Monday, December 30, 2013

Sat and Sunday Dec 29

Right, Saturday was another wash. I had to be a dad and clean my house and make sure the stuff happened when it needed to happen. I also had a Wedding Anniversary date, so ... yeah. Twelve years, man. Don't they go by in a blink.

Sunday I had to make time ... literally ... had to fight to get time to get into my own garage and get this done:

10 rounds of heavy bag
2 minutes of punching
1 minute of kb cleans or swings with the 40 lb bell.

I felt sore after, man. I should have taken some time for a bit of a roll or something, but nope. I also had a few ideas about getting on to the mats at McMaster after the Break, too. We'll see what I can make happen there, too.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dec 26 and 27

Thursday was a wash - i was driving people everywhere and getting nothing done. When I was home, I was helping people put together puzzles or making sure they weren't being silly. Meh, at least I made surf and turf. Awesome.

Friday I had to wait until after the kids were in bed to get some training done. I used the 40 lb bell and got this done for four rounds before heading into the house:

15 kb clenas
10 kn clean and press
10 kb snatch
15 step ups each side

Nothing awesome, but had to move the numbers up a little, just to make sure I'm making some sort of progress.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, Tuesday and Wed Dec 25th

Monday was a pretty cool day, I must say. My crew let me sleep in until about 8am. That was not a typo; it was awesome.

I managed to get a workout done too. I'm liking the ten rounds of heavy bag these days and I got that one done, again:

2 minutes heavy baf
2 minute kettlebell swings - used the 50 lb bell

Tuesday was a family day - lots of traveling around a rather snowy Ontario. Thanks, I know I should have done something, but man ... I just wanted to enjoy my day.

Wednesday was the big day. It started early ... I mean EARLY. We were done opening stuff by 7am. No that was not a typo either. My kids had me up stupid early, man.

After a breakfast and a nap, I supervised my kids' workouts again. Then I got this done for four rounds:

10 kb cleans
10 kb clean and press
10 kb snatches
10 step ups to an 15 inch step

First two rounds was with a light kb, last two with a 40 lb bell. Nothing drastic, just to work some of the Christmas cheer off.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday, Sat and Sunday Dec 22

Friday was ... really sore. I needed a recovery day and I took it. I got a chance to reconnect with my kids, taking them shopping for Christmas and just hanging out with them.

Saturday was more of the same, but I got to get a heavy bag session in at my house. I squeezed the same session in on Sunday, too.

2 minutes of hitting the bag
1 minute of 50 lb kettlebell swings or cleans.

On Sunday I had a training partner in the garage with me, or I had one until he fell on his nose and went away crying. However, it was still pretty cool to take my other two children through a training session, too. Their coaches emailed me a workout program for both. Kinda nice to be training with them.

I also saw the location and date for the 2015 Senior National GR Wrestling Championships. It's making my everything itch. This time it's before the ladder for the Olympic Trials for Rio, so there might be a lot more people taking it seriously this time around. Or not. It's Greco after all.

Tuesday, Wed, Thursday Dec 19

Tuesday and Thursday were the same basic workout.

Tuesdays was this:
10 rounds of hitting the heavy bag like this:
2 minutes of hitting the bag
1 minute of ropes

 Thursday was like this:
10 rounds of hitting the heavy bag like this:
2 minutes of hitting the bag
1 minute of 50 lb kettlebell swings or cleans

I liked both workouts; I just need more practice / experience on the ropes to make them a worthwhile part of my training. Still, they were good sessions.

Thursday night was indoor rugby. I think we won two games, but not sure. Still, by the end, I was pretty well done for the night.

Wednesday was a wipeout for me during the day, but I did get home and do a flow kettlebell session on my own for about 20 minutes. I just kept the bell off of the ground, doing swings, H2H, halos, releases and the like. It wasn't much, but it didn't need to be.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Dec 16

It was a slow drive in, with all the left overs of snow everywhere.

I got myself a workout and got this done for three rounds before settling into a roller for about ten minutes:

20 bw squats
10 bodyweight rows
20 push ups
20 KB swings (50 lb bell used)
20 step ups with 15lb db's in each hand
20 seated knee tucks - I slowed these down today. A lot more tug on the abs
10 zottman curls - 15 lb dbs used

Oh, I was sore getting out of bed this morning. I had a crappy breakfast but at least my lunch was ok. At least after this session, I felt alive.

After the youngest was in bed, got a chance to do a 4k run in the snow. Not cold, not really cold to my mind, just slippery and snowy. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Dec 15

Friday I was nursing a hamstring tweak from Thursday's rugby session. Meh, at least we won the game during which my leg went kerploopy.

I did a light kettlebell and bodyweight workout, followed by some gentle stretching and rolling. I didn't track the routine, but rather just kept the kettlebell moving for about 20 minutes. I then did a session on the

Saturday was a snowy day around here ... lots of snow. About three or more feet of it. At least. And so ... I was stuck in my house. Except I wasn't. I did shovel the drive, twice. Then I had to walk around a fairly empty mall while two of my children did some fundraising for their club. I walked for about two hours. Then we drive home and I had to shovel the drive again.

Sunday was another snowy day, and it was a tough one. I got home about 9pm to see the bottom of the driveway blocked with a strip of snow about two feet high and sixteen to eighteen feet across. Yeah, I did that one. Then the nice neighbours' driveway. The another and another and another. I did five drive ways. I'm hoping karma was watching.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wed and Thursday Dec 12

Wednesday was a wash. Just not enough time in the day for me to train. I needed the rest, anyway.

Thursday was my comeback day. I did this workout for ten rounds:

2 minutes "working the heavy bag" (A new term that someone said to me)
1 minute of rope work

This was a cool session, man. Seriously. Got a good sweat going, heart rate was up about 150 a minute or two after I was done. According to others, this is about where I want to be with that. A few minutes later my heart rate was a lot lower.

I talked to the owner for a few minutes after, he mentioned that NFL football linemen use the ropes to train. It seems it's easier for them to get a cardio and it easy on their knees. My hamstrings would humbly disagree, but probably because it was the first time I did this workout.

