Friday, December 13, 2013

Wed and Thursday Dec 12

Wednesday was a wash. Just not enough time in the day for me to train. I needed the rest, anyway.

Thursday was my comeback day. I did this workout for ten rounds:

2 minutes "working the heavy bag" (A new term that someone said to me)
1 minute of rope work

This was a cool session, man. Seriously. Got a good sweat going, heart rate was up about 150 a minute or two after I was done. According to others, this is about where I want to be with that. A few minutes later my heart rate was a lot lower.

I talked to the owner for a few minutes after, he mentioned that NFL football linemen use the ropes to train. It seems it's easier for them to get a cardio and it easy on their knees. My hamstrings would humbly disagree, but probably because it was the first time I did this workout.

Later on, it was a rugby night. We lost two and won one. A few key players weren't there; a few of my teammates were a little too intense ... man ... whatever. I was laughing and having fun playing rugby. Passing the ball and sprinting were key to the night.

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