Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, Tuesday and Wed Dec 25th

Monday was a pretty cool day, I must say. My crew let me sleep in until about 8am. That was not a typo; it was awesome.

I managed to get a workout done too. I'm liking the ten rounds of heavy bag these days and I got that one done, again:

2 minutes heavy baf
2 minute kettlebell swings - used the 50 lb bell

Tuesday was a family day - lots of traveling around a rather snowy Ontario. Thanks, I know I should have done something, but man ... I just wanted to enjoy my day.

Wednesday was the big day. It started early ... I mean EARLY. We were done opening stuff by 7am. No that was not a typo either. My kids had me up stupid early, man.

After a breakfast and a nap, I supervised my kids' workouts again. Then I got this done for four rounds:

10 kb cleans
10 kb clean and press
10 kb snatches
10 step ups to an 15 inch step

First two rounds was with a light kb, last two with a 40 lb bell. Nothing drastic, just to work some of the Christmas cheer off.

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