Later on, it was a rugby night. We lost two and won one. A few key players weren't there; a few of my teammates were a little too intense ... man ... whatever. I was laughing and having fun playing rugby. Passing the ball and sprinting were key to the night.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday Dec 10

Sunday was a chase the kids around the city day. I did get some stretching and some basic recovery done. I still need to plan out a diet for the week and stick to it.

Monday was an ugly day. Just ugly. I did recover enough to get a basic session done. I got this done four times before my stomach said enough:

10 kb cleans
10 kb clean and presses
10 kb snatches
20 bw squats
20 seated knee tucks
First round with a 30 lb bell, the last three rounds with a 40 lb bell.

Not today's pic, but a pic
Tuesday I felt a lot better and got myself in to work. When appropriate, I got this done for four rounds:

20 bw squats
10 TRX body rows
20 push ups
20 two handed kb swings (50 lb bell used)
10 step ups each side (last three rounds with 15lb db in each hand)
20 seated knee tucks
10 Zottman curls

Saturday Dec 7

Saturday was the Santa run in Burlington. I ran the 5k in just under a half hour.

Not my best time, to be frank, but at least I was up and running.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Dec 6

Over the last few days, I've been cheating on my diet. Being dumb is more the truth, to be honest, but .. I'll go with the traditional "cheating". After last night's rugby, my legs were more than a little tender, so I decided on something that I could do and get myself ready for the Santa run tomorrow...

Boxing cardio. Again! (Besides, I had new gloves to try out.)

The clearest pic I took today

Let's just start my saying that punching the heavy bag with the "new" gloves was like punching something with a pillow compared to the UFC grappling gloves I've used up to this point. I'm glad I got the ones with the thick broad velcro strap - made putting them on and taking them off much easier between rounds.

And ... I've said this before and I'll say it again ... there is a huge difference between using a 30 lb kettlebell and a 50 pound kettlebell. Today, I used the fifty pounder ... and I found this a hard workout:

10 rounds of 2:20 seconds of punching
 then 1:20 seconds of KB two handed swings.

Each round I got to about 40 swings each round before going back to the punching. I'm serious when I had to dig deep to keep going with this workout. It was hard.

I'll take tonight off and take a look at my Santa suit for tomorrow.

Tuesday, Wed and Thursday Dec 5

So, yeah ... I guess I haven't updated in a few days. My bad.

Tuesday was a weird day. Well, actually, let me just tell you that the last few days would all qualify as weird. Lots of driving, lots of meetings. Heck, there was even an Ahnold imitation done at a big fancy meeting. But I digress.

I got this done for four rounds before having to go and be an adult:

10 kb cleans both sides
Still easier said than done
10 kb clean and press both sides
10 kb snatches
20 bw squats
20 feet up push ups

I had to be a dad and was unable to go for a run that night.

Wednesday was a complete wash. I took it as a rest day, as my groin, legs and back were still sore. After going to bed early, I felt really good on Thursday.

On Thursday I did this for ten rounds with a 40 lb kb:

2 minutes heavy bag hitting
1 minute two handed kb swings

That afternoon, after work, I got to get to a used sports equipment place and got me a new pair of boxing gloves. I think I'll have to use them tomorrow

Later on Thursday night, I got to play indoor "touch" rugby. It was a lot better night for two very good reasons ... one was that we won all three of our games. The second was that I didn't cut myself while stretching.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mon Dec 2

I'm scattered today ... littlest one was up coughing last night, without a fever. Nothing really to be done. I'm pretty sure he's ok. Just rough with trying to keep my brains about me.

I got this done for four rounds today:

20 bw squats
10 TRX body rows
20 regular push ups
20 step ups ... last three rounds with 15 lbs in each hand
20 two handed kb swings first round with 35, then 40, last two with 50lb bell
10 hanging knee tucks
15 zottman curls 15lbs used, .... at least I think I used 15's. Might have been 20's. 

I think I forgot my iPhone there, too. Uggggh. Going to make like a little more difficult today.

Going to try for a run tonight, too. Depends on the weather.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sat and Sun Dec 1

Ok, it's the end of the year ... I'll have ot see about how my goals are doing so far ... I run on a school year, not an annual year, so this is only half way for me.

In any case, Saturday was a recovery day. I had a young child's birthday to plan and execute. It ended up being a lot of fun. I did get a lot of errands done and new turf cleats for this winter's indoor rugby and springs outdoor league rugby.

Sunday I got this done for four rounds with a rather cranky training partner.

10 kb cleans each side
10 kb clean and presses each side
20 kb two handed swings
10 kn snatches each side

nothing too hard, just something to help with getting stuff done this weekend.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday and Friday Nov 29

Thursday was a wild one ... meetings and meetings and lots of driving. I did manage to squeeze in this for four rounds, though before going off to rugby:

Kb complex:
10 kb cleans
10 kb clean and press
10 kb snatches

used a 30 lb bell and did both sides for four rounds.

Rugby was a drag, as we played three games, losing two by a point. Yup, lost one game 4-5 and one game 5-6. The other game we won 8-2 ... so ... I wanted to spread those points around... alas.
harder than it looked

Friday was normal, although I was pretty darn sore. I wanted to get some cardio done, but not a cardio cardio session. I did my "boxing" session, although this time I got it done for eight rounds, instead of the usual ten. I had to get going, so ... I had to cut it short.

2 minutes striking a stand up bag
1 minute kb two handed swing

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wed Nov 27

Right ... I'm late with this post. Blame anyone but me. It's not my fault ... that I didn't type up yesterday's workout ... it was .. .the snow's fault, yeah, that's it ...

In any case, here's the workout I got done. I was pretty sore after and gave up a run to hang with my wife and show her some work stuff online.

Got this done for four rounds

20 goblet squats (25 kb used)
15 double kb clean and presses (25 then 35 lb bells used)
10 hanging knee tucks

then got this fdone for four rounds too:
10 bench flies  - 35lb db used
10 bench rows
10 reverse bench flies
10 zottman curls

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Nov 26

Ok, so today ... feeling like an idiot...and then not.

The part that isn't helping is that I'm stuck on my to do list. I have about fifty things on my that list and just can't seem to make any headway on it. No one has noticed, yet. But that time is coming.

A buddy of mine went to play rugby this past weekend. It was cold, lots of wind with snow and lots of stress outside. They wore some warm clothes to play, but then went out and were silly after. He's sick.

