Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Dec 15

Friday I was nursing a hamstring tweak from Thursday's rugby session. Meh, at least we won the game during which my leg went kerploopy.

I did a light kettlebell and bodyweight workout, followed by some gentle stretching and rolling. I didn't track the routine, but rather just kept the kettlebell moving for about 20 minutes. I then did a session on the

Saturday was a snowy day around here ... lots of snow. About three or more feet of it. At least. And so ... I was stuck in my house. Except I wasn't. I did shovel the drive, twice. Then I had to walk around a fairly empty mall while two of my children did some fundraising for their club. I walked for about two hours. Then we drive home and I had to shovel the drive again.

Sunday was another snowy day, and it was a tough one. I got home about 9pm to see the bottom of the driveway blocked with a strip of snow about two feet high and sixteen to eighteen feet across. Yeah, I did that one. Then the nice neighbours' driveway. The another and another and another. I did five drive ways. I'm hoping karma was watching.

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