Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saturday and Sunday September 21

Saturday was a game for a silly trophy. I was complimented on my scrummaging and my attempts to get around the field to ruck. However, with a 40 kph wind ... which we didn't use well enough when we had it ... we lost by a try.

Meh, we still have rugby coming t the end of October.

I was rather sore after the game and had a rolling session when I got home. I watched a few youtube videos about using a roller or a ball for upper body muscles and got to try them. They are helping.

Sunday was ... recovery. I'm so sore. A lot of the time. I also got the weight classes for March. I think I'd like to hit 187lbs this spring. I'm pretty sure I can do that ... if I work my way down to 210 or lower naturally and then the last two weeks, choke myself down to the horrible spot and cut some weight the day of the weigh ins.

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