Me? I spent the day cleaning up my gym. I'm healthy.

So, this is the part of things that made me feel like a genius.

In any case, I got a conditioning session done today. I'm working on my fitness this winter. I don't need to get any bigger, man.

10 rounds of "boxing" - really just throwing punches.

2 minutes of throwing punches
1 minute of two handed kettlebell swings

It doesn't sound like all that .. but it was hard, man.

Here's my lunch:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Nov 25

I got this done for five rounds before having to go back and be a grown up:

15- 20 BW squats
10 TRX bodyweight rows
10-15 feet up push ups
20 KB swings (used 40 lb bell)
10 step ups each side
10 hanging knee tucks

Felt good after this one.

Made some improvements on my diet, too. I got a couple of Rubbermaid containers and got them filled for a Monday with real food. Seriously, with the some of the other improvements in my diet (trust me, simple ones) I'm hoping to make some headway for the Spring.

Oh, and much later, I went on a 5k run.

my figs and my almonds got mixed up #firstworldproblems

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday was a wash - tied up all day and night with family stuff. I needed a rest day, anyway. My legs were so sore I had problems getting up and down stairs at Copps Coliseum. Nice way to meet the Bishop, though.

Saturday was a better day - I still didn't get a workout done, but I did get the door fixed. The garage door came off a hinge a few weeks ago and I got it fixed. My son was being helpful and so I got the chin up bar moved, too. I basically have the same set up as I did in the old garage. Now I just need to move the stereo and we're all good. I did do some soul searching about getting the tire from my rugby club. I'm wondering if my groin is hurting as much as it is currently, would bringing a huge tire to lift be a good idea? I just don't know. Although ... I did say I was going to take it ... might have to pick it up just for that reason.

Sunday was a wash as well. I did get some time made available to me to train, but then I "wasted" it when I cleaned up my basement and running preparation area. Basically, it's part of the basement I use to get dressed for an outdoor run in the winter. It's pretty rad and a necessity, too. I find that if I don't carve out these places within my house, I lose the whole thing. At least there's a space that I can use for just running and another that the entire family has available for training.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thurs Nov 21

Ok, this is was a long day, man.

Need to start working on my diet; my training seems to be taking a firm root as a habit again.

I got this done for ten rounds before getting my responsibility card handed to me.

This was a tougher workout than I thought it would be:

20 minutes punching
1 minute double kb swings

After that, rugby.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wed Nov 20

Hard to think that in just over a month ...

In any case, I squeezed a workout into a rather odd day. Grateful that tomorrow looks like an easy day, and Friday being an idiot day.

Got this done four rounds before I had to go back being an adult.

6-8 deadlifts  ... 190 lbs or so.
10 ab roller roll outs
10 hanging knee tucks
10 double kb cleans and presses

then I got this done for four rounds too:
10 bench flies 35 lb db used
10 bench rows
10 kb snatch each side
10 reverse flies - 12.5 dbs used

I wanted to do a run tonight, but got into a meeting about the future of rugby in Burlington. I have a few things to do over the next few days, but I'm looking forward to getting things done.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Nov 19

A very long day, one which was shortened by the use of technology I can muster.

I got a 4.5 k run done in about 28 minutes. Meh, I can do better. Lots of rolling and stretching out my hips afterwards. Lots.

Monday Nov 18

Got two workouts in today, just to make up for a crabby weekend.

First one was early - got this one done five rounds in 25 minutes.
5 KB complexes - kb high pull, kb pistol grip, kb snatch -50 lb kb
10 step ups each side
10 bicep curls - 40 lb barbell used.
10 triceps extensions.

I got a nice workout done. Not the one I wanted to get done, but the one I got done.

After I got the kids in bed, went for a moderately interesting 3.5k run. Took about 24 minutes. I'd like to think I'm ready to go a bit longer.

Sat and Sun Nov 17

These were "wash" days - Saturday was a rugby meeting where I had to present, Sunday was a chase a child around day then take them out to let my wife have the house to herself day. Yeah, by the end of them, I just wanted to go back to work.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday and Friday Nov 15

...and life goes on.

Thursday was a rugby night. A touch rugby night. The first touch rugby night of the indoor season. Kinda tragic, really. Short shifts, constant movement and basic rugby. S'all good.

Friday I got this done for eight rounds before having to go and be an adult.

2 minute rounds of throwing punches
40 seconds of this

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wed Nov 13

Ok, back to the basics day. I had the time and the equipment, so I got stuff done.

I got this done for four rounds before I had to go and be an adult.

6-8 deadlifts 190 lbs ... still making sure that I don't injure myself
10 plate overhead presses 35 lb plate used
10 hanging knee tucks
10 ab roll outs - Cary at Totally Fit helped me with this one. See below for details.

10 bench db flies - 35 lb used
10 db rows
10 reverse flies 10 lbs used

When using the ab roller, I did my usual technique. Which, because of training by myself for so long, I was using improper technique. With one or two quick pointers, I got a much better pull on the abs I was working. Much later in the day, I'm feeling it, simply because I've not had someone to watch my technique. Ever.

Makes me wonder about what else I'm doing wrong, but that's for another post.

Much later in the day, I got a 3.5k run in. I gotta get the road work in this winter. Just has to get done. Starting slow ... but I do have an 8km goal to get done as a training run by the end of March. Should be a gong show.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Nov 12

Oh, man ... what an odd day.

I used some of the comfort cream I got from a teammate on my quads over the last two days, and it has yet to let me down. Awesome stuff that comfort cream.

I got this done AMRAP style today - I just kept moving form thing to thing in a steady "push forward" kind of pace.

20 two handed kb swings (50 lb bell used)
10 step ups with 25 lb handweights
10 body weight rows
20 feet up push ups
10 bicep cursl/tricepts extensions ... need bigger guns, man. 25lb db's used ...

I just needed to get a sweat on today. Felt better by the end of it. It was quick - about 20 minutes all told, and I got that done for five rounds. Just kept moving and lifting, man.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Nov 11

Lest we forget.

Saturday was a slack day for me - well, except chasing little kids around. I did get a short run in, much ot the delight of my wife. I did a mixed bag of kettlebell things with my youngest in the garage later, but I did the run by myself.

