Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday Aug 30

Ok, this was a wild one.

Kinda like my "Fire Drill" workout, I had to carry stuff from the dock up a rather steep hill to the garage at the cottage. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds, as it is about 150m trip one way, but also up a rather steep gradient.

I had eight trips up and down with various beach tools. Chairs, tables, 3 person inflatable toys and a full on 200 lb canoe. At the end of that I had to move a twelve foot trampoline into the garage as well. I knew I wanted to get away as early as possible, and so I got this particular exercise going at 6:45am. I got it done and was on the road by 9:30. I was driving, of course, and ... I was hurting.

After we got home and I got a shower, I took my kids on an adventure ... to find french fries and a pint.

Thursday and Friday Aug 29

Thursday should have been a training night, but it was cancelled. I'm away, but my team was to host a sevens tournament. Which was cancelled.

They also have a game on Friday Aug 29th in London versus the University of Western Ontario.  A big school with a lot of rugby players. In any case, I got this done:

20 kb swings
20 kb rows
20 kb cleans
20 kb snatches
20 step ups onto the log and tire in the picture ...
20 Bw squats

after I got that done, I worked a little with my lineout throws and got some rolling done on my legs.

Still sore, but I will have work to do.

Friday I was still sore and had some issues with my feet. I got the roller out and just had a good time with it, making sure that I could walk and swim. I did a lot of swimming today, too.

I slept like a log Friday night.

Tues and Wed aug 27

Tuesday was a training night, but hardly anyone came ... I think we had 15 guys show up. Everyone was still sore, too.

We did some light touch and then I did some extra fitness at the end

For three rounds:

20 kb swings - 16 kilo bell used throughout.
20 KB Snatch
20 kb cleans
20 BW squats

I worked on my lineout throws and did some rolling, too.

After that, did an ice bath again. Still sore though.

Wednesday was a travel to the cottage day. I got sore while in the van, but managed to get myself up there in one piece. Rolling stretching after a long day was done.

Sunday and Monday Aug 25

I was so sore these two days...unreal.

I did a contrast baths after the big victory, but I was still so sore. And dehydrated.

I just sat and drank water, OJ ... anything.

And I rolled.

On Monday I went down to the clubhouse and worked a little on my lineout throws and then had an ice bath. Had to ... was the only thing I could think of that might work.

Sat Aug 23

It was the big day. A significant day. We had to win by at least 20 points against a team that has been a thorn in the side for at least four years.

And we did it.

And so now ... we are playing rugby right until the end of October. Lots to do, and need to be flawless in our rugby.

Good work.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday Aug 21

Wednesday was a wild day. I slept on the floor at my buddy's house and had a lot of sore everythings. I got home and rolled and had to keep myself busy ... lots of advil and water during the day. I did take my kids to the beach, but then it rained and the oldest thought it would be funny ot throw sand at me.

I did get some light kettlebell work done in the evening, nothing significant, just mobility stuff. I tried ot get into a few windmill positions. I'm still not doing well on those. More rolling though

Thursday was a training day. I had to get to funeral during the day and had to drive my kids to my parents place for the day. Which means, of course, lots of driving. In any case, I got to rugby training on time and had a decent warm up. I got selected to play first XV this weekend. This is the game for all the marbles running through my head.

All of them.

after training, I got attacked by mosquitos, and so only got this done for two rounds:

20 kettlebell cleans
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I tried to roll, and I had intended to work on my lineout throws, but the bugs were just too much for me.

After I got some rolling done inside the clubhouse and got my ice baths done, too.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Aug 19

Monday was a recovery day - I was so glad to get in to Physiotherapy it was silly.

I got my legs and shoulders worked on and felt awesome after. I rolled and got things moving a lot later in the day.

Tuesday was a weird one. It started off with another appointment, and we worked hard. I was a sweaty mess from the work we did together in my garage gym. Band pulls, shoulder and hip mobility, along with power development.

I felt awesome after, but knew that this week was going to be a long one.

Tuesday's rugby training was lots of ball handling and running around. Some focus on structure in the defense, too. I took a heck of a lot of notes on Saturday and I hope that I helped.

I did this for two rounds after training:

Indian club casts
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

I rolled and then got my ice baths done before going to a meeting and then to a friends house. Seems divorcing people need a lot of help, and I'm the guy on the spot to offer a helping hand.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Aug 17

Saturday was a resting day, technically. I did do some stretching and some rolling. After that my wife took my kids and went swimming. It was pretty cool of her to do that and let me go and watch an important game to my team.

After that was a diaper and beer party. Yeah, that wasn't a typo. I brought diapers and he gave beer out.

Sunday was the Fire Drill day. It was also the Women's Rugby World Cup final. My kids were off to with my wife again and I got to clean and watch rugby.

