Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wednesday Thursday and Friday Dec 26

I was really upset about a lot of stuff that I am seeing in my life on Dec 24th and I went for a walk at 1am. No that was not a typo. I was just plain angry about a lot of things and I thought I'd try to walk it out. At least the weather was nice - it was about 8 degrees outside.

I followed that up with a walk later on the same day, but it ended quickly as I saw lightning. Yup, no snow today, just rain and the threat of being electrocuted.

On Thursday I got a walk in before I had to leave and go be a son. Meh, whatever. At least I kept my streak alive.

Friday was an epic journey for me .. I wanted to measure out my entire community. I did an almost 7 kilometer walk, doing it in 1 hour, 8 minutes. I was five minutes shy of my longest workout. I think by the end of this break I can beat that.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Dec 23

So Sunday morning, I figured I had some time for a walk, and I took the time ... did a nice long 40 minute walk. Did about 4k. It was pretty nice weather and I got a fair amount of thinking done.

I think I have a plan for my own future.

I did have to rush hte end of the walk as I had to go and be a dad

Monday ... I was a 12 year old. I had my iPhone with me and was walking over tot he local library. I noticed that they had the gates on the local fields open and no was on them. So ... I used the extra five minutes and wrote a swear word, tracked by the Nike+ app on my phone. Came out fairly clearly, too.

Tuesday I got a five k run in. I'm all that an a purple shirt.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Dec 20

I'm not sure what was done to my legs on Friday afternoon ... but as I walked down the stairs early this morning, nothing hurt in the gastroc muscle area.... Graston technique ... I saw this, too:

In any case, I got my family up and after my lovely wife was up, I got my run in for the day.

After the run, I got this posted to my Fb page:

Yeah, I'm cool... but the nice part was that Smashrun told me that this was my fastest 5k run in a year. It was 5:59 per kilometer ... which I havent been able to get to in a long while.

Thursday and Friday Dec 19

Thursday was a normal day for me. Up early to stretch and felt really good after.

I did try to get a run in the afternoon, but I was at a GoodLife and on a treadmill ... and I kept having to interrupt myself and go find something as a part of my duties. It wasn't a good run. I did get it done however. Then got this done for three rounds:

This was dug into sore muscles...
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 kb rows

I then had to go and be an adult.

Friday was a drag. Nothing can get me past that idea. I did get some nice "Merry Christmas's" from people which reminded me of sandpaper on skin. Nothing majorly irritating, just not good feelings. In the end, I didn't get a stretch in the morning, although I did get a physiotherapy appointment in. That made me feel a lot better, to be sure.

After the physio, I had to get a walk in. In was late for me, but I did get a walk in. I had company on my walk, too, which made it that much more sweet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Dec 17

Monday ... I got stretching done in the morning and then had a long day being a dad. I took a child to down town Toronto to get an MRI done. Man, that was freaky. When I got home, I was just lying down when I realized I hadn't gotten a run in yet. So I got a walk in really quickly.

Nothing fancy, like a 2k walk. Something I could do during rugby season with my wife. Just to help stay connected.

Tuesday was another stressful day. I knew that I'd need to get a run in. Had some time to think through ideas with myself and came up with the outlines of a plan for myself and my family. It ended up being a 5k run, and one kilometer was the fastest I'd run this year. Funny what happens when I'm stressed and get my mind out of the way of my legs.

Wednesday was a snowy night. I got my youngest to sleep and then looked outside. Last year, I would have done nothing positive. Today, I got my stuff on and did another 5k run. Not a fast one, though. It was pretty slippery out there and rather dark, too. Just did not need to add to my problems. And so, I got another run in. Hashtag Awesome.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Dec 14

I missed the Santa 5K Run. I missed the Santa Speedo Run in downtown Toronto. I really wanted to do both. Such a shame, really. One of those things although not directly training for, it would have been fun to do.

Meh, there is always next year.

I made sure I got a 5k run in today. I had to wait until really late, but I got it done.

I did get a chance to do something thinking today, while caring for the youngest. I'd like to keep running, but add some training in the morning. Something basic and quick that I can do with very little equipment.

Yeah, I know. I already have it in my library.

This week, at least, I'll be doing some training with a buddy. Keep yourself updated, yo!

Friday and Saturday Dec 13

Friday ... what can I say about Friday. I didn't feel at all that well. I did get a massage in, but not a relaxing one. Lots of muscle fibre stripping and sharp poking. I did get out of there, but I think I left a few pieces of me behind. I had to be a dad and get my kids to swimming. In the middle of all that, I had a window of about 35 minutes and so I took my iPod and went for a calming walk.

Or at least that was my intention. Something about this time of year just adds stress to everyone around me. Never a good sign.

Saturday was just another long day of being a dad. I had all three kids for the day and then was able to get a run in later on in the evening. Just not feeling good at all. In any case, I got it done.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Dec 11

Tuesday was a cool day ... I got my rolling and stretching in the morning, then I got my short run in before my rugby club's AGM. No surprise, I got elected to the same position as this year. The run was nice and warm on a treadmill though. Food for thought.

Wednesday I did not get my stretching done in the morning, which was stupid. Later on I did a 4k run outside. The wind was coming from a different direction than normal, so I'm expecting a huge snow storm tomorrow .... ....

Which came on Thursday. Yeah, about 10 cm of snow ... which a few of the hardy souls that live around me cleared off their part of the sidewalk, but not all did. I chose to do a short walk and do some rolling in the evening than go for a run.

I know it's also rugby night, but I just don't have the coin to make that happen at the moment. In any case, I got the runs and workouts in, I guess. Not as intense as I need them to be, but they got done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sunday and Monday Dec 8

I'm playing a little with the Blogger settings to see if I can schedule a blog post for later.

If you are reading this, then it has worked and I'm that much more of a geek.

In any case, Sunday I was still sore, but I got some rolling and stretching in and some walking in, too.

Monday was the "getting back into it" routine and I made sure I got things recorded and done. It was a 4k run in the evening and a rolling and stretching session in the early am.

The rolling was just awesome, and it continues to be.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friday and Saturday Dec 6

Friday was not very much fun, to be frank. I made sure I minded my P's and Q's, though. I got through my day and made sure htat I could look at myself in the mirror.

At least after dinner on Friday I got a chance to get my walk in with some company, namely my middle child. We had about a half hour to walk and chat while looking at the lights that have gone up around our neighbourhood. Kinda nice, to be frank.

Saturday was another day of annoying muscles and just abusive levels of stress that I am imposing on myself. Seriously, why do I do this to myself?

In any case, I needed to get a walk or a run in, and I knew that the rest of the day would just be abnormal... so I grabbed an overdue library book and walked to return it at about 9:30 in the morning. I kept trying to think about how I could keep this blog going, how I could keep my family going and make sure everyone got what they needed out of life.

I got to travel to another rugby club as a part of a meeting I had to take as a part of the Rugby Ontario Discipline Committee. I wasn't too impressed with the place, to be frank. Lots of rich old people with nothing better to do than to go to a clubhouse like building, sit on couches and pontificate about how awesome they are.

Well, that is at least the impression I got. I'm kinda with Holden Caulfield on this one. Phoneys. All A bunch of phoneys.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Dec 4

this is where the owie is, sort of
Wednesday I had planned on a short run, but I squeezed in a quick 5k run.