Sunday was another chase everything around including my tail day. I did get to play with my youngest in the garage, but instead of training, I was on my roller or my ball, rolling out my muscles. I did also get a run in, too.

Monday ... Monday I was back at work, but got a chance to do some double kettlebell timed lifts again.

six rounds of three minutes of either double kettlebell clean and presses / snatch
40 seconds rest between rounds.

I'm pretty sure I'll get a run in later, too.
Not sure I like the feel of Nike+ now ... 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday Nov 8

So, yeah. Friday. Friday is usually my off day, but since I took Tuesday to go to a conference, I was training today.

Legs were more than a little sore from rugby Thursday night, so I wanted to do something focussing on the upper body. Timed double kettlebell clean and presses? Don't mind if I do.

I got this done for five rounds before having to go be all grown up:
Not from the workout, but looks good

3 minute double kettlebell clean and presses
40 second rest

The first two rounds were ok, but after that ... it was hard. Friday night was the Centaur banquet, which I did my usual eat, listen then go home.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Oct 7

Not sure what happened with the last two posts ... they switched somehow ... technology is awesome, isn't it? Especially when my brain helps out somehow...

In any case, I got this done before having to go be a grown up.
I split up the work out into two sets, doing both sets four rounds before calling it a day. I did this workout at a moderate pace, but not really stopping unless I had to change a weight or the music.

Set one
230 lb deadlift - x 8-10
10 ab roll outs
10 double kb overhead press - used the 30 lb
10 hanging knee tucks
Set two
10 bench flies - finished with 40 lb dbs
10 bench rows
10 reverse bench flies- 10 lbs only

Good workout, I'll crank up the second set next time. I'd also include some Bw or Kb goblet squats, too.

Touch Rugby starts today, too.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monday and Tuesday Nov 5

So ... Monday. Monday was an oddly odd day for the whole of it.

I got to my workout and then found out I had forgotten stuff ... I went ahead with the training, I just had to do a different workout than I had expected:

Five rounds of a kettlebell workout. The goal was to keep the bell in motion and not put it down during each round:

20 two handed swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb sntches
10 figure 8 leg circles each direction

All in all, not a bad work out ... should have spent some time rolling, but I didn't. My back was stiff after, but I had to get going. I did stretch later, but a

Tuesday I was at this conference. It was cool, up to the point in time when I found out someone had already taken my idea and made it operational and then put it up in the iTunes store

Wednesday Nov 6

So ... things worked out a lot better today ... I even put an extra set of gym clothes in my truck so that if I forget something, I have extras ready to go.

Today was a cardio day, so I picked boxing. I needed an exercise to do between rounds - last time I picked wrestling with the giant green ball. This time I picked this exercise:

Except I threw the ball straight overhead.

So it went like this for 9 rounds:

2 minutes of striking - throwing punches, elbows and kicks
40 seconds of rolling vertical medicine ball throws.... used the 10 lb ball.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nov 3

Whew ... these have been exhausting times, let me tell you.

First, I signed up Thursday for indoor rugby for the winter - touch rugby which keeps the hands ready for next April. I'm going to have to keep myself in shape all by myself.

Friday was a rest day. Except for the start of Movember. I went and got myself a t-shirt and haircut at my clubhouse. That was a good time, except for the part when someone spilled their beer all over me. I did get some stretching done, as I'm really sore and stiff after this week.

Saturday was a family day - I took most of my kids out for four hours so my wife could get some work done. After I got my youngest to bed, I got this done for five rounds:

20 kb two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 body weight squats

Sunday was a work for the swimming club day. As a part of the membership, you have to stand outside a Walmart for a few hours, begging for money. Well, my kids begged for money and i just watched. After I got home and got a meal and a nap done, I watched a bit of the Canada v NZ Maori game. After the Canadians were behind more than a few points, I went into my gym and got this done for five rounds ... this time with a weight vest on, too.

20 kb swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 step ups
20 body weight squats

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Oct 31

Tonight's going to be crazy - and tomorrow is a rest day... I was pretty sore waking up today. I didn't want to train today, but got it done anyway. The facepalm moment for today was when I didn't have a t-shirt for training and had to borrow a Lakehead University sweat shirt from the gym owner. What ever it takes, right?

I got this done for five rounds before having to go and be a grown up:
da bells

10 double kb clean and presses (35lb bells used)
10 kb rows (50 lb bells used)
50 feet farmers walk, 50 lb bells used
20 step ups with knee hike

It doesn't read like much, but I'm pretty sore after that work out. It might just be the build up from the week, or it might be just that workout. Not sure.

I also had some difficulty falling asleep last night - which isn't like me when I'm training like this. Meh - After I go out with my kids tonight, I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wed Oct 30

Pic not from today's workout; I miss this gym
Yeah, I was pretty sore after drudging up that session from the barnacles of my Macbook yesterday. Seriously ... who knew my gastrocs could get sore after how many years of rugby ...

In any case, I really hadn't planned on doing anything major today, so I did this for 8 rounds, timed by my Gymboss timer ... first time really using it outside of my garage ... so I had to think about the safty of the thing.

Eight rounds of:
20 minutes of punching -jabs mostly with some hooks and uppercuts. I even got some kicks in, too.
40 seconds of pushing a yoga ball into the wall with my chest

after I was done that I got this done for three rounds:
20 two handed kb swings
10 kb cleans each side

A nice no prep workout.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Oct 29

Had to get this one done early to take my wife out for dinner ....

And so, I went back to an old school session, I brought back from the depths of my hard drive:

10 TRX bodyweight rows
20 feet up push ups
20 kb swings (50 lb bell used)
40 feet of lunges
20 step ups
10 hanging knee tucks -with some straight leg lifts tried out.
10 bicep curls
10 triceps extensions

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Oct 28

So ... Saturday and Sunday were washouts.

Saturday was crappy and rainy and I was run off my feet in taking four 11 year olds to go and see Quidditch being played at McMaster. Yes, the made up game in Happy Potter. I got home and crashed for the night, although I cleaned my house a little before bed.

