Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunday July 19 to Wednesday July 29

Yeah ... I'm so sorry loyal readers ... I'm being a busy Mr Mom this summer ... and my laptop is the digital hub of the house at the moment.

By the time I'm able to even get to use my laptop ... I'm just pooched. Man .. In any case ...

I haven't missed an evening at the rugby club yet ... lots of rugby on television to watch with the Pan American Games in Toronto, the Pacific Nations Cup and other random international games going on ... it's been quite a nice break for me.

We are only training these days, as even the league has taken a break ... there are only three games left in the season .. and we need to win all three big to have a shot at moving up. Yeah, we do that whole 'shoot ourselves in the foot" thing every year ...

In any case, I've been chasing my kids around, trying to workout and trying to get my wife to finally realize she's on vacation. It's nice to be able to hang out with my kids, it's also nice to be able ot play rugby.

I did pick up a treadmill for my garage, too. I'm just in the middle of planning a clean up day. I'll have to also work on getting some sort of screen in front of the treadmill, too.

One day at a time. The garage needs to be cleaned out and made ready for the winter.

Heck, I need to be cleaned out and made ready, too.

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