Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday July 12 to Wednesday July 15

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Spent it chasing my son and getting a decent stretch and rolling session in. Meh, it's still going. I also got a nice 2k walk in with my wife.

Monday was an early morning workout in the garage. I got this done for four rounds:

20 steps
20 kb swings
20 bw squats
15 push ups

Not complicated, but got it done. I'm thinking I like this workout and will take my son with my somewhere cool to do it next time.

Tuesday was rugby. It was a fairly heavy session, getting ready for a game this weekend. I got this done after for four rounds:

20 steps
20 bicep curls
20 push ups
20 bw squats

after that I did some distractions on both shoulders, just to stretch out the joint. I really needed to roll and stretch but that didn't happen.

Wednesday was an off day until I got a nice walk in with my wife.

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