It's amazing how quickly your day fills when you have nothing ont he schedule, then suddenly someone finds out that you're available. That was my Sunday. Five hours of fiddling with someone's computer to get something to work ... in the end, I ran out of time.

Monday, at least I got my training done after meetings.

Tried out a new treadmill - one which didn't quite work for me the way it was intended, but still my legs were hurting a few hours afterwards.

Walkign uphill on this treadmill for 20 minutes with various levels of resistance was pretty cool.

Then, two rounds of:
20 kb swings
10 cleans each side
10 snatches each side

Then I had to go and be a grown up.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday and Friday Oct 25

Ok ... Thursday ... let me think back to yesterday ...

That carpet and that paint do not match ...
I was at Totally Fit and I lifted stuff ... I'm just kdding ... I got this done four rounds before having to go be a grown up

20 kb swings with 50 lb bell
10 kb cleans with 35 kb bell
10 kb snatches with the 35 lb bell
50 feet farmers walk with 50 lb kb bell in each hand
20 feet up push ups
25 seated knee tucks

Not a bad little workout ... I felt a good sore afterwards.

On Friday I was back at Totally Fit ... and this time I think I got an unreal thing done...
...but that's not why I'm training there.

6-8 deadlifts ... maxed out at 230 lbs ... again ... a max deadlift for me ... let's see how my stomach reacts to that ...
20 kb swings with a 50 lb bell
20 feet up push ups
10 kb one arm rows with the 50 lb bell

A really good after training effect with the endorphins, man ... I felt as if I were floating as I walked around later. Seriously good stuff.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that those deadlifts were a PR for me. It's a fairly light weight, but my training bars at home literally aren't long enough for me to put anymore of the cement filled vinyl 25 pound discs I own. Meh, as I mentioned, I felt freaking awesome after the workout.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Oct 22

Sunday was a rest day - well, a "rest" day, shall we say. I was running all over the place with children and trying not to feel like living death. I did stretch a little, but felt a crap load better after a shower.

Monday was a work day, although I did manage to get this done for three rounds before going to bed almost on time:

20 kb swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches
10 bodyweight Split squats with the back leg up - each side
20 step ups
10 seated knee tucks

After work, I also got to my SurfFit class, too. That was an awesome cardio/bodyweight class.

Tuesday I needed to keep it light ... but I didn't. I go this done four rounds before I had to go and be responsible:

6-8 deadlifts - I think I maxed out at 110 lbs ... basically nothing on the bar.
20 kb swings -40 lb bell used
10 kb cleans each side

quick and straight forward. I liked it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 19

Thursday was supposed to be a rugby day ... but I started fighting something inside my lungs. That, and I fell asleep on my mats in my garage at about 7:45pm. It was so quiet and dark. I couldn't hear my kids crying or anything ... and I seriously nodded off.

I did get to training after it was done to pay for my banquet ticket and purchase a club tie, though.

Friday was a nutso day, but at least I got some stretching done after the kids were in bed and I had a chance to clear my mind while on some mats. I also did some work on my Nanowrimo novel, too.

Saturday might have been a rugby day, but everyone in my family is suffering though the hacking cough that is going through Burlington at the moment. I stayed home from that and from a boxing clinic I signed up for a while ago. Instead I took my kids to a health food store and got stuff to clean out the lungs and to promote healthy breathing. I felt a lot better in the afternoon, though.

I got this done after the kids went to bed for three rounds:

20 kb two handed swings
10 kb cleans each side
10 kb snatches each side
20 step ups to high knee each side
4-8 sand bag cleans (new sand bag is about 80 pounds!)
20 seated knee tucks

Not a bad little work out - felt awesome afterwards. I even got a chance to watch Canada Rugby lose to Argentina in an ARC Championship game legally streamed online tonight. Way cool.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wed Oct 16

Today was a weird one ... at least I got my workout in at Totally Fit.

Got this done four rounds before having to go back to the grindstone:

20 two handed kb swings (varied KB weight, finished with 35-40 lb bells)
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
50 foot farmers walk (60 lb bells)
10 hanging knee tucks

All in all, not a bad workout - was kind of put down that the gym will be closed for a week while the only guy who works there goes away. Kind of impressed with my choice, too. I mean at LA Fitness, they wouldn't shut down if a hurricane came by and swooped me away. At least here I know the guy who owns it and can talk to him.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Oct 15

Well, today was a new beginning ... or rather me attempting to bend the rules to my advantage.

Yeah, I think the second of those is closer to the truth.

I'm taking the time allotted to me and using it to improve myself and going to a local gym "Totally Fit" and doing some training. I need to find and print off a few of my workouts that I used to have in my garage and get them ready to take with me, but I got this done in time to get back to work today:

Warm up with a roller ... a real roller, not a medicine ball ... it was nice to have that done. The some warm up drills with a light kettlebell, just to get the heart pumping.

three rounds of:
10 double kb clean and jerks (35 kb used)
15 bench flies (35 lb used)
8-10 sand bag clean and squat ... it felt like 40 lb
15 hanging knee tucks (alternating with hanging L sits)

I got that done and then did two rounds of:
10 one legged lunges
15 feet up push ups

then ... got back to it.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Oct 15

Saturday was a driving day ... also a clean up day. Got rid of most of my kids and took the youngest to gymnastics ... which didn't last too long. Then drove for three hours. Yeah, needed some mobility stretches after that one.

Sunday was a move canoes day. Which ... sounds easier than it was. Lifting those suckers up a hill was a drag. Oh, and the oars, too. Then, another drive.

Monday was a hosting my family at my house day. I did get to show off my gym, which was nice. I did not get a chance to use it. My job was to keep the kids out of the house for four hours while my wife finished the preparations. Still, I did get some nice walks and got to play with my kids. They are a fun bunch of munchkins. I'm blessed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wed - Friday Oct 11

Wednesday was a rest day - I should have taken it, but I did.

Thursday should have been a training day, but I forgot it was a birthday - my eldest turned 11. It is an idea that is just hitting me. Strange to think that I am a responsible adult.

Friday was a "sit around and mope day" - I had a presentation to do at work and I wasn't really ready for it. Meh - there was lots of "help" from the crowd and I knew my stuff. Too bad one or two just kept asking the boss questions about my presentation.

