Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 2 - 8

Yeah, this has been a rather awkward week.

Tuesday was a training night, but only a few showed up. We played touch, I did 5 x 5 22m sprints before working on my lineout throws and then an ice bath.

Wednesday was a recovery day. I got up early and rolled my legs in the gym.

Thursday was another early rolling day in the gym, followed by a rugby sprinting night. Several sprints of various lengths. Longest was an 200m sprint. That was long. After, I just worked on my lineout throws then an ice bath.

Friday was a rest day. Nothing was on, so I rested and stretched and rolled my legs. Oh, I did therapy, too. Interesting place to go.

Saturday was a rugby day. Had fun on the patio at the Brampton RFC, while they played Sarnia. Brampton won. Lots of discussion of the league they play in, too. Bike ride with my daughter when I got home.

Sunday was a recovery day. I wasn't too sore, and got my new tv into place in the garage. Worked wonderfully ... I'm hoping to get a treadmill in front of it some time this winter ... or at least row in front of it. Should be epic.

Monday was more early morning rolling in the living room with help from my youngest. It just works, man.

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