Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday Aug 11

Today was another recovery day. Yeah, I got into physio appointment, and got my ITB band stripped and zapped and my knee worked on, too.

Not my pic, but it should be
I made sure I rolled and iced my knees after, too. I'm glad that I'm getting better, man. It's been a while that I could say that.

In any case, I got myself out into the water for a while today and I got some decent movies from the public library, too. I even barbecued some nice shrimp and burgers for dinner. By the way, the shrimp were awesome.

After I got the youngest into bed, I went down and did this for three rounds.
This is a windmill

3 then 6 then 8 minutes on the rowing machine
20 one handed swings each side
10 kb swings
15 bicep curls
15 hanging knee tucks
3-6 kb windmills

Nothing major, but I was sweaty. I like the rowing machine, man. It worked out well. I'm looking forward to the winter and I'm still sore. The windmills were as practice for my session tomorrow and going forward. I got both sides done, too. Last week I just couldn't get too far on while going with the left hand up.

In any case, it was all good. Later on in the evening, my rhomboids were more than a little sore. Rowing is awesome.

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