However, after I got my son off to bed and everyone else occupied, I felt like playing in the gym. I couldn't bring in my tunes, nor use anything that would make noise. Kettlebells, barbells and body weight training it was.

I warmed up rather well as I knew I was going to do something stupid.

I have six kettlebells between 20 and 50 pounds, so I did two circuits of five single sided clean and jerks for each bell.

5 clean and jerks 20lbs (both sides)
5 c&j 25lbs each side
5 c&j 30
you get the idea ... yeah, later on, I'm feeling both of these rounds in my shoulders

then I did five rounds of:
8-10 squats with 50, 100, 150 lbs on the bar depending on the round....
20 seated knee tucks between each set of squats.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Oct 8

I will confess that I was sore today - legs were just a ball of pulled muscles, man.

I did this for three rounds before having to go be a father:

20 kb two handed swing and releases (50 lb bell used)
10 Kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups
15 bench flies
10 hanging knee tucks

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Oct 7

Felt a lot better after going to bed early.

Monday night, I got back on the board despite being sore from Sunday's run.

Meh, it was a something I just had to do.

Warm up (I was sweating in less than ten minutes)
Two or three rounds of:

step ups to BW squats
prone to knee crunch to kick back
lunge squats

....four or five other body weight positions...

Warm down...

Awesome pic:

Wedneday Oct 3-Sun Oct 6

Well, I didn't get out for a run these days, even though I'm telling myself and others that I will be running this winter. I keep making promises to myself and not keeping them.

I did meet with two guys who run training businesses near my work so I can get some training in on my lunch hours until the end of January - I'll make a decision Monday at the latest.

I did get some training in on Thursday and one other day, but it's not enough. I'm doing the same sort of "pick five" training sessions. That is "Pick five exercises and do them for three or four rounds" ... but ... going through the motions and getting some results is not good enough.

How do I know this?

Well, Sunday was the Run for the Cure, a 5k event in Burlington. I ran with a bunch of my rugby clubmates ... and was shocked at my own poor level of physical preparedness. I will point out that it wasn't my cardio vascular fitness that was lacking - it was the rest of my body. That is to say my heart and lungs weren't the problem, it was a lot of everything else.

My hips and legs were hurting before the run - I got a free five minute massage and the student doing it even commented on the tightness in my hamstrings, ITB band and hip flexors. I mean, I knew they were bad - I just hadn't realized just how bad they were. Midway through the run, I wasn't gliding along as I'm used to - every stride was short and painful. I fought with my legs and hips to keep moving. To my dismay, I also discovered that the UnderArmor compression shorts I was wearing had holes and my thighs were going to be chafed to all hell.

You know, the morning after as I sit and write this, is the horrible realization of just how bad I've let things go. I'm going to be looking at what I've been doing - training wise, but diet too - and I'm pretty sure I know what went wrong. Not enough running, a diet that went off the rails a while ago and letting too much stress build up.

Now ... time for some solutions.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Oct 1

Ugh. October.

Anyway, at least September is done. I heard today that my position at eLearning is ending in January. Meh - lots of exciting things coming at me.

I got home from work and decided that rather than taking a nap, I'd charge ahead and get a workout done.

I got this done for three rounds before having to pack it in to go and be a dad.

20 step ups with a leg left at the top
20 Kb two handed swings and releases (40 lb bell used throughout)
10 kb snatches each side
15 bench flies - 40 lb dbs used
10 hanging knee tucks

I felt pretty good afterwards.

Sept 30

Went back to SurfFit tonight.
 I was asked how I liked it, and I answered that I did.  I was looking for something so totally different from rugby at the moment and surfing for fitness is it.

 This night was the regular instructor and I liked elements of this week and elements of last week. The class went like this:
 warm ups
ab work
some pilates on the board
some yoga on the board cruches (which I could do with some modification)
step ups step ups to body weight squats
 close grip slooooow push ups - which my shoulders minded a lot.
pilates moves warm down / stretch

 Did I sweat? Oh yeah. I was wet by the end.

 I really do like the body weight ideas of this class.

I really do need to stretch a lot more when I get home after this, though. My hips and quads, my hips especially, were hurting after. Nothing to do with the class, more to do with the character that was playing rugby behind me last two weeks.

Tuesday Sept 24 to Sunday Sept 29

Nothing. I'm still adjusting to a lot of things, and am finding time to myself hard. I had to miss the Tough Mudder as I was still sore from what ever the hell is making me sore. At least I made up my mind to fix this situation with a different box of crayons.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday Sept 23 - training shout out

so Monday... one of the first Mondays that I don't have a week of rugby planned.

I did plan on going in to work a little later than usual, so with that time ... I trained. I did this four rounds before I had to get myself together and get going:

20 kb swings with a top release and catch. First round with 40 lb bell, all other rounds with 50 lbs
10 kb cleans each side
20 feet up push ups
15 hanging knee tucks

I just wanted to get back in the swing of things. When I got to work, I had a message from SurfSet Fitness about their class at 8pm. To be honest, I had asked my better half about whether or not I could go, and so, I was set to go.

All I was really looking for was something totally different than what I've been doing of late. Man, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.

I had a bit of a problem finding the place, but when I did I was impressed with their space. Nice floors and a clean room. I grabbed a board and helped Bill Ronald get the boards set up. He was doing his second class of the night - back to back - and was looking pretty good, despite that fact. I put my water and backpack (with extra t-shirt) beside me and we got going.

It was an female class, except for me, of course. For the occasion, I wore my bright pink rugby t-shirt. I was kind of glad for that selection, as I blended in to the rest of the class...

We did each set of these for three or four rounds.

Warm up
Step ups on to the board
10 knee to board/ leg lunges
10 "surfer position" standing opposite knee to hand touches
10 feet on feet off the board in plank position

10 Mountain Climbers
4 slow body weight squats with a 10 second hold at the bottom
10 table hip thrusts (this one I just couldn't do - like NO shoulder mobility for me, thanks to a long season of rugby. I did try my best to do a modified version and keep my heart rate up, though)

A thumbs up from me!
10 full body arm circles
10 body weight squats

10 second low flutter kicks
10 second big flutter kicks
10 supine opposite arm - opposite knee touches
10 sit ups (yeah, I am feeling these the next day ....)

at the end of the workout,  my legs were a little annoyed with me, but since I do a lot of body weight squats in my own training, I was pretty good with that work on my legs. My abs ... well, they're sore at the moment, but feeling good. I did get a decent sweat on; it was a class for the basics, and I knew that going in.