It took about two and half hours to get it done. It wasn't as hot as last year and I didn't do any painting this time. Next time. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Thursday and Friday August 15

Thursday was a training night. Lots of ball handling and running around on the pitch.

After I got this done for two rounds before doing 50 line out throws. Seems we are down a hooker at my club.

In any case I got this done:

20 Indian club casts
20 single arm Indian clubs
20 kettlebell snatches
20 bw squats

I got the fifty or so line out throws done at this point, then did some rolling of my legs and hips. I really thought it was odd that I looked forward to the ice bath more than anything else that day. I ended up on the balcony of my rugby clubhouse and was shivering as I had two ten minutes stays in the water.

This isn't me, but you get the idea
Oh, Friday morning I know I was a lot less sore as a result.

Friday I had a stretching and training session in the morning. Deadlifts, windmills, TRX assisted Pistol Squats, "Supermans", lots of leg mobility and other assorted exercises. Man, I was deeply sweaty by the end. There was some discussion of going to a TGU at some point in time. Yeah, I'll add them to my own workout after rugby. Need to get mobile and strong for the post season.

These are great workouts and I'm grateful for them.

Tuesday and Wednesday August 13

Tuesday was a rugby day. It was also a training day.

Tuesday morning I did a lot of recovery work - band pull aparts, Y,T and I movements with 10 lb dumb bells, windmills, hip recovery stuff.
You go, guuuuuurl!

I tried my best to get on the recovery train, but I'm a dad and we had to go swimming. So we went and by the end of it, I was pretty sore. Meh, at least we saw the second half of the Women's Rugby game between Canada and France. Canada won 18-16. I was awesome to be able to explain what was happening on the screen to my kids.

Tuesday night was a lot of running and contact work. Handling skills, too. After I got this done for three rounds before going in for an ice bath:

20 indian club casts
20 indian club two hand halos
20 kb snatches
20 bw squats

After that I rolled my legs and got the ice bath ready. It was a different bath, but I got it to work for me. It was cold and it helped.

Wednesday was a recovery day. I got some rolling done early and some swimming done later ... although it was more stretching in a pool than actually swimming. Still, it was alright.

Later on I got to go see Titus Andronicus in the Dream in High Park. It was odd.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday Aug 11

Today was another recovery day. Yeah, I got into physio appointment, and got my ITB band stripped and zapped and my knee worked on, too.

Not my pic, but it should be
I made sure I rolled and iced my knees after, too. I'm glad that I'm getting better, man. It's been a while that I could say that.

In any case, I got myself out into the water for a while today and I got some decent movies from the public library, too. I even barbecued some nice shrimp and burgers for dinner. By the way, the shrimp were awesome.

After I got the youngest into bed, I went down and did this for three rounds.
This is a windmill

3 then 6 then 8 minutes on the rowing machine
20 one handed swings each side
10 kb swings
15 bicep curls
15 hanging knee tucks
3-6 kb windmills

Nothing major, but I was sweaty. I like the rowing machine, man. It worked out well. I'm looking forward to the winter and I'm still sore. The windmills were as practice for my session tomorrow and going forward. I got both sides done, too. Last week I just couldn't get too far on while going with the left hand up.

In any case, it was all good. Later on in the evening, my rhomboids were more than a little sore. Rowing is awesome.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday and Sunday August 10

Saturday, was of course, a rugby day. We were on the road to Niagara Wasps RFC. I always hate playing there, as traffic is usually quite bad on the way. This time was exactly what I expected and so prepared for the worst.

I had extra water and food for myself, along with ice and beer in a container. I also had a lot of extra kit, just in case, along with referee kit as well. I had my team list saved as a photo on my phone and had a good handle on my emails from people. I also brought my roller and extra Advil, along with my usually overly prepared emergency kit in my rugby bag.

I did need some of it before the game. The ice water and ice came in handy between games. We won the second team game, winning almost every single scrum in the first half. After some key substitutions on their side, we had a bit of difficulty right off the restart, but we got better. I threw the line outs and I was pretty much solid there. I also wanted to point out that I made a left handed spin pass of at least ten meters to another prop during this game. It was zippy, too. Right into the other prop's hands who offloaded it to a back on his outside that led to a try for us. As it was, I played the entire game.

I got off the pitch at started to rehydrate. I had some applesauce and took off my cleats and got down to my shorts. I grabbed one of my icing kits - ziplock bag with a tensor bandage inside, took the tensor out, put ice in and wrapped up my knees one at a time. I took an Advil and had constant sips on my water. I kept this up for about 20 minutes and then switched to icing my feet. I let my socks dry in the sun and waited patiently. Halftime came and I put my kit back on, going for a quick stretch on the sidelines and then got a bit of a sweat going.

