Monday, December 2, 2013

Mon Dec 2

I'm scattered today ... littlest one was up coughing last night, without a fever. Nothing really to be done. I'm pretty sure he's ok. Just rough with trying to keep my brains about me.

I got this done for four rounds today:

20 bw squats
10 TRX body rows
20 regular push ups
20 step ups ... last three rounds with 15 lbs in each hand
20 two handed kb swings first round with 35, then 40, last two with 50lb bell
10 hanging knee tucks
15 zottman curls 15lbs used, .... at least I think I used 15's. Might have been 20's. 

I think I forgot my iPhone there, too. Uggggh. Going to make like a little more difficult today.

Going to try for a run tonight, too. Depends on the weather.

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