Overall, I had fun and got to work out on a surfboard. If I do get to a surfing spot this summer (not likely) I'd like to think that with this workout (and the other ones I intend to do) I'll be ready for the water. Of course, I could always hit the surf in Lake Ontario ... but without a dry suit, not likely until July.

I'll admit, though, after class, we got this done, too:

Friday Saturday and Sunday Sept 22

Friday was a rest day - I had to run around like an idiot all day. When I got home, I just crashed. I did do some walking with my kids and some rolling on a ball for recovery, but not much else.

Saturday is a rugby day. It was not as I was expecting, to be frank. Of the front row, I was the only healthy one. The hooker couldn't throw or hook. The loose head twisted his ankle last week and really didn't recover. The lock behind me was lighter and shorter than I was and didn't like to drive. He also kept slipping in the mud. More than once, he ended up with me sitting on his chest. Not a pleasant experience, I'm sure.

It was chilly and rainy and a buddy ended up with some fun additions to his scar collection. For me, it was ruck, ruck, and scrum. Lineouts and scrums were messy all day. Meh, the beer was cold.

I got home and spent the rest of the day trying to scrub the dirt out of various places.

Sunday was a rest day - did some recovery, but not very much as it was a pretty busy place. At least I got my meals planned for the week ahead of time.

Monday will be cool.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday Sept 19

Yeah, that little tug wasn't a nice thing to feel, either.

Wednesday I stretched with the ball in the gym after the kids were in bed.

Thursday I thought was going to be a rugby night, but instead I was at home with my kids. I wanted to go out and have a fin walk. They thought walking was a bit quicker. So, although it was a rugby day and I couldn't go to rugby, I ended up doing about a 3k run, while pushing my youngest in a small plastic car rather quickly.

I mean, it must have been cool to be my youngest, hair flying behind him, laughing his butt off while his dad pushed the car at a rather quick pace. I'm cool, and I know it.

Tuesday Sept 17

Tuesday, got home from work and did this for four rounds:

10 step ups (start each side)
20 kb swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
10 squats 50 then 100 lbs used
20 hanging knee tucks
20 feet up push ups

It was a workout, man. I felt a little tug on my groin as I was finishing my last set of hanging knee tucks. Not sure that is where the problem lies, though. Might be the rather stupid levels of body fat I'm carrying around with me.

Sunday and Monday Set 15

These were rest days - 30 minutes of rolling and stretching for both. Long season of rather disappointing rugby has taken it's toll.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Wed, Thursday, Friday Sept 13 and Saturday Sept 14

Wednesday was a running night - after the kids were in bed, I did a short run ... like 3.5k or something just to clear my legs.

Thursday was a rugby training night, except no one showed up. Well, that's not 100% true. less than 10 guys showed up for training and played touch 7's with the u16 team. Me? 'm not one for 7's rugby, nor one for touch.

I got this done for four rounds before heading home to make a decision.

20 kb swings
10 -15 kb snatches
10 kb swing and releases
10 60lb bag cleans to overhead presses.

Friday I stretched and rested and got ready to play for another club.

Saturday I played 3/4 of a game at prop. Some good solid rugby with some really not so solid rugby. Meh, another late penalty missed opportunity. We were down 19-0 at the half, were winning 29-24 with a few minutes left and then ... they scored. Kick it into touch, pedantic rugby was overlooked. Life goes on. More rugby next week and going on into the spring.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday Sept 11

Let's take a moment. I recall exactly where I was twelve years ago. It affected my life to such a degree that I find myself living with a happy family; a loving wife and three happy children. I got married within four months of the bombing and have never regretted a moment of my family life since.

Now, that being said ... I was very happy to be granted some time to train today. I got this done for three rounds:

20 two handed KB swings - 40 lb bell used
20 step ups
10 deep squats 50lbs on the bar
20 feet up push ups
15 prone straight leg lifts.
10 bicep curls (60 lbs used)
10 triceps extensions

Nothing hard core, just a decent workout - it was so hot in there, I was sweating before I started, really.

I ate well today too - well, until dinner.

Breakfast - fruit smoothie with a coffee on the way to work

Snack was almonds and water

Lunch was green peppers, almonds, broccoli with hummus and water, water water...

Dinner was three slices of pizza. (yeah, I know, I know)

I'm setting up my weekly cooking/family/training schedule tomorrow. It's got to get better. To that end I was chatting on Facebook with a local gym owner about nutrition today. He recommended I soak my almonds overnight, making them easier to eat and digest. Might try that one.

I also got the Rugby Fit program via email today - six weeks of fairly intense work. Lets see if I can get it done!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tues Sept 10

Well, I'd like ot say I'm back to being in rather good shape. But that would be a lie. I'm just disappointed I didn't catch any of the signs.

Ok, that's self pity, and I'm done with that for today.

I ate a lot better today

Breakfast - fruit smoothie with coffee on the way to work

Snack - almonds and water

Lunch - green pepper, broccoli and cauliflower in hummus with almonds and tuna. Water to drink.

Dinner - eggs and grilled vegetables (pepper and more broccoli).

After I got the kids to bed, went into my garage and got this done for three rounds:

20 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 seated knee tucks - last round was 20 straight leg lifts
20 push ups

It was pretty warm in there, so I got a good sweat on. Time for some water and some Advil.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 3 to Monday Sept 9

Yeah, there's no rugby going on these days. .... at least in my world.

It was weird, this past Saturday, hanging around the house, looking after kids. Weird, I tell you.

I might have played rugby ... I did get invited, but had to look after my kids. So .. it was a no.

I might have trained, but my body has been so sore. The summer's rugby and not giving a crap what I put in it has taken a toll. More so than I thought.

I've been taking a long look at pictures of myself on Facebook and on this blog- and I'm not liking what I'm seeing.
So, I've switched up my training.

I did sprints all summer and I'm in not bad shape for beer league rugby. I'm not happy with what I look like, so ... I started back to nice runs in the evening to augment a change in diet.