Thursday started as a horrible day. When I opened my eyes early this morning, everything was just rotten. Legs were sore, hamstrings were tight and gasrocs were just on fire.

Rolling and stretching helped a lot. I got through my day. I need to get better at rolling and stretching them there muscles. They were just messing with my day.

In any case, I got two runs and a workout in today. First run was for 20 minutes, and I ended up getting a 3k run done itn that time.

After that, I did some kettlebell swinging. I got this done for three rounds before I had to go be an adult:

20 kb cleans (16 kilo bell used throughout)
20 kb rows
20 kb snatches

I got my kids and went home and just could not keep my eyes open after dinner. Much later, I got the idea in my head to go for another run ... and so I did another 4k run. I thought it would be helpful for fitness and mental toughness ... but as I sit and type this, my legs are pretty darn sore.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Dec 2

Monday started off well and then went to the dogs. I did get my rolling and stretching in the morning, and it was cool. As the day progressed, life got tougher and less flexible.

I had the kids until 7, then got to a rugby meeting late, which went until 10pm. On the way home I realized I hadn't done a walk that day and needed to keep my streak alive. I got home, grabbed my iphone and went for a walk. Half way through the walk, my iPhone died. I had my Nike+ watch on and so finished the walk that way. It shows up as three workouts on Nike+ site, which is kinda weird but I'm ok with it.

Tuesday was as normal as it could be. Stretching and rolling in the am, with a 5k run later on in the day. I seem to get a fair number of questions about my own life asked while I run, and I like that.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Nov 30

Saturday I was up stupid early. I mean stupid. Early.

So I got my 5k run done before 6am. Yeah, I was woken by thoughts of work and I just couldn't get back to sleep until after a run. I did a Tim Horton's run for my wife after the run and then had a nice nap. My son also participated in the np by jumping on my knee and hyper-extending it. Yeah, that didn't feel good.

With all the running, it has become more than necessary to roll and stretch every day. Do you think I could find my lacrosse ball today? No, my son took it and hid it somewhere. Yeah, that didn't feel good either.

I got so stressed that my wife took my kids out for something fun to do with her. That was nice, but she took all the car keys with her, either from design or misfortune. Meh, I got another nice 2k walk in the afternoon. It was warm for this time of year, and I wore shorts and a hoodie while exploring new routes for runs.

Sunday morning I was hurting. I had to get up and get my eldest to swim practice for 7am. I normally would just go for a run there, but not today. I got there and it was still dark and I needed to roll my legs. I got home, got the rolling done and kitted up for a run.

Thing is, I put too much clothing on - I should have worn shorts and a sweater, instead I had a lot more on and overheated while on the 4k run. Meh, I got it done. Later on I did another walk for 2k, and liked looking at all the Christmas lights going up.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nov 28

This was stressful. Not because of money, not because of anything under my control, not really.

People around me are trying their best to  ... I don't know how to word it exactly. Perhaps we'll just go with "be themselves" and let that be what they ask about if they read this blog.

Wednesday I started the day with my rolling and stretching in the early morning. I got home from work and knew that I had a limited window so I got a 5k run in. With that one run, I got a couple of trophies on Nike+, too.

Thursday also started with a quick rolling and stretching session in the morning. In the afternoon, I got a 3k run in 20 minutes while at GoodLife and then a quick session doing this for four rounds:

10 kb snatches (16 kilo bell used)
10 kb cleans
20 BW squats

I got home and just needed a few minutes to squeeze a nice walk by myself around my neighbourhood. I used a weightlifting show to do the walk, which really wasn't a good idea.

Friday started well with stretching and rolling, but after that was a nightmare. I got home from work and was angry at the world. I got a 5k run in. I really shouldn't have done the entire 5k, but I needed that extra few minutes to myself. I made a few decisions while running. I'm finding that I make better decisions that way than any other way these days.

After the run, I had to host my parents for a birthday party. Woo.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nov 25

Well ... I'm starting to look back over this year. There were some major disappointments in it, and some good things that have happened so far.

I'll have to do a year end wrap up in about a month, just to get a grip on the year, even if I tend to run September to June in my thinking.

In any case, I'm still rolling and running.

Sunday I got up early and didn't feel at all well. Must have been something I ate. In any case, I got my eldest to swimming and came home and napped as opposed to running in the early am. I did get some rolling and stretching done in the afternoon and then later on I got a 5k run in.

Monday was a "normal" Monday, in that I got up early and got stretching and rolling in the early morning. I did a short walk later on in the day, just to clear my head and take a break. It was such a high wind that night, I didn't really want to run, to be honest. It was kind of scary just walking as far as I did, I had to cuddle with my middle child as she was not liking the wind outside. In helping her fall asleep, I myself fell asleep at about 9pm.

Of course, with that early bed time, on Tuesday I woke up stupid early and got a 4k run completed before 6am. That is happening a lot more than I care to admit, to be honest. At least I got it done and I got my day going. That was nice. After the run I got some rolling done but had to get my kids moving to school and me to work.

After work, I felt so tense I had to get another rolling session done and then ... I got another 5k run in. Yeah, I am grateful for the angry people around me, as they are the ones driving me to run at the moment.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Nov 22

I knew today was going to continue the "Zoo" theme that the rest of the week had going for it. Since I had gone to bed so early, I go up ... well ..also early.

I had a 5k run in the bag by 6am ... again.

I got home to my wife on the couch, asking about  ... mortgage and extra sources of income and costs to the day. By 7am ... yeah.

I finished the day. It got done.

Wednesday Thursday and Friday Nov 21

Wednesday was an horrible day. Terrible day. One of the worst in at least four or five years. It was snowy and I texted my wife to "Please drive carefully". The weather was so bad and her car so light, so, of course, had a single vehicle accident and made her car undriveable for the moment.
Read it and weep

She was fine, no injuries just a little woozy. Thank goodness.

So, the weather was so bad, I kept home. As did my middle child - she took her shoes with wheels (aka "Wheelies") and went into the garage. She's never really let me know how she fell, but she hurt her arm rather badly and off to the local hospital we went. Fractured radius. She's now in a cast.

When I got home very close to midnight, I recalled that I hadn't run that day. I needed a walk, regardless of the weather, and so I went for a kilometer walk.

Thursday was a zoo. I got my kilometer walk in again. I got to bed a heck of a lot earlier ... like 8pm.

Because I went to bed so early, I got up really early on Friday. I knew Friday was going to be a zoo again, and so I got my run started at 5:30am. Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I was going to go for another run later on, but just wanted the day to end. I went to bed early again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Nov 18

Man ... I'm truly grateful that I have some evil people around me at work these days. They do nothing but make me want to go for a run.

And I got to day 18 in a row today. It was a crappy minus 18 with the wind chill outside and ... I ran nearly 5k in that freezing cold and snow.

You can't buy that in any store, any eBay site or anywhere on the internet. You just have to get it done yourself.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday and Monday Nov 17

Yeah, this is EXACTLY how I looked on Sunday
Well, Sunday I got up and did my rolling and stretching.The rest of the family got out of bed and we got on with our day.

I had to wait until the troops were in bed until I could get my run in. I did get a complete 4k run in with my iPhone still working this time around. It was sllllllooooooowwwww though, as I spent the day being a dad and chasing small children.

Monday. Who likes Monday?

Meh, my legs do apparently as I squeezed in a 4k run so that my wife could leave on time for her swimming. Yeah, it was as fast as I recall myself running, except slower ....

