Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday and Monday Nov 28

Sunday was a double walking day.

I still haven't hit my recommended steps, haven't hit that number for as long as I've gotten the NikeFuel app on my iPhone. Yet. Man, this sucks.

In any case, my knees were not doing so well, but I got the walks in - one by myself and the other with my wife late at night.

Both were nice.

Monday ... Monday I was just disappointed in myself. I guess I have to take a look at what I am not logging here - food and apathy are more apparent.

It's a training blog without any training. How awful is that?

I'm sore. I'm trying to do "Prehab" ... that is get my body ready for some surgery ... and I'm just not doing a good enough job.

I have to do better. I have to get myself better.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nov 26

Thursday and Friday were weird days for me.

Thursday was the better of the two, as I had a fairly regular schedule; people around me were just off the wall. Meh, all good. I did get a walk in the pool in later on in the day.

Friday was weirder in that I had to go and be a student for the day - and there is always way too much coffee for everyone. My kids got dropped off to me and there was no food in the house. It was not a good scene. I made it through a generous use of my freezer and an incredible imagination.

I did also get a walk in the pool later on in the day, too. And yam fries.

Saturday ... ugh, Saturday. I cleaned the house; did laundry and did everything but vacuum. Even got Christmas lights up. Just nothing "athletic". It's kinda sad, really.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nov 23

All of these days are blending into one another.


I'm glad they come with numbers, as I just don't recall very much of the individual days. In any case, Each day I got to start off with a stretching session in my garage gym. Usually, about ten to fifteen minutes, as I'm having a real problem getting to bed on time and waking up after two or more pushes of the snooze button.

Yeah, I think that is the real issue these days.

In any case, I'm also walking in the evenings. Monday and Tuesday I did a walk in my neighbourhood, Wednesday I got to walk in the pool. I love walking in the pool.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nov 20

Ironman for 2016!

Friday I got my usual date night in with my wife - a pool walk to end the week.

Friday morning was a bit rough, so I skipped the stretching and just got to work.

Saturday was a bit of a cool thing all around. I had a big fancy AGM for the region I attended as I'm on the Board there. My position wasn't up for election, so I reported and just kinda sat there for the day. Which I'm totally cool with. I also got a chance to chat with people and make some inroads for my club. I also got a chance to think and figure out what I want to do next year, too.

That night was the banquet for my club. Seriously, I was just happy to be going and to be out without my kids making themselves very busy. I had a nice meal, ran the slide show ... which was a panic in and of itself... and then I won the Ironman Award for being basically most consistent at training and games this season.

I .... I was pretty honoured with the award, let me tell you. This was something unexpected, to be frank.

Sunday I had to chase my kid around and did get a chance to stretch a little at the end of the day.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Nov 17

Tuesday and Wednesdays were copies of each other. Light stretching in the morning and then a decent walk in the pool at night.

Of course, Wednesday I got my own training/mobility session done. Seriously ... man.

I know this wasn't going to last.... and Thursday it didn't.

It takes a fair amount of time to drive to the gym to walk in the pool, and I had a crap tonne of stuff to do. So we walked at home in the evenings.

All good.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Nov 14

Meh, Mondays

I used to think that having the Mondays was an excuse to just eat badly. I'm working on that, as I am working on the whole fitness/wellness thing.

I did not get up early and stretch today. I did get a walk in later on in the day, though. I got home and had intended to go and shave and relax in a sauna, but did not.

Instead, I got home from the walk and got into my kettlebells and did four rounds of this:

20 hand to hand swings
10 cleans
10 clean and presses
20 step ups
10 push ups

In the first round was with the 30, second round with the 40 last round with the 50 lb bell. Oh, I also did 2 minutes of double KB cleans and presses with the 12-kilo bells. That was pretty cool

Man, it was nice to use the HR monitor again. Pretty sweet to watch it go up and down during the session.

After, I did some stretching and rolling. Not much, though.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nov 13

Thank you kindly

Friday was a real disruption to my week, but it was something that we as Canadians need to remember about.

I did get a walk on dry land and in the water at the pool at my club. It was a nice sauna and shave after. I really need to make sure i have a sharp razor in my bag. Eesh, it was like shaving with a spoon.

Saturday I'm getting up early to do some work and didn't get time to train. It's habit. It is a habit that I need to change.

Sunday was the same. Up early, following my regular routine and didn't get a training session in. I did get a walk completed in the evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Nov 10

So ... Tuesday. Tuesday was the same as Monday.

Honestly, I like being able to say that. It's habits that get us, get us to where we need to be.

Tuesday I was able to get myself out of bed and do a light session with my kettlebells before 7am. I got to work, did everything there to the best of my ability and came home and held my son and daughters for as long as they would let me.

At the end of the day, I took my wife on a nice easy walk for about 25 minutes.

Wednesday was a disruptive day and I did my best. I did get a pretty good session done in the evening at EPC. In addition, I got my wife out for a short walk.

Thursday was back to the light kettlebell training in the morning then off to a walk in the evening.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Saturday and Sunday and Monday Nov 7th

Saturday ... was a working day. I also got a chance to chase my kid around the world. I did also earn 1291 Nike+ Fuel ... I have no idea what that actually means, but I won them.

I got the app working on my iPhone. Woo to me.

The 50. She heavy.
Sunday was a double walking day for me. Walked with my middle kid in the afternoon, just around the neighbourhood for a short time. Later on I walked with my wife, too. Lots of stretching, I think.

Yeah, I tried.

Monday I did something in the morning ... I got this done for three rounds:

20 kb swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb cleans and presses

First round was with the 30 lb bell, second round with the 40 and the last round was with the 50 lb bell.

Coffee was had between rounds.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nov 4

Wednesday was the usual stretch in the morning and a lifting session in the evening. I'm glad I'm making those a priority. These days, I seem to be coming last a lot.

Thursday and Friday were both stretch in the mornings and walk at night kind of nights. Thursday was in the pool at Cedar Springs ... what a nice little evening that was.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday Nov 2

These were ok days.

I had to care for my youngest all day Saturday and Sunday - which is totally ok, man.

Monday I got a rolling session done in the morning and a walk in the evening.

Tuesday ... I got a light kettlebell session done in the morning and I did a walk by myself at night. My eldest was going with her aunt to the Take Your Kids to Work Day thing.

Seems no one wants to go to a school on that day....

win workout kettlebell supermans

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 29

All three of these days I got a stretching and rolling session done in the morning.

Friday I even got a light kettlebell session done in the early morning.

Nothing too fancy, like 10 minutes of just keeping the bell in my hands.

 All three of these days I also got a walk done in the evening.


  fawlty towers basil fawlty funny walk