Reduced the number of stupidly high calories I was taking in and increasing the BMR with runs and crossfit like sessions in my garage.

Yesterday I did a 5 k run, tonight I did a 3.5k run - and tomorrow I get back to the circuits that used to make me happy.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Sept 1-Mon Sept 2

Sunday I had to drive home from the cottage ... a long drive, with my two year old using every octave of his range in his self titled opera "Bug Daddy". It was a tragedy which ended at the three hour mark with him finally falling asleep.

Of course, it's a three hour drive to the cottage. He fell asleep at the last turn before my drive way.

I cleaned up the house and had a lot of time to myself, after telling everyone to please leave me alone.

Monday was a smidgen better, but my body hates that drive. In any case, I did a 3.5 k run, a very slow run at that ... around my "New" neighbourhood. It was a nice night for it - about 20 degrees with little humidity. I got news for myself ... the summer is over.

After the shower ... I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Sad, really, what a rugby season and not caring what you eat will do to a body.

Aug 20-Aug 31

Yeah, one or two training sessions were held - nothing dramatic, nothing awesome ... with the usual sprints at the end, if possible.

One or two workouts in this time frame, too. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of the blue...

I was active, however. I did have to help lift crap out of the water, up a hill and into a cottage, reset my garage gym to the other side of the garage, I had to move other stuff around my house, setting up for the school year. I had to go into work ... and chase a two year old boy around, too.

Above all, I had lots of time to plan and dread the first day back at work.

I did set goals for the year, I'm thinking I post them here somewhere to keep them in mind for my training. I've got them on the desktop of my laptop. They should be handy at all times.

I got myself ready, I just didn't see the need to bore the crap out of my readers with little to report.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday and Monday Aug 19

Sunday was a rest day. I drank a lot ... of water, juice ... what ever was at hand.

Monday was a training day ... so I got this in four rounds. I think. My youngest was in the garage with me after not having a nap and he was into everything and not really thinking of safety. I mean who puts an empty bar in the hands of one of their stuffed animals and expects it to hand it over when he's ready for a bench press? Who, in their right mind, falls off a quarter inch mat, hurts their bum, runs to their father as he's finishing the last of a rear to the deck back squat and demands a hug?

My youngest, that's who. Someday he'll be an awesome training partner. Today ... man, he was another obstacle on my way to getting this done:

8-10 deep (lower than parallel) squats. 100 lbs on the bar
10 kb snatches
10 kb cleans
10 kb overhead presses (all both sides, poundage varied with His Grace. 30-50lbs used)
10 bicep curls
10 triceps extensions (both with a 60 lb bar)
3 assisted chin ups ... I had to get them back in. So I did.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Aug 17

The fat lady sang ... and had a few of these after the games today

There are only two words I needed to keep in mind this day, and I forgot about them:

Match preparation.

I didn't eat at all, really, before trying to play in two rugby games. I had lots of water, just nothing to eat, except an apple. That's just not enough energy to get through two games.

What. An. Idiot.

I got through the first game all right. No worries. Even had a few minute break before I noticed how many guys had called in sick or vacation for the day. A really different team this week from last week.

In any case, I got to about the 65th minute of the second game on my calves just went "no". Not as seriously painful as other times I have cramped out on a rugby pitch, but severe enough. I subbed myself off.

In any case ... with the coach still away and the president of the club more concerned with the Ontario Blues game at the end of the day ... I got asked to be a replacement for the first team.

What could I say? I had to say no. There was really no way I could play.

I had a couple of Gatorades to help with the cramping and then had a shower, then a lot of water, then Somersby.

The season is over, as all three teams lost by a lot on this final day.

I'll have to do some thinking on paper before I sum up the season. But I'll post my thoughts here at some time in the future.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday and Friday Aug 16

Thursday was a training night. Sort of. Even the club captain and president stayed away. I played touch for about 10 minutes before packing it in and doing this for three rounds:

5 tire flips
5 x 50m sprints
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks
10 kettlebell snatches - 30 lb bell used for each side

After that, I iced my hurting parts after some stretching, too. It was interesting to watch the Atlantic Rock rugby team train on the other end of the pitch. Much more motivated team with a lots of decent play. I don't think the Ontario Blues have much to worry about, however....

Friday was interesting ... some swimming after doing this for three rounds:

10 kb cleans
10 kb presses each side
10 kb snatches - 30 or 40 lb bell used, depending on the round
20 step ups, unweighted
10 bicep curls, 10 tricept extensions - finished with 60lbs on the bar
ab exercise

The last one varied with each round, depending on what my training partner was doing at the time. Sometimes, he was on the chin up bar, sometimes on the mat. I had to make due with whatever he wasn't using.

Tuesday and Wednesday Aug 14

Tuesday was a rugby training night - except the coach didn't show up. The club captain showed up, as did the President of the club .. and we played touch for about 20 minutes.


So, I got this done for four rounds before it got too dark:

5 x 50m sprints
5 tire flips - the big ones at the rugby club ... must be 300 pounds.
20 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups.

During the day, I went to African Lion Safari with my parents and kids, and got a chance to ride an elephant. While I enjoy the memory of riding such a nice animal with my two girls, my hip didn't enjoy being on the pachyderm. It hurt. Icing it later was .... uncomfortable.

Wednesday was a light training and recovery day. Lots of rolling and stretching with some light kettlebells just to get a sweat going. A lot of Advil and I was still feeling a little sore.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday and Monday Aug 12

I was pretty sore on Sunday, so I laid low and hung out with my family. I did have some thoughts about the post season today, but it's not time to share those ideas here yet.

You never know who's reading this.

In an case, Monday I got this done early, with a little "Assistance" from my youngest:

Four rounds of:

15 step ups (first round without any weight, last 2 rounds with the new 50 lb sandbag on my back
10 kb snatches 40 lb kb used
10 bicep curls 40 lb barbell used
10 tricept extensions 40 lbs used
150 lb deadlift x 6-8
10 bench flies (40 lb db's used)
10 ab exercises

The last one changed from round to round. I tried hanging flat leg raises, but my grip gave out on me, so I sent to lying flat leg raises. Meh, it worked for me.