Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday May 30

I couldn't get to rugby training tonight, as I'm still getting one of my kids through their season.

Meh, I finally got to do some light kettlebell training.

Three rounds of

20 hand to hand
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 step ups
20 bw squats
20 push ups

Not a huge workout, but it was a start.

May 17 to May 29

This will be a catch-up post, rather than listing specific things I've done in the last few weeks.

Rugby training started again. I've not been able to make it twice a week yet. I'm a dad and one of my kids needs to finish off their swimming season. Meh, I know I'm not going to be selected for the first team in May this year. I also know that it's the team we put on the pitch in October that wins the whole she-bang.

I'm catching up on all fronts, man.

Lots of stretching in the morning, some walking in the evenings. Walks in the pool, walks in the neighbourhood.

Some rugby training, with the extra fitness afterwards. I even got some abdominal work done, too.

I did get in for a half on the 27th of May. Did some good work in the lineouts, but as we were ahead of the opposition I wasn't a jerk in the scrums. I should have, but I did not act like a complete jerk. We won and I got off the pitch and did a nice long stretching session. But I was an idiot after that.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 15 and 16

Got back to some regular workouts on this fine Monday.

I know I can start back to lifting, as anything that might have gone wrong did not go wrong on Saturday and I'm still feeling fine. I also cleaned up my gym and swept the mats, too. Such a nice thing to stretch on clean mats.

Monday was stretching in the mornings, walking in the pool in the evenings.

Tuesday I had to deal with the
fall-out from Saturday with a meeting at the club. I did stretch in the morning but had to share my opinion in the evenings. Very upset.

Deep breath, man.

I just like to throw. 

May 12 and May 13 and May 14

May 12 was a "recovery day" - I put that in air quotes as I was doing a lot of watching at training. Also did a fair amount of lifting, too. Did some throwing, which wasn't bad, to begin with thanks to the work I've been doing with the high school team I'm helping.

May 13th wasn't bad. I got a half in, which was cool. No issues with anything. There were so many bodies ... so many bodies from my club. I was happy to get that long of time on the pitch. I hung out and was cool. I did a lot of stretching later on in the day.

Really regretted not wearing sunscreen, too.

Meh, all good. Was happy with my efforts.

Sunday was recovery.

April 26 to May 11

These days were kind of a drag. Lots of walking, still recovering from surgery. No lifting, some stretching and some walking in the water at my club.

Rugby training started on May 12, too.