The rolling in the am and the running in the pm are great ... but I need to add some longer distances and some wrestling into the mix.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday and Saturday Nov 15

Friday is always a weird one at work. I was up stuuuupid early and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went and got a run finished by 6am.

Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I got off my rear end and got a run finished by 6am. Now, my iPhone, on the other hand couldn't finish the run and died about half way done.

I got done with the day, though.

Saturday was a "cluster mug" as the Deputy Mayor in "Under the Dome" liked to put it. Man, just a lack of coordination within my family. A real drag. I had a meeting to attend and there was a swim meet on at the same time.

Before I got going, I did get this done for five rounds:
10 push ups
20 stepups
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches

Not a hard core workout, but good enough to get a sweat going in a rather chilly gym. I rolled after I was done, too. Legs reaaaaaalllly like that these days.

At least everyone is home now and angry at me and my participation in rugby at the moment. I got elected to the Niagara Rugby Union executive Committee again and life will go on.

I got home and went for a walk to clear my head and get a walk in ... and my phone died ...Again!

Piss me off, man.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Nov 13

So ... Wednesday. Yeah. It sucked. People kept trying to try me. I was the rock this time, not giving in and weathering the storm.

I got two runs in on Wednesday - the first one was a walk and the second one was an actual run. I think for the entire day was like 6.5kms.

Thursday was a rugby night ... but I did get a 3km run in the afternoon. It's all good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mon and Tues Nov 11

Lest we forget.
Not quite Richard III

Monday was a decent enough day. I wanted to try and get a particular shape on my Nike+ track, I think I failed again, but at least I got close .... It was run 501 for me... it's like I've been doing this for a while or something. In any case, it was like 6 kms.

Tuesday I was up to go to Goodlife in the afternoon, and got a 23 minute run in. I got 2.8k done in that time, which although isn't great was pretty cool.

After that I got this done for two rounds before I had to go be an adult:

20 KB swings - 16 kilo bell used throughout
20 bw squats
10 kb snatches each side
20 seated knee tucks

The people that were with me had no clue what they were doing. Kinda sad, really.

After I got home and fed my kids and got them to bed, I got another 4k run in.

I'm a machine.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sat and Sunday Nov 9

Saturday ... was not a rugby day .. well, at least not in the usual sense. I did a nice easy run mid morning, nothing too fancy... just to keep going forward. I think it was just under 3k, so I didn't use a lot of calories.

Saturday night was the annual Centaurs Banquet. It went off without anyone getting arrested, which is always a great indicator. The meal was pretty good and I got in a nice photobomb:

I timed that one rather well, I have to admit.

In any case, I did my usual "leave as soon as the speeches are over" disappearing act this year again. I just don't have time for that silly stuff, man. I did get a nice medal for helping to win the NRU this year. I'm so looking forward to the 2015 season.

Sunday, I got up at 6:30am and took my kids swimming ... and I went for a nice easy run down by the lake.

I got a few pictures, too. Had a nice little run. Kept my streak alive, too.

After dinner, I went for another 2.5 k walk, just to get the dinner down and well digested. As it turned out, that was my 500th run with the Nike+ system. Meh, I wanted to make Richard appear. Maybe for the next run.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thurs and Fri Nov 7 ... and a wish list update

So let's get this wish list update out of the way first.

I went to my rugby club Thursday night and was asked about how I got my gym together. I knew I had this post to send my clubmate and literally just finished sending him that link. And, reading that post got me thinking about my big Wish List post, so I searched for it and found this post.

Of course, that was 2010 and this is almost 2015. So, let's see how much work I got done towards this list in almost five years, give ourselves a grade and then do some thinking about what's next.

1) Mats - these happened about two years ago when a martial arts club sold 75 puzzle piece mats on Craigslist for 100 or 150 bucks. The puzzle pieces are so mush easier to handle, clean and move than one big piece of mat.

2) Bench. Floor space is always at a premium. I recently put my bench press back into storage as I knew the next few months are going to be focused on recovery not benching.

3) barbells and weights ... well I have enough. I think. Fifty pound metal "Real McCoy" ones are usually available used at Play it Again Sports, but I'm pretty sure I'm good for weights. Right now my max dead lift is 200 lbs at home as that is the most weight I can get on a bar.
We've come a long way, baby.

4)Bigger tires - I have access to bigger tires at my rugby club. They are huge and I don't have to store them. I've not used my tire for anything other than climbing on for my youngest in a while.

5)White Board - do not have a white board up, but I have paper copies of workouts and plans pinned up. I'm planning on painting this summer, and might go with some blackboard paint at that time.

6)Posters - always on the look out. I got one for the National Wheelchair Rugby tournament held in London, Ontario in May 2014. I still have the wrestling ones, and just today I got my wrestling medals back up on the wall.

7)Heater stand. I kept the kettlebells just inside the door last winter and I'm doing the same this year. Happiness is a warm kettlebell.

8) Fixing the punching bag - yeah, this was handled a while ago. I also got a stand up Wave Master off of Kijiji, too. I think I paid 50 bucks.

9)Boxing gloves - I got for 10 bucks from Play it Again Sports in Milton last year. Nice big heavy bag gloves with a wide velcro strip to take them off during boxing workouts. I'm very happy.

10) Judo gi - has not happened. I've stopped looking, as any local judo club is just too much money at the moment. I may try again after March of 2015.

11) Insulation on the door - I moved form the old house and into a new house. I have my own side of a double garage to use as a gym and last year used snow on the outside as an insulator. I don't think I'd like to do that this winter, but as I am thinking about this now, may use BTB's put inside hockey socks to do the same job. In the spring I can use them for training or as weights to help an outside deck umbrella keep standing. These are cheap and resuable/retaskable items, which I can handle.

12) Ropes I did use battling ropes last year and I did like them. I don't see myself using them a lot this winter, to be frank. They are a useful tool, but not worth the expense in stressful economic times. Besides, they are bulky and need space to be stored.
A long way indeed

13) Slam balls - I also used this last year at a small gym. They are so loud, I can't use these at my house. Not even going to bother. I did buy some medicine balls and use them regularly in the summer when training outside in parks and after rugby training sessions.

14) I've maxed out on kettlebells. To be frank I'd sell a few if I thought the older beaten up ones would actually sell. The last ones I bought are totally sweet and totally what I wanted to begin with. I'm good.

15) LAX balls and a roller. I got an awesome medicine ball and LAX ball combo going on in my morning sessions at the moment. I just have to keep my youngest from throwing them around and losing them.

16) bench - I got nice one, but in the summer it was rarely used except as a slide. Floor space is too precious for it at the moment, and it's back in storage.

17) a rower - got a cheap one which I have used and will being to use in the morning sessions in the next month. The workouts I have done with the current rower are decent. I may want to go big in the future, when budget is less of a concern.

18) Resources ... I've pretty much got enough audio books and podcasts that talk about training and mindset as I'm going to need for a while. I just need time to read and digest the contents. I do enjoy the drives to work while reading books, though. See the list of books recently read on the right hand side of the blog.

19) Jumbo valve box - yeah, this was inexpensive and is durable. It is also what I think my son bonked his head off of this week to get a nice cut between his eyes. Meh, I still like this item and it does add a certain soreness to my training sessions.

20) Scale. Yeah, I still have the one I got from Airmiles. Still works, although I haven't checked my weight in a while. I know I need to do exactly that in order to scare myself into better diet. At least it is there in my bathroom waiting for me.