I got the call about the 55 minute mark. Our first XV scrums were not doing so well. I went in as hooker and stole the first ball. On the second line out, a special call was made. I listened to my part in it, as I was throwing in. I got the player to whom the ball was to be thrown and where in the lineout he'd be. The ball was perfect, the jumper came down and passed it off to a charging player ... who went and scored without being touched.

I felt like this:

After that, we let them back in the game. They were camped out on our 15m line for a while, until we got a kick out of the red zone. Off of a broken play, our three far backs were working a passing drill and one just got smoked. The other two were about to score the bonus point try, but it was not to be. Called back. It was a scrum called for an errant pass. Two attempts at resetting the scrum pissed off the ref, awarding a penalty to us. Our 9 kicked the ball into touch and we won the game without a bonus point.

Not sure but we have to win big in our next game.

Sunday I was hurting. I got up as early as I normally do and went straight into my garage gym to roll and stretch while my training partner explored the room. I was in there for about an hour, working out kinks and stuff. We all went swimming about 1pm and I stretched in the water before walking a short distance. I was straight up sore, man. But happy we won.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday Thursday and Friday Aug 8

Wednesday was a therapy day. Lots of ice and TENS, rolling and stretching. Oh, and my ITB Bands stripped again. Along with frictions done my knees.


Lots of ice after that.

Thursday I had my usual body weight session. Stretching, some db work and rolling. After the therapist left, I had to do my own session of rolling on my own.

Thursday night was rugby night. Lots of ball handing, some tackling and set piece work. A good time had by all.

I got this done for two rounds before I just had to stop and do some rolling:

20 indian club head circles
20 indian club castings
20 kb swings
10 kb swings and releases.

After that, I got into the ice bath. In speaking to the AT, learned that it's ice first, then water. I did two ten minute sessions in, with about a two minute shower between. I felt awesome Friday morning, except for the parts I just couldn't get submerged. So far this type of therapy isn't costing me anything. I may have to wait a few weeks to get a bigger bin, but so far ... it's working.

Monday and Tuesday August 5

Monday was a training day. I did this for three rounds before having to go be a dad:

6-8 deep squats with 100 lbs on the bar.
20 step ups
10 hanging knee tucks
20 kb swings

Was just looking to get stuff done. Lots of rolling after

Tuesday I had my morning training session. Mainly bodyweight with some dumbbell work and rolling.

In the evening I got this done for three rounds after training. By the way, lots of cardio at rugby training. Ball handling while sprinting, too.

10 Indian club swings
10 club castings each side
20 kb swings
10 kb snatches
20 body weight squats

After this, got an ice bath together for myself. I'll let you know about how it worked later. I did 5 rounds of 2 minutes in the ice water, then one minute in a warm shower.

I had a discussion later with an AT and I'll try a different approach next time.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday Aug 3

Man, it was a day of being a dad.

At the end of the day, I had to get something done, so I went for a walk / run late in the evening. As you can see, I did some rolling and some stretching after. Since then, I've spent the rest of my time icing stuff.

Friday and Sat Aug 2

Friday was a recovery day - stretching and rolling in the morning. In the afternoon I was in for a physio appointment. I've discovered that getting someone stripping my ITB band isn't a lot of fun.

Meh - needs to be done.

Saturday I got this done with a cool training partner
not the best form, but still...

First, three rounds of this done as a superset

6-8 squats with like 90 lbs on the bar.
8-10 overhead presses with the same bar
15 bench flies with 40 lb dbs

then four rounds of
20 kb snatches - used the 16 kilo bell throughout
20 step ups onto a 16 inch step

the five rounds of
15 seated knee tucks
10 kb rows 
15 bicep curls

After that I had to go and be a dad in a pool for the afternoon.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday July 31

Wednesday was a bit of a weird day. I had physio for my various nagging elements in the morning and then went home to a screaming bunch of Vikings.

I'm glad to report that they calmed down when they met Charlie the Dog. Especially the youngest one. Help to move a couple of couches and Charlie was there. There was a great meting of the minds, I think.

In any case, I got this done for 4 rounds

15 bicep curls
10 bench flies - 40 lb db's
8-10 single arm rows using 50 lb kb

6-8 deadlifts - nothing much on the bar ... like 100 lbs
15 hanging knee tucks

I rolled and rolled after this session. It was just a must.

Thursday was also a rather weird day. It was not a training night, nor was it a playing night. I had forgotten that I was to take my family to go and see The Tempest right on the water. So, I got my training done early ... or so I thought.

I got this done at a park, coming back from a Timmy's run:

20 kb two handed swings
20 kb snatches
20 kb hand to hand switches
20 bw squats

I thought that was pretty cool and quick, and then I got home. The therapist was on her way over for our stretching session.


Ah well, we did an hour of postural and related stretches. Some farmers walks with my 40 lb kbs. Some one armed rows, too. It was all a blur, man.

But then I rolled on my legs. Which made them feel good.