn't finish the coffee

Snack: carrots and hummus, prunes

Lunch more carrots and hummus, prunes. Water to drink. Almonds. Can of tuna

Snack: salad wraps at home

After training meal: more salad wraps. No meat, just salad and chimichurri sauce. Wine and beer to drink.

Did a 90 minute training session at rugby tonight. Lots of contact and skill work. After, did four rounds of this:

10 kb high pulls (30 lb bell used)
4 TGU's (2 each side with 30 lb KB)
5 over the head KB throws 30 lb kB used

felt tired and pumped after this. Going to bed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday July 4

Man, I'll just say it ... I'm glad America is America. Let's pause for it, even if there are things I don't like. America is a beacon of wisdom and freedom not often seen in the history of this planet.

That being said, I had to work today. I did get up at my usual time (6am) and get myself ready for work. It was odd not having to prepare lunches for my children, as they are now off for summer vacation.

I took that time and did this three rounds:

10 KB halos each direction 30 lb KB used
10 hand to hand swiches around my trunk each side
10 KB snatches
20 BW squats

I ran out of time and had to get to work. I ate this today:

Breakfast: cantalope, almonds and carrots. Coffee on the way in.

Snack: carrots and hummus. Water to drink.

Lunch: pasta, veal, salad with water to drink. A "meeting" meal. Which reminds me, I have some reading to do.

Dinner: chicken caesar salad. Beer to drink.

After I got home from work, my youngest was sleeping, so I took my daughters out and got some one inch rope and got it into my garage gym. Pics later. We played with it for a few minutes, then got dinner on. They're pretty stoked about it, as that was their weakness at gymnastics this year. That and some other floor stuff is what we are going to work on together for the next eight weeks.

A lot.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 30 - July 3 Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sunday

This was a long weekend here in Canada. I got a chance to take off a little early from work on Thursday (like a half hour, boss, relax) and beat some of the traffic.

Man, the rest is a blur of MovNat workouts on the hill and in the lake, delicious meals, laughter and generally reconnecting with those in my family. My sister and her family arrived on Saturday night, we laughed and did fun stuff.

All in all, I did a lot of fun workouts. Here is a typical workout:

warm ups with short stair walking/stretching. Carrying lumber up to be cut into firewood

Bigger logs carried up same hill
cut down tress taken from the private property I'm on, up the same hill
more smaller branches up the hill

total of five rounds up and down the hill.

Then onto a swim, getting logs and other debris from the shoreline, out to twenty feet of water. On several occasions, I'd sink to a log, lift it with my legs to my arms, and swim with it for 15 or so meters.

Man, I lost count how many times I did that over three days.

I felt stronger, although I will confess that on the last trip up the hill, after saying farewell to my family, I took the hill rather slowly. Sore and full of regret.

Back to work on Monday, 8am.