So ... that was the original list from 2010. As it worked out, it was a great thought experiment to plan what I would need for my own place while money was decent. Having a plan is what I know works best for me and my family.

I'd like to think as a grade I'd give myself a sold B or B+. I'd miss out only because I just stopped looking for a few of the items. Meh, no one is perfekt.

So ... what's next?

1) Better civil planning. I'm pretty packed in there as it is. I'd like to think that I could do with a few more feet of space. I'd also like to think that with some more careful layout, this could be achieved.

2) Thoughts about training with people. I've had people ask to train with me and I've also made offers to people to come train, too. It's odd, nothing has happened. It's as though people want to train, but want me to nag them into coming. Yeah, that's not happening. I've already got kids. I don't want to bother with training partners who really don't want to train.

3) Thoughts about a certification. Yeah, I don't have the extra coin at this moment in time. I'd like something to point to to say that I know what I am doing, but I think before that gets done, I need to be a lot fitter than I am now. I should be my best advertising.

4) My own personal coach. I did some this summer, but ran into money issues. I did learn a lot and worked hard and it is obvious to me that I would like to work with someone with more knowledge and experience with training.

I'm trying to get the money together for Parabellum this winter, but am just pounding my head into stones, so to speak.

5) A treadmill. Yeah, this one has me wondering. I do keep checking Kijiji and may just pick one up for cheap, even if I lack space and money for it. I think that I would do more running in the winter if it was inside my gym, but also might get some spill over with my family running (or just walking) on it too. But this is a physically large and generally expensive item which requires a lot of thought before investing in one.

Still, with all the lack of snow clearing I saw last winter in my neighbourhood, it might just be cheaper for me to drive and run somewhere else. Mind just blown.

6) Paint. I'd like to have a good paint job on the floor and the walls this summer. The paint on the floor is to help keep it clean, the walls to help make it look good. If I have to choose, I'd pick paint for the walls this time, as last time I painted the floor.

7) Something to help with scrums and other technical parts of rugby and wrestling. There are throwing dummys out there for wrestling/bjj. There are things out there to help with scrums and line out throws for hookers. I'd like to see them and see what I could do to get better at those skills for the proper season.

I think that is about it ... at least that's what I've been thinking about while writing this.

In any case, I now will write up my training sessions for the last two days.

Thursday was weird. I got my rolling session in early then had to go to Niagara Falls for the day. I got back stupid late, ate dinner and got the kids to bed. I got a late run in and then had to go buy my banquet ticket at the rugby club.

Friday was weirder. I got my rolling and stretching in early. Later, I had to take my youngest to the doctor for some sort of papal blessing and concussion checking. Not sure exactly what the doctor was thinking about making a three year old boy do that, but whatever. I got the run in extra late.

I did try to make this run look like something, can you see it? In any case,

Richard III is a great play.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Nov 5

I would really like days to be normal. Or at least resemble normal every once in a while.

Yeah ... that isn't quite the case here.

Ah well, roll with the punches... and the spin kicks ... and the uppercuts ...

I got up early and .... ahem ... kept my son off of me, thank you very much ... and we stretched and rolled together this morning at 6am. After the rainy game of rugby last night, I was a little tight in the legs. I focused on them and my back. They were uncontested scrums, so my neck was saved from that, thanks. There was curried chicken after the game ... I'm just going to leave that there for the time being. IfyouknowwhatImean...

I got through the day. That is all I'm going to say.

Then the meetings started. And the emails. And the planning for tomorrow... and the phone conference and the chatting online about my rugby club. At the end of the day, I spent some time connecting with my beloved wife. We chatted about life, about finances and about stuff at work. Basically, what every manual about marriage tells you to talk to your spouse about.

After that, I knew I had to get the stress out of me. For me it's always been about running, I guess. Some private time that I take to spend on me. I spent it thinking about tomorrow and what I'm going to do.

I did 4k of thinking about tomorrow. I got it.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nov 4

Sunday was a rather excellent day.

My kids are swimmers and I had to take them to a swimming session Sunday morning starting a 7am. For the first hour, I just sort of sat and chatted with the other child who started at 8am. After that, I drove about 5 minutes away and went for a run on the shores of Lake Ontario.

This time I messed up and only got a 3k run in. I already have this in the bag for next time, and I'll do like almost a 5k run. It's all good.

Pretty, too.

After that I picked up my kids and went home and stretched.

Monday was a typical Monday ... rolling and stretching in the morning, running in the evening. Had to squeeze my run in before my wife's training session.

Tuesday ... I was rolling and stretching in the morning, and my son decided to jump off of my back while I was in child's pose. Well, he cut his forehead and I spent the next two hours at Emerg waiting for the Doctor to show up.

At least I got my run in the afternoon using my Nike+ watch and a foot monitor. It was kind of slick the way they integrated with my account on Nike+. Slick. In any case, I had to stretch after that, then went home and then ... played rugby in the rain at night for the NOBS.

That was cool, man.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nov 1

Thursday I was still at it, rolling and stretching in the morning with a run in the evening.

Friday was Halloween, and so I got the morning session in, but it was a nice walk with my family in the evening, meeting my neighbours and taking their candy.

After that I watched some of the rugby league online. Kiwi's stole one from Samoa.

Saturday ... I was back at it. Morning rolling session, afternoon 5k run. I watched the All Blacks crumple the US in Chicago. I watched the haka and then went for the run. Got to my goal of 2000 kms for the Nike+ thingy...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 29

I'd love to tell you that I'm wallowing in the pain of losing on Saturday. I'd show you my still bleeding scars and yellowing bruises and say "Here, here is my pain.".

I have to repeat myself at this time. That. Isn't. Me.

I got my helmet on and went to work on Monday. I stretched and rolled ahead of the day. I got my kids out and to school on time. Life goes on. It does.

After my day as a father ended, I got a run in. I keep making the length longer. I'm trying to get my Nike+ account to a nice round 2000 by the end of the month. I want to get my weight loss for March under way. I want to regain some of the hardness I've misplaced over the last 18 months. Running seems to be one of the easiest ways to regain that.

Of course I've got wrestling on the brain these days, too.

In any case, Monday I did my morning stretching and rolling recovery work on my legs, back and shoulders. After that I got to work and then later on I got a 4k run done.

Tuesday I got my morning stretching and rolling recovery work done on my legs, back and shoulders. After that I got to work and then later on I got a 5k run done.

Wednesday I got my morning stretching and rolling recovery work done on my legs, back and shoulders. After that I got to work and then later on I got a 4.5 k run done.

I'm sensing a pattern here. I keep thinking of the lines:

The drop of rain
maketh a hole in the stone
not by violence
but by oft falling
                    Hugh Latimer

I'm making a hole in the stone by oft running. Same thing, different flavour.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Oct 26

Saturday was a rugby day. One day I will find an acceptably done version of the song on Youtube and post it to all the various social media.

In any case, I'd love to tell you all the stuff I've done in the last few months got us to the next level, but that would be wrong. We lost the deciding game in the promotion tournament.

Now ... you would think that I would be howling with lament and punching stuff. I did see a few of my teammates getting emotional, but that isn't me, man. That just isn't me. Why not?

Well, it's a secret. If you lean into your screen I'll whisper it to you .....

Are you ready?

Here's the secret .... "There is always more rugby."

