Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Dec 16

It was a slow drive in, with all the left overs of snow everywhere.

I got myself a workout and got this done for three rounds before settling into a roller for about ten minutes:

20 bw squats
10 bodyweight rows
20 push ups
20 KB swings (50 lb bell used)
20 step ups with 15lb db's in each hand
20 seated knee tucks - I slowed these down today. A lot more tug on the abs
10 zottman curls - 15 lb dbs used

Oh, I was sore getting out of bed this morning. I had a crappy breakfast but at least my lunch was ok. At least after this session, I felt alive.

After the youngest was in bed, got a chance to do a 4k run in the snow. Not cold, not really cold to my mind, just slippery and snowy. 

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