Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday July 30 and Friday July 31

Well, Thursday was a rugby night. I got to organize a game against another local club and we had to play it there, as my club's women's team called the one field at our club first.

Meh, it was a fun game. Highlight was the ball, being kicked into touch actually sticking about 10 meters off the ground in the middle of the game.

In any case, I spent the day chasing my kids and having as much fun as we can. I did do some gardening and planning of the garage for the winter today, too. I cleaned up a disgusting mess really early in the am, too. Oh God, I'm just about to heave thinking of it. No, I'm not going to blog it.

Friday I got out of bed at like 5:45, so I went to a local park and did my stretching and rolling there for about 30 minutes. My legs felt a lot better after, man.

Nothing but chasing my son around various parks in the city today. We had lunch and dinner together, side by side ... eeesh. In any case, it was a good day, topped off by a nice walk with my wife.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunday July 19 to Wednesday July 29

Yeah ... I'm so sorry loyal readers ... I'm being a busy Mr Mom this summer ... and my laptop is the digital hub of the house at the moment.

By the time I'm able to even get to use my laptop ... I'm just pooched. Man .. In any case ...

I haven't missed an evening at the rugby club yet ... lots of rugby on television to watch with the Pan American Games in Toronto, the Pacific Nations Cup and other random international games going on ... it's been quite a nice break for me.

We are only training these days, as even the league has taken a break ... there are only three games left in the season .. and we need to win all three big to have a shot at moving up. Yeah, we do that whole 'shoot ourselves in the foot" thing every year ...

In any case, I've been chasing my kids around, trying to workout and trying to get my wife to finally realize she's on vacation. It's nice to be able to hang out with my kids, it's also nice to be able ot play rugby.

I did pick up a treadmill for my garage, too. I'm just in the middle of planning a clean up day. I'll have to also work on getting some sort of screen in front of the treadmill, too.

One day at a time. The garage needs to be cleaned out and made ready for the winter.

Heck, I need to be cleaned out and made ready, too.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thursday July 16, Friday and Saturday July 18

Thursday was a training night. I was picked co-captain of the seconds XV, so I had a fairly decent session lifting and scrumming. I'd like to get some work done on my throws, but that seems to be a lower priority at the moment.

Scrums are doing fairly well though.

In any case, after the training session, I got this done for three rounds, as I had to get up to the clubhouse to take part in a celebration of life of one of the founding members of the club.

20 step ups
15 push ups
20 bw squats

Nothing complicated, just enough to get a sweat going and get some muscles moving.

Friday was an off day, chasing a little boy around and making sure he was safe. It was so humid I slept in the basement.

Saturday was a rugby day. I haven't seen any pics yet, but I'm pretty sure there are a few good ones out there. The team I was captain for won their game in a gut wrenching brawl to the end, 17-22. Yeah, those games are fun, but I also like the games where we're winning by 20 with 10 minutes to go.

I played the entire second team game and then got in for about 40 more with the first team. I was really pooched by the end of it. I just lay down on the ground for the rest of the game. Except for the last ten minutes or so, when they were looking for a front row replacement... so I had to get myself back kitted up and ready to go back in. It would have been not very good if I had to go back in, but I was willing to get it done. 

Sunday July 12 to Wednesday July 15

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Spent it chasing my son and getting a decent stretch and rolling session in. Meh, it's still going. I also got a nice 2k walk in with my wife.

Monday was an early morning workout in the garage. I got this done for four rounds:

20 steps
20 kb swings
20 bw squats
15 push ups

Not complicated, but got it done. I'm thinking I like this workout and will take my son with my somewhere cool to do it next time.

Tuesday was rugby. It was a fairly heavy session, getting ready for a game this weekend. I got this done after for four rounds:

20 steps
20 bicep curls
20 push ups
20 bw squats

after that I did some distractions on both shoulders, just to stretch out the joint. I really needed to roll and stretch but that didn't happen.

Wednesday was an off day until I got a nice walk in with my wife.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday June 30 to July 11

This is the longest block of time I've taken away from this blog in five years.

It was a nice vacation, to be frank. Needed, I think.

Gave me a chance to sit and do some thinking about the direction and the content of this page. I thought about a number of plans and factors in my life and I don't like the results I thought I was getting. Stress is just killing me - both at work and at home. Odd sleeping patterns brought about by further stress of being a parent and being without a steady daily cycle is also kind of troubling to me as of late.

In any case ... enough whining.

It was a nice vacation. I did some planning, which is ongoing. I need to re-begin the work.