There may come a day soon that I'm not the choice to be on the pitch for a First XV game on Cup Day. I've already had that happen, but when it happens next, I'll be sad. I'd rather be playing some stomping good rugby. However, I will still play on other days. I'll play with older people. I'll make sure I stay in shape and get out of the house.

I hope football players can say the same thing when they are 45.

In any case, we lost and I stayed married. It's all good.

I posted "Rugby season is over. Bring on Wrestling" to my facebook profile on Saturday night.

I also stretched and rolled Saturday night and then went to bed.

I got up early ... and stretched and rolled again.

then I went for a run later on in the day. In the change room after losing, someone said "The next season starts tomorrow." I wanted to make sure that I started tomorrow.

Which is why I'm posting this:

Finally, I'd like to punch myself on the shoulder .... this is my 900th post on this blog.

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday Oct 24

I hit each of the three days with early morning stretching and rolling. Of all the habits I've ever had, this one seems to be the most healthy. At least my legs have stopped being brutally painful in the morning.

Friday I was going to do a float at Float Toronto but realized that I was needed at home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Oct 21

Monday I was still sore. I had intended to run, but it wouldn't have been a wise idea. It's too close for the big game on Saturday to pull something ... so I took it off.

I still stretched in the morning and made sure my day started off right, and I did have a second stretching and rolling session in the evening ... while the kids were in bed ... but man, I was still sore.

Tuesday was a training night .... lots of scrums and some line outs, ending with some contact work. I fell really lucky to be a part of this team right now - lots of guys out to training makes things more efficient and just better.

After, of course, I did my 5 x 30m sprints for three rounds while the rain fell on me...

Saturday and Sunday Oct 19

Saturday was a rugby day ... it was a short rugby day for me, only getting in a half. When I was subbed off, we were winning by 7. When the final whistle was blown, we won by three.

Just sayin'.

In any case, you might think that because I only played a half, I'd be less sore ... but you would be wrong. My legs might have been less sore, but my neck more than made up for that. It was a few days until I could check my blind spot while driving, let me tell you ...

Sunday was a stretch and recovery day. I didn't move very much at all. Basically, I couldn't move very well. I still had to be a dad, but at least I had a gym and some time for a stretching session ... twice.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Oct 17

Wednesday ... started off well .. I didn't feel I'd slept enough ... and I guess I hadn't. It's really a struggle to get things done and into bed on time these days. I'm not having a tough time falling asleep, but just merely getting into bed.

In any case, I got my rolling and stretching done in the early am. I'm really enjoying the feeling AFTER the stretching. Walking from my bed to the garage isn't the most fun at all.

In the PM, got a 4k run done. Lots of sweat, as it was a nice warm evening.

Thursday was a rugby night. Still got 35 players out for training. Unreal. Had almost two full packs healthy enough to work on scrums and lifts for this weekend. Shame we can only dress 22.

In any case, I'm playing 1 and throwing the line outs. Should be a good one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 15

Forty at training

Tuesday was a training day. I did get up and get my stretching done early. I'm rather enjoying that time to myself. Well, at least most of the time I get it to myself. Today, I let the kids sleep while I got stretching and rolling done.

Of course I got to rugby. And a lot of other people got there, too. We had almost forty people at rugby training on Tuesday. It's October... that never happens. Has never happened in my ten seasons with the club. Seriously. We had the luxury of two full packs, so we worked on full contact scrums for fifteen or twenty minutes. Fully opposed lineouts. Full contact sandbox drills, too. Serious work indeed.

 After training, I got my three rounds of 5 x 35m sprints done. I had intended to then go for a short three k run, but shot that idea down as I was pretty sore. I got home and rolled and stretched and then had a epsom salt bath.

Not nearly as awesome as the Float Toronto ones, but still, I felt pretty decent the next morning.

By the way, before I went to bed on Tuesday, I set out clothes and the rowing machine for an early morning rowing workout on Wednesday morning.

This actually happened today ... a 20 minute easy rowing tempo row at 6am. I am not kidding. It actually happened.

I got a row in with a training partner in tow who liked to steal the timing device and hide in the corner with it. I will have to come up with either better ninja skills to escape and evade his tracking me into the gym or another iDevice to let him play with while I do my training.

Later on, at the end of the day, I got a 4k run in, too. That felt good to get done, too.

Sunday and Monday Oct 13

Sunday was a recovery day. I still did some stretching a rolling, just a lot more of it. I hung out with my kids and wanted to get a run in, but I kept on having to be a dad.

Monday was my "Go eat food day" twice. That was not a lot of fun and required me to wear my fat pants.

But I'm glad to say that I got home and everyone that I'm related to got home, too. I just got a lot more birthday cake than I wanted to bring home.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 11

Thursday was another training night under the lights. At least this one was drier. Still no pics of it yet though.

Still ... I got my lot of fitness done after training. The rugby session was basically fitness with some ball handling added. I think the coach thinks I don't know that all we do is sprint, really. But at least we have a ball and we pass, too, so I guess it qualifies as rugby. Still with the 3 rounds of 5 x 30m sprints after too.

Friday was an off day at work ... that is to say I got it "off" but I had to show up and do a great deal of sitting. I was so sore from the week of training, I knew I had to get a float in, so I asked my wife if I could take another late night Friday soak down at Float Toronto. Before I did that I got a chance to get a walk in before dinner. That was a nice way to try and relax, but it really didn't work.

Later on, I felt that it was a good soak for my body ... I left there with the right physical feeling ... but not so much with the mental side this time. I have to put that down to my own errors before getting to the tank. I had way too much on my mind to truly let it all go and just be present.

To be honest, kind of a drag to let myself do that. Ah well, my legs didn't hurt.

Saturday was a rugby day ... but this time I was at a rugby tournament in nearby Waterloo Ontario. I spent the day playing rugby without warming up, eating badly and being quite silly while watching others make bad life choices. Meh, I had fun playing rugby in four or five games.

I was so sore that night ... i had to just sit and ice things. Not a lot of contact in the games, but some rucking and a lot of running. The no warm ups didn't help me either.

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 8

Monday was another start to a great week of training. I got up early, as I normally do and got my rolling and stretching in. I am also slowly building up my changing area in the garage for winter runs and such.

Monday night was a 4k run. I liked it, man ... but I need to also invest in some running goo again.

Tuesday was a training night, except it was pouring rain. We are not getting as much light these days, and so we are now training under lights right beside the rugby field. Seriously it was top dressed and rather long and they let us train on it. It was so soft, too. Squishy even.

In any case, after training ... which was mostly just fitness ... I got my three rounds of 5 x 30 m sprints done.  I did not take a pic, as I didn't want to get my iPhone wet. I left as soon as I was done and went home.

Wednesday I was sore in the morning. So sore. I got my rolling and stretching done, however.

Wednesday night I went and I did another run. I can't say I will be able to run this much when my lovely wife gets back to her healthiest and goes back to her training as a swimmer ... time will tell though.

Saturday and Sunday Oct 5

Saturday was a great day ... no rugby, however. A rare week off in my world ... I could have gotten in a game somewhere, but ... it's a long season.

I took the weekend and worked around my house. Lawn cut, roses prepped for winter, back yard patio stones removed and the grass between them removed and then stones replaced... I even got the television out of my garage gym and into the basement. I'll have to get a cheap dvd player down there.

In any case, I got running on Sunday night, too.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A pause for a shout out: Float Toronto

Today was weird but good.

I did a float in a sensory deprivation chamber in a place called Float Toronto. I will answer the question as to why first: I promised I would. For those who don't know, I work at an Alternative School in Oakville. Kids in my school say they "Did nothing" over the weekend, and as a teacher, I would ask them if they sat in a chamber like this:

Then, of course I'd have to explain what it was. Meh, I decided it was time to go and check it out for myself. As I am a newbie at this, I bought a pack of three floating sessions and booked my first session for Friday night, starting at 11pm.

Why so late? Kids. I have three kids and I needed them in bed along with my wife before I could get out of the house and get this done.

I got to 1159 Queen St W and the lights were off, but there was a guy behind the counter and another sitting inside the glass. I went in. Whispered welcomes and a sign "Please keep your voice down and turn off the ringer to your phone." What can I say, I turned off the ringer and checked in on Facebook.

A few whispered conversations with one or two other customers just finishing off their experience let me know I was in for a cool night. I got into the room and got a few last minute instructions from the attendant. I'm sorry but I didn't get the young man's name. He knew his stuff and was a good fit for the job.

The tank itself was about three meters long, almost two meters high and almost two meters wide. I know that doesn't mean much, but let me explain it another way. While floating, I stretched out my arms and legs and couldn't touch the ends. I put my arms to the side and reached and couldn't touch either side while in the middle. While I was standing beside it, the tank was almost as tall as I was.

The lights in the room were controlled by a dimmer switch and I could control how dim the light was with a single touch. While getting ready, I turned them up high, showered and then turned them down for after I was done. Who likes waking up to bright lights, right?

In any case, I got in and put my head into the water ... and remembered I hadn't put in any ear plugs. I got out and put them in, and got back in and closed the door.

The first few minutes were a little weird. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I closed my eyes and saw nothing. It was weird not sinking to the bottom of the tank. It was weird that I couldn't hear anything nor really smell anything. Then I kinda went back to my childhood for a few minutes, pushing off of the top of the tank with my hands, floating down to the far end of the tank, then pushing off of that side with my feet. I didn't want to go fast, as I didn't want splashed water in my eyes or mouth. That would come later.

A first I just kind of lay there, thinking about issues in my life. I started taking notes for a to do list and started noticing fish, lit in a faint dark green light approaching me from in front of me and heading above me and to my right. Nice fish, whose mouths opened and closed. I saw a sports car's front driver's side wheel turn right and away from me. After that, a shark, then a T-Rex type of face. All lit with the same faint but dark green light. Then it cleared up and in full colour I thought I saw Dori from the film Finding Nemo.

That was weird. And that was about as weird as it got. I also thought about some of the private issues in my life and spent some time experiencing them again from another perspective.

As time went on, I think I fell asleep, but really I couldn't tell. The warmth of the water was comfortable and the semi-chronic pains in my neck and back started to ease up. My legs, my hip and my shoulders all started to relax and become pain free. In another weird moment, I could feel my stomach growl and then felt the water ripple a little as a result.

At the end of the float, there was some nice music come on in the tank. I was ready to go. I had gotten in at 11pm, and since this was the last float of the day, it was two hours long. With my right hand, I reached over my head to open the door, and promptly got a mouth full and two eyes full of the saltiest water I've ever tasted.

Yeah, that wasn't good. Don't do that.

I knelt down for a second, reaching the door with my left and and opened the door to the tank. The soft light let me see what was where, but the salt in my eyes prevented me from keeping them open. I turned on the shower and started to rinse the water out of my eyes and mouth. It took a few minutes. I felt all salty and so used some good all natural shampoo and kept going with the shower.

As I was in the shower, I became more aware about how good and pain free my legs and especially my calves were. My gastroc muscles haven't felt that good in a while. I dried off and got ready to go. I was indeed starting to feel "Floaty".

The drive home was pretty uneventful, as the traffic was so light. As I drove I reflected on how good my injuries felt and how hungry I was. Can't say I was ever really scared about what I would see when I was in the dark tank, as some people I've shared my experience with have mentioned. The fish and the car's wheel were weird, but that wasn't really what I noticed the most.

I focus my comments on how my body reacted to the float: it felt awesome. When I lay down after a light meal at 2am, I was already quite well rested. I slept quite well and when I woke up, my legs were pain free and ready for a training session instead of a session of stretching and rolling.

I have two more floating sessions to go. I'm looking forward to them and possibly into the next few months. I would recommend floating to anyone who might ask me about it if only for the physical health benefits. Helping me develop a bit more clarity was a nice added bonus.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Wed and Thursday Oct 2

Wednesday I got my rolling done in the stupid early hours of the day. At least my legs and hip flexors are recovering to something resembling proper function. Man, scrums wreck havoc on my body.

Thursday I was up and at them early enough to get a short run in before work. It was a nothing run, just to get the legs working. Still ... it was nice to sweat before work kicked in for the day.

After work ... I found out that I was on for child care duties for the night and so ... just rolled in my garage instead of rugby training. That was kind of shocking, but I'm a family guy. It happens.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday Sept 30

Sunday was a recovery day. I rolled and made sure that I got my Advil and epsom salt baths done ...other wise I wasn't moving the next day.

Monday I was still sore, but I still got up and got things done. I got a rolling session in at night, too

Tuesday I got up and rolled. I wanted to do something bigger, but had to go and be a dad.

Friday and Saturday Sept 27

Friday was a rest day - still getting up early and rolling. It was hard today, too. I just wanted to stay in bed. Meh, I got up and got it done.

Saturday was a rugby day ... We won, but made it harder for ourselves. Everyone was happy, except for my legs.

Yes, I rolled and stretched after the game. Yes, I rolled later on at home. I still woke up sore.

Wed and Thursday Sept 25

Wednesday I got my rolling and stretching done in the early AM. It's just a pattern I'd like to continue. I do want to start running or walking in the morning, but for right now, I need to get the rugby season injuries dealt with.

Thursday was a training night. We also got a game at home this weekend, with lots of guys away. Meh, it's a friendly and it should be a good game.

After the session, I got my sprints and line out throws done.

5x 22m for three rounds
about 25 line out throws done

I'm hooking on Saturday, after all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Sept 23

I'm keeping my early morning rolling going - it's really helping my legs. I did start to use a medicine ball to get my shoulders and back. I'm going to see what I can do for my own neck this week.

Monday and Tuesday I was in a seminar for work. I had to sit most of the day in a chilly room with no windows, talking and listening about some pretty dark stuff. I was glad Tuesday came and I got to go to rugby

Rugby was a brief session, thanks to the shortening days we have. I did get this done in the dark:

22m sprints x 5 for three rounds.

I didn't have the time to work on my line out throws, as the coach wanted a talk/board session in the clubhouse. I got some fitness done and was happier than most rugby players in the area.

Saturday and Sunday September 21

Saturday was a game for a silly trophy. I was complimented on my scrummaging and my attempts to get around the field to ruck. However, with a 40 kph wind ... which we didn't use well enough when we had it ... we lost by a try.

Meh, we still have rugby coming t the end of October.

I was rather sore after the game and had a rolling session when I got home. I watched a few youtube videos about using a roller or a ball for upper body muscles and got to try them. They are helping.

Sunday was ... recovery. I'm so sore. A lot of the time. I also got the weight classes for March. I think I'd like to hit 187lbs this spring. I'm pretty sure I can do that ... if I work my way down to 210 or lower naturally and then the last two weeks, choke myself down to the horrible spot and cut some weight the day of the weigh ins.

Wed Thurs and Friday Sept 19

Wed was a recovery day. 30 minutes of rolling and stretching in the early morning to get my legs to feel like legs again.

As a part of my job, I now have to take a group to a small gymnasium on Wednesdays. I got to teach a bit of rugby passing skills and then work on them. Kinda cool.

Thursday was a rugby night. In the morning, got to do the rolling and stretching, too. It is making my life a heck of a lot easier to start with a session like that.

After training, I did my sprints: Three rounds of 22m x 6 sprints.

Yeah, no one was on the field with me when I was done. I got my ice bath done, too.

Friday was a recovery and preparation day. I got to roll and stretch in the early morning and then eat intelligently all day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Sept 16

Sunday was a rest day. I did some rolling and stretching, but was rather sore from the game. Lots pf physio needed, but just no time to get it done.

Monday was a rest day, too. During the week, I am getting up early- about 6am - and just spend about twenty minutes on the roller every day. It's really really helpful in keeping myself on the field and training. I have to admit, though.... I'm not doing much lifting as of late. I am trying to think up a good reason why ... it is the rugby post season and I'm worried about an injury during my own training and not being able to play.

It's lame, I know... but at least I'm rolling every week day.

Tuesday was a training night. I got the 25 m sprints x 6 for three rounds done. In between each round, got 30 seated knee tucks done.

After the sprints, got the 50 line out throws done. It was dark while I was getting these done, but I kept a high percentage of successful attempts. After that it was a little bit of rolling ... I used a rugby ball, which wasn't as effective ... then got my 20 minutes of ice bath time done, too.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sept 13

Thursday I got up stupid early and got my rolling and stretching done ahead of anything else in the day. After dinner was, of course, a rugby training session.

After the session did this for three rounds

25m sprint x6

After that, threw about 50 line out attempts using the goal posts for targets. Ice bath for 20 minutes total after that. It was really cold, too. Lots of ice and freezing water.

Friday was another early morning rolling and stretching session, then a rest day. Kinda sore, but a good sore.

Saturday was a rugby day. I thought I played well - certainly I lasted the entire game. I started at loose head prop and with about twenty minutes left in the game, was moved over to hooker. I did ok at hooker, stealing one scrum I think.

We won the game, but we made it a lot tougher than it should have been with poor tackling on my part. I didn't as many rucks, but we did a lot ...I mean A LOT of scrummaging. I'm guessing one of the reasons I didn't hit a lot of rucks was because people kept dropping the ball ....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday Sept 9

Early morning rolling is helping. It really is.

After work was a training session, basically of stretches and foundational movements. I asked her to take it easy, as I had rugby training that evening.

At rugby, it was some ball handling and a lot of sprinting. The sprints are something my coach calls "lung work" ... well, it certainly is.

After training, I did some work on my lineout throws, throwing about 50-75 throws as I moved about the uprights at the end of the pitch.

After that was some more rolling and then the ice bath before going home.

Not a bad day, just long.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 2 - 8

Yeah, this has been a rather awkward week.

Tuesday was a training night, but only a few showed up. We played touch, I did 5 x 5 22m sprints before working on my lineout throws and then an ice bath.

Wednesday was a recovery day. I got up early and rolled my legs in the gym.

Thursday was another early rolling day in the gym, followed by a rugby sprinting night. Several sprints of various lengths. Longest was an 200m sprint. That was long. After, I just worked on my lineout throws then an ice bath.

Friday was a rest day. Nothing was on, so I rested and stretched and rolled my legs. Oh, I did therapy, too. Interesting place to go.

Saturday was a rugby day. Had fun on the patio at the Brampton RFC, while they played Sarnia. Brampton won. Lots of discussion of the league they play in, too. Bike ride with my daughter when I got home.

Sunday was a recovery day. I wasn't too sore, and got my new tv into place in the garage. Worked wonderfully ... I'm hoping to get a treadmill in front of it some time this winter ... or at least row in front of it. Should be epic.

Monday was more early morning rolling in the living room with help from my youngest. It just works, man.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 31, Sept 1

Yeah, was busy getting stressed about the return to school. It's going to be a challenging year to say the least.

In any case, there was a fair amount of rolling and stretching done. I missed trash day, so my garage gym was more than a little stinky, but thats ok. It happens.

I did spend a lot of time in and around the rugby club, as the air was fresher and the memories sweeter.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday Aug 30

Ok, this was a wild one.

Kinda like my "Fire Drill" workout, I had to carry stuff from the dock up a rather steep hill to the garage at the cottage. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds, as it is about 150m trip one way, but also up a rather steep gradient.

I had eight trips up and down with various beach tools. Chairs, tables, 3 person inflatable toys and a full on 200 lb canoe. At the end of that I had to move a twelve foot trampoline into the garage as well. I knew I wanted to get away as early as possible, and so I got this particular exercise going at 6:45am. I got it done and was on the road by 9:30. I was driving, of course, and ... I was hurting.

After we got home and I got a shower, I took my kids on an adventure ... to find french fries and a pint.

Thursday and Friday Aug 29

Thursday should have been a training night, but it was cancelled. I'm away, but my team was to host a sevens tournament. Which was cancelled.

They also have a game on Friday Aug 29th in London versus the University of Western Ontario.  A big school with a lot of rugby players. In any case, I got this done:

20 kb swings
20 kb rows
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 step ups onto the log and tire in the picture ...
20 Bw squats

after I got that done, I worked a little with my lineout throws and got some rolling done on my legs.

Still sore, but I will have work to do.

Friday I was still sore and had some issues with my feet. I got the roller out and just had a good time with it, making sure that I could walk and swim. I did a lot of swimming today, too.

I slept like a log Friday night.

Tues and Wed aug 27

Tuesday was a training night, but hardly anyone came ... I think we had 15 guys show up. Everyone was still sore, too.

We did some light touch and then I did some extra fitness at the end

For three rounds:

20 kb swings - 16 kilo bell used throughout.
20 KB Snatch
20 kb cleans
20 BW squats

I worked on my lineout throws and did some rolling, too.

After that, did an ice bath again. Still sore though.

Wednesday was a travel to the cottage day. I got sore while in the van, but managed to get myself up there in one piece. Rolling stretching after a long day was done.

Sunday and Monday Aug 25

I was so sore these two days...unreal.

I did a contrast baths after the big victory, but I was still so sore. And dehydrated.

I just sat and drank water, OJ ... anything.

And I rolled.

On Monday I went down to the clubhouse and worked a little on my lineout throws and then had an ice bath. Had to ... was the only thing I could think of that might work.

Sat Aug 23

It was the big day. A significant day. We had to win by at least 20 points against a team that has been a thorn in the side for at least four years.

And we did it.

And so now ... we are playing rugby right until the end of October. Lots to do, and need to be flawless in our rugby.

Good work.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Aug 21

Wednesday was a wild day. I slept on the floor at my buddy's house and had a lot of sore everythings. I got home and rolled and had to keep myself busy ... lots of advil and water during the day. I did take my kids to the beach, but then it rained and the oldest thought it would be funny ot throw sand at me.

I did get some light kettlebell work done in the evening, nothing significant, just mobility stuff. I tried ot get into a few windmill positions. I'm still not doing well on those. More rolling though

Thursday was a training day. I had to get to funeral during the day and had to drive my kids to my parents place for the day. Which means, of course, lots of driving. In any case, I got to rugby training on time and had a decent warm up. I got selected to play first XV this weekend. This is the game for all the marbles running through my head.

All of them.

after training, I got attacked by mosquitos, and so only got this done for two rounds:

20 kettlebell cleans
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I tried to roll, and I had intended to work on my lineout throws, but the bugs were just too much for me.

After I got some rolling done inside the clubhouse and got my ice baths done, too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Aug 19

Monday was a recovery day - I was so glad to get in to Physiotherapy it was silly.

I got my legs and shoulders worked on and felt awesome after. I rolled and got things moving a lot later in the day.

Tuesday was a weird one. It started off with another appointment, and we worked hard. I was a sweaty mess from the work we did together in my garage gym. Band pulls, shoulder and hip mobility, along with power development.

I felt awesome after, but knew that this week was going to be a long one.

Tuesday's rugby training was lots of ball handling and running around. Some focus on structure in the defense, too. I took a heck of a lot of notes on Saturday and I hope that I helped.

I did this for two rounds after training:

Indian club casts
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I rolled and then got my ice baths done before going to a meeting and then to a friends house. Seems divorcing people need a lot of help, and I'm the guy on the spot to offer a helping hand.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Aug 17

Saturday was a resting day, technically. I did do some stretching and some rolling. After that my wife took my kids and went swimming. It was pretty cool of her to do that and let me go and watch an important game to my team.

After that was a diaper and beer party. Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I brought diapers and he gave beer out.

Sunday was the Fire Drill day. It was also the Women's Rugby World Cup final. My kids were off to with my wife again and I got to clean and watch rugby.

It took about two and half hours to get it done. It wasn't as hot as last year and I didn't do any painting this time. Next time. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Thursday and Friday August 15

Thursday was a training night. Lots of ball handling and running around on the pitch.

After I got this done for two rounds before doing 50 line out throws. Seems we are down a hooker at my club.

In any case I got this done:

20 Indian club casts
20 single arm Indian clubs
20 kettlebell snatches
20 bw squats

I got the fifty or so line out throws done at this point, then did some rolling of my legs and hips. I really thought it was odd that I looked forward to the ice bath more than anything else that day. I ended up on the balcony of my rugby clubhouse and was shivering as I had two ten minutes stays in the water.

This isn't me, but you get the idea
Oh, Friday morning I know I was a lot less sore as a result.

Friday I had a stretching and training session in the morning. Deadlifts, windmills, TRX assisted Pistol Squats, "Supermans", lots of leg mobility and other assorted exercises. Man, I was deeply sweaty by the end. There was some discussion of going to a TGU at some point in time. Yeah, I'll add them to my own workout after rugby. Need to get mobile and strong for the post season.

These are great workouts and I'm grateful for them.

Tuesday and Wednesday August 13

Tuesday was a rugby day. It was also a training day.

Tuesday morning I did a lot of recovery work - band pull aparts, Y,T and I movements with 10 lb dumb bells, windmills, hip recovery stuff.
You go, guuuuuurl!

I tried my best to get on the recovery train, but I'm a dad and we had to go swimming. So we went and by the end of it, I was pretty sore. Meh, at least we saw the second half of the Women's Rugby game between Canada and France. Canada won 18-16. I was awesome to be able to explain what was happening on the screen to my kids.

Tuesday night was a lot of running and contact work. Handling skills, too. After I got this done for three rounds before going in for an ice bath:

20 indian club casts
20 indian club two hand halos
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

After that I rolled my legs and got the ice bath ready. It was a different bath, but I got it to work for me. It was cold and it helped.

Wednesday was a recovery day. I got some rolling done early and some swimming done later ... although it was more stretching in a pool than actually swimming. Still, it was alright.

Later on I got to go see Titus Andronicus in the Dream in High Park. It was odd.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday Aug 11

Today was another recovery day. Yeah, I got into physio appointment, and got my ITB band stripped and zapped and my knee worked on, too.

Not my pic, but it should be
I made sure I rolled and iced my knees after, too. I'm glad that I'm getting better, man. It's been a while that I could say that.

In any case, I got myself out into the water for a while today and I got some decent movies from the public library, too. I even barbecued some nice shrimp and burgers for dinner. By the way, the shrimp were awesome.

After I got the youngest into bed, I went down and did this for three rounds.
This is a windmill

3 then 6 then 8 minutes on the rowing machine
20 one handed swings each side
10 kb swings
15 bicep curls
15 hanging knee tucks
3-6 kb windmills

Nothing major, but I was sweaty. I like the rowing machine, man. It worked out well. I'm looking forward to the winter and I'm still sore. The windmills were as practice for my session tomorrow and going forward. I got both sides done, too. Last week I just couldn't get too far on while going with the left hand up.

In any case, it was all good. Later on in the evening, my rhomboids were more than a little sore. Rowing is awesome.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday and Sunday August 10

Saturday, was of course, a rugby day. We were on the road to Niagara Wasps RFC. I always hate playing there, as traffic is usually quite bad on the way. This time was exactly what I expected and so prepared for the worst.

I had extra water and food for myself, along with ice and beer in a container. I also had a lot of extra kit, just in case, along with referee kit as well. I had my team list saved as a photo on my phone and had a good handle on my emails from people. I also brought my roller and extra Advil, along with my usually overly prepared emergency kit in my rugby bag.

I did need some of it before the game. The ice water and ice came in handy between games. We won the second team game, winning almost every single scrum in the first half. After some key substitutions on their side, we had a bit of difficulty right off the restart, but we got better. I threw the line outs and I was pretty much solid there. I also wanted to point out that I made a left handed spin pass of at least ten meters to another prop during this game. It was zippy, too. Right into the other prop's hands who offloaded it to a back on his outside that led to a try for us. As it was, I played the entire game.

I got off the pitch at started to rehydrate. I had some applesauce and took off my cleats and got down to my shorts. I grabbed one of my icing kits - ziplock bag with a tensor bandage inside, took the tensor out, put ice in and wrapped up my knees one at a time. I took an Advil and had constant sips on my water. I kept this up for about 20 minutes and then switched to icing my feet. I let my socks dry in the sun and waited patiently. Halftime came and I put my kit back on, going for a quick stretch on the sidelines and then got a bit of a sweat going.

I got the call about the 55 minute mark. Our first XV scrums were not doing so well. I went in as hooker and stole the first ball. On the second line out, a special call was made. I listened to my part in it, as I was throwing in. I got the player to whom the ball was to be thrown and where in the lineout he'd be. The ball was perfect, the jumper came down and passed it off to a charging player ... who went and scored without being touched.

I felt like this:

After that, we let them back in the game. They were camped out on our 15m line for a while, until we got a kick out of the red zone. Off of a broken play, our three far backs were working a passing drill and one just got smoked. The other two were about to score the bonus point try, but it was not to be. Called back. It was a scrum called for an errant pass. Two attempts at resetting the scrum pissed off the ref, awarding a penalty to us. Our 9 kicked the ball into touch and we won the game without a bonus point.

Not sure but we have to win big in our next game.

Sunday I was hurting. I got up as early as I normally do and went straight into my garage gym to roll and stretch while my training partner explored the room. I was in there for about an hour, working out kinks and stuff. We all went swimming about 1pm and I stretched in the water before walking a short distance. I was straight up sore